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Victims of Bullying

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Is your child being devastated by relentless teasing and bullying?

  • Does your child hate going to school for fear of the bullies? Has school performance gone downhill?
  • Does your child have few or no friends because the other kids are too embarrassed to be seen talking to him/her?
  • Have all your efforts to help failed? Have all the efforts of the school failed? Have months or maybe even years of counseling or therapy failed to end your child’s suffering?
  • Are you thinking of changing your child’s school, hoping the teasing and bullying won’t happen in the new school?
  • Are you considering hiring a lawyer to take your child’s school district to court to force them to make the bullying stop?
  • Or are you an adult who still suffers from the ridicule of peers? Or are you being bullied at work by a boss or colleagues?
  • Don’t you wish there were a simple solution to the problem?

The solution does exist!
Izzy Kalman, school psychologist and psychotherapist, has developed a simple and effective method for treating victims of teasing and bullying. He has helped hundreds of children and adults, and he can help you as well. Save yourself time, money, and aggravation. End the heartache once and for all!

Program Details
The entire Teasing/Bullying program costs a flat, one-time fee of $750. Pay by credit card or check. Treatment can be done anywhere in the world by phone or internet.

What does it include?
All the counseling sessions needed to teach your child (or yourself) to stop being a victim of relentless teasing and bullying. Izzy Kalman will conduct his remarkable copyrighted technique with your child (or yourself). He will also discuss your child’s progress with you and teach you how to support the treatment process. Counseling will be conducted on a regular basis until the problem is gone. You can expect improvement following the first session, and in most cases the problem is gone within a few short weeks. After (you or) your child is no longer a victim of bullying, there will be regular follow-up conferences until everyone is satisfied that the problem is history. Izzy will provide treatment at no additional cost, for a full year, in the unlikely circumstance that the teasing/bullying problem reoccurs. Guaranteed results or your money back. Izzy does not feel you should have to pay for treatment that doesn’t work. If you do not see dramatic improvement after four weeks, he will return your $750 in full.

Call (718) 983-1333 to discuss your needs with Izzy, or click here to contact him by email

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