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Why the Anti-Bully Movement is Failing

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The simple truth is that bullying is becoming a bigger problem because of our anti-bully policies! You will learn that the anti-bully movement, which was begun by a psychologist and is promoted by psychologists, is actually terrible psychology. Even worse, school anti-bully laws require schools to promote this destructive psychology!

Izzy Kalman, Nationally Certified School Psychologist and founder of Bullies to Buddies, Inc., is the world’s most serious critic of the anti-bully movement (in fact, he is practically the only critic) and will show you simple things about the anti-bully movement that no one in the world is telling you. You will learn how anti-bully policies violate the most basic and universally accepted psychological and philosophical principles, and how the psychological research on bullying is fundamentally biased and scientifically invalid. You may come to the lecture being a skeptic, but you will leave wondering why you never saw these obvious truths on your own!


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