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Fortunately, the solution to bullying has been known for thousands of years. It is known as the Golden Rule and has been taught by wise people throughout history. The Golden Rule is the solution to being a victim. When people – both kids and adults – understand the practical application of the Golden Rule, no one can bully them and they can even turn their bullies into buddies.

Teachers & K-12 Education Course Details

Here is what teachers say about the course:

Teachers deal with the negative effects of bullying behaviors constantly and not as effectively as they could if they utilized some of the strategies explained in this course.
Dan F.
Excellent course! The techniques presented in this course are extremely valuable, easy to implement and realistic.
Deborah H.
My favorite class! I wish more adults would take this. I loved the videos. Very effective and memorable. Shared this with my grade school daughter so she knows this information to and how to handle situations. Highly recommended!
Misty C.
Patricia L.
I really loved the bullying videos! I showed one to my daughter because she gets picked on at school. I think they will help. Thank you!
Sarah C.
Very enlightening and thought provoking. Enjoyed this course.
Wayne L.
I loved the videos and advice. It was practice in schools and in life.
Jilian P.
I liked the approach of the bullying curriculum. Really helpful and practical.
Sharalyn S.
Great ideas and practical solutions!
Peggy P.
I really enjoyed this course and will be implementing it in my classrooms. I also appreciated the video role playing; it was engaging and helped me to better understand how the method can be implemented.
Louisa O.
Thank you so much for this resource. It met my needs and I learned new ways to deal with bullying in my classroom.
Tressa M.
I found information interesting and helpful!
LoriBeth T
I found this course on Bullying to be excellent. Thank you!
Shannon S.

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