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Training, Level 2: Individual and School Trainer

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The Level Two training is appropriate for practitioners who work in schools and/or wish to offer trainings to schools on a consulting basis.

What the training program includes:

  • The program includes everything in the Level One Training (Level Two is not available without Level One)
  • Izzy Kalman will prepare you to 1) present at school assemblies and 2) instruct school staff to respond to bullying between students in a way that actually reduces hostilities, so faculty can spend their time being educators rather than policemen. This approach takes much less time than investigating and punishing acts of bullying, so teachers can spend more time on academics.
  • Izzy will teach you to instruct school staff how to effectively respond when they are confronted by angry students and parents. You will film yourself using the techniques, and Izzy will review and critique the films to help you achieve mastery.
  • Offer your services to individual clients, schools and other organizations. Authorization to advertise your services as a Certified Bullies to Buddies™Individual and School Trainer.

Program Cost

Cost for Level Two Certification Program:$2,500 (Includes Level One and Two)

Level Two Program Cost: $2500
Start of Training $1000
After 30 days $750
Training Completion $750

Contact Us Today

Already an expert?

Are you already succssfully using our techniques? You may have attended my seminars or used my materials, and have become an expert in using these techniques. If so, and you want to obtain Certification, we can offer it at a reduced price. You will only need to pay for the time involved in demonstrating your expertise.

Call (718) 983-1333 to discuss your organization’s needs with Izzy, or Click here to request more information.

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