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Anger Control Made Easy

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Learn Izzy Kalman’s quick, fun method of teaching anger control to clients of all ages.

Target Audience

All Mental Health Professionals and anyone wanting to improve their relationships quickly and easily.

A comprehensive one-day seminar for counselors, social workers, educators, and other mental health professionals.

The single most destructive element in life is anger. Anger destroys relationships between husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, kids in school, and adults in the workplace. Prolonged anger literally poisons our bodies. It leads to depression and violence. Virtually everyone needing psychological or psychiatric help is intensely angry with one or more people in their lives. Prisons are full of individuals who could not control their anger.

The single most valuable service therapists can provide their clients is to teach them anger control. Unfortunately, getting people to stop being angry is easier said than done. After months and years of therapy, many clients continue to be angry. The single most effective and fun way ever devised for teaching anger control is Izzy Kalman’s “game.” Rather than having people “control” their anger by such devices as counting to ten or deep breathing, this role-playing technique teaches people how not to get angry in the first place. It does this by taking advantage of the individual’s overriding biological need to win. When people discover that anger makes them lose, and that there is an effortless way to win, they don’t want to be angry any more. Izzy’s “game” accomplishes in one session what is often missed in months and years of regular talking therapy. Through extensive use of role-playing, participants in this comprehensive seminar will learn to see anger in a whole new light. It will also give them a tool that can literally multiply their value and effectiveness as therapists.

What You Will Learn

  • Overview of anger
  • Demonstration of the “game”
  • Tutorial on the “game”
  • Lessons learned through the “game”
  • Six simple rules for winning without anger
  • Applications of the “game” to treat problems
  • Why Mother Nature designed us to get angry
  • How civilization turned anger from the first step to winning into the first step to losing
  • How an “optical illusion” creates the very problems we think we are solving
  • How using the “game” could make you a better therapist than you ever thought possible
  • Why anger is at the root of almost all life problems
  • How to simultaneously teach clients why other people drive them crazy and how to stop them
  • How to apply this “game” to every type of social/emotional problem
  • A set of simple rules for winning in all social interactions and turning enemies into friends

How To Register

Course Price

Single Registrant $179 early registration (ten days in advance)
$189 regular registration
2 to 4 registrants: $179 early, $189 regular
5 or more registrants: $159 early, $189 regular
All seminars run from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

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