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B2B & Your School

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This is what Bullies to Buddies can do for your school:

  • Provide school with new policy towards teasing and bullying that is based on wisdom rather than punishment, and leads to natural reduction in aggression
  • Demonstrate how most of the aggression between children in school is unintentionally caused by the way staff handle students’ conflicts
  • Teach staff simple “magic responses” that result in a quick and dramatic decrease in aggression and to heightened resilience of students
  • Teach school staff how to respond to parents’ complaints that they are not doing enough to punish bullies, and enlist their aid in new policy

For Parents

  • Teach them how to use the new approach to quickly and easily end sibling rivalry between their own children at home
  • Explain new school policy in a way that will earn their support

For Students

  • Teach kids the real cause of relentless teasing and bullying
  • Teach students how to apply the principles of Freedom of Speech to defeat bullies and turn them into friends
  • Instruct kids how to handle teasing, hitting, and rumors
  • Instruct children how stop their siblings from harassing them at home while gaining increased respect from parents
  • Provide emergency counseling to the children suffering most severely from bullying

For Counselors

  • Multiply counselors’ value  by training them in Izzy Kalman’s copyrighted method that “cures” victims of teasing and bulling in a few short sessions
  • Train counselors to present classroom lessons on Bullies to Buddies principles to eliminate aggression (regular teachers who are interested can also be trained to provide these lessons to classes){/tabs}

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