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Sibling Rivalry

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sibling-rivalry-759127 Fighting between brothers and sisters is the single most common family problem in the world. The Biblical story of murder between the world’s first siblings, Cain and Abel, indicates that the problem is as old as Civilization. It still remains one of the most stubborn of all problems, baffling even most therapists. Izzy Kalman reveals the optical illusion that fools most people and results in the almost universal state of war between siblings.

Izzy can teach parents how to quickly and dramatically reduce the fighting with almost no effort. He can equip mental health professionals to understand and solve the problem with their clients. And he can even teach an auditorium full of children how to get their brothers and sisters to stop fighting with them at home.

We have free materials that can help you. One of them is our online manual, A Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression between Children, which can also help teachers reduce aggression among their students. You can find a link to it on the following page:

Feel free to listen to a one hour audio recording of a teleseminar on sibling rivalry: Sibling Rivalry Teleseminar

For personal counseling for this problem, call us at 866-983-1333 or email Izzy at

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