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Bully-Proofing Made Easy

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In this workshop, you will discover the simple reasons why bullying cannot be reduced by trying to get rid of bullies. The only reliable way is by teaching people how not to be victims. The rules are remarkably simple, and we guarantee you that the techniques you will learn here are the quickest and most effective you will find anywhere.

Furthermore, you will learn how to teach educators a simple approach to reducing bullying that takes almost no time and effort and allows them to go back to the job of being teachers rather than anti-bully policemen!

Learn Izzy Kalman’s simple, effective methods for reducing aggression between children while enhancing their independence, resilience, and emotional maturity.

Who should attend

All Mental Health Professionals, educators, and parents.

What you will learn

In response to the rash of school shootings, epitomized by the massacre at Columbine, schools throughout the country are implementing anti-bullying programs. These expensive, time-consuming programs require intesified effort and vigilance on the part of teachers, students and parents and ironically, often lead to an increase in bullying! To make mattes worse, the anti-bullying programs unwittingly weaken kids by teaching them to think and act like victims.

If you work with schools or children, this may be the most important seminar you ever encounter. It will challenge your basic assumptions about children’s aggression and even about yourself! The practical tools you will acquire will multiply your value to the schools and children you serve. You will learn how to turn kids from losers into winners in as little as one week. (The same principles also work with adult bullying!)

Why are the popular anti-bullying initiatives so ineffective? Because they violate the Golden Rule, The First Amendment and the teachings of all major religions as well as secular ethical systems. While modern social scientists are trying to figure out how to combat the problems of teasing and bullying, they are rejecting the solutions that have been with us since civilization began. Izzy Kalman has developed simple, powerful techniques that make the wisdom of the ages come alive – techniques that teach victims how to solve their problems without anyone elses help and without getting anyone in trouble – while restoring their natural sense of humor. Whether your hero is Skinner, Freud, Albert Ellis, the Buddha, Jesus, Moses or Muhammad, you should love this seminar.

Bully-Proofing Made Easy: A Quick, Powerful and Fun Way to Solve the Bullying Problem for Kids and Schools
When kids know how not to be victims, no one can bully them, and they don’t need to wait for the world to change. Learn the practical tools needed to turn victims from losers into winners.

New schedule will appear shortly. 

Cost of Workshop

Single Registrant $179 early registration (ten days in advance)
$189 regular registration
2 to 4 registrants: $179 early, $189 regular
5 or more registrants: $159 early, $189 regular
All seminars run from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

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If the seminar you wish to attend is not currently available, please contact us for future dates and cities

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