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Training, Level 1: Individual Trainer

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This level of training will equip you to work with individual victims of bullying, whether you work in a school setting or an office/clinic. You will earn the gratitude of kids, parents and schools–while enjoying your role of counselor/ therapist/ educator as never before–as you use Izzy Kalman’s fun techniques that quickly teach kids to solve their problems. Watch kids grow in self-confidence, emotional maturity and popularity. In many cases, their bullies will actually become their friends! Your referrals will grow as parents and schools discover your remarkable ability to help kids who are suffering from this extremely common yet serious problem.

Teach kids to handle all the common bullying situations, without anyone’s help and without getting anyone in trouble, including:

  • Common insults
  • Racial/gender/sexual orientation (e.g., gay/lesbian) slurs
  • Insults about disabilities
  • Hitting/pushing
  • Threats
  • Rumors
  • Taking of possessions/stealing
  • Social exclusion
  • Pressure to choose between friends
  • Cyberbullying

As an additional bonus, Izzy Kalman will teach you how to use the Bullies to Buddies™ rules to stop any bullies you may have in your own life, including your spouse, other family members, bosses and colleagues!

What you will receive:

  • Izzy Kalman’s Victim-Proof Your School package (DVD for kids; DVD for teachers; printed Trainer’s Manual with all of Izzy’s techniques–a $495 retail value) that you will use to study the techniques.
  • Five interactive Webinar classes led by Izzy.
  • Two individual 50-minute supervision sessions with Izzy (by phone, unless you live within commuting distance) to help you learn and master the techniques.
  • You will treat three cases of bullying victims as part of the training process. If anyone in your life is bullying you, you will also learn how to make them stop.
  • One free year of listing on as a Certified Bullies to Buddies™Individual Trainer. ( gets about 20,000 hits per month)
  • Press release sent to print and electronic media in your area announcing your Certification as a Bullies to Buddies™ Trainer.
  • Referrals from Bullies to Buddies™ when our office receives requests for counseling in your geographic area.
  • Half-price on all Bullies to Buddies™ products, which you may resell for profit.
  • Authorization to advertise your services as a Certified Bullies to Buddies™Individual Trainer.

Program Requirements:

  • Experience in counseling, therapy or education.
  • Comfort with improvisational acting. The Bullies to Buddies™ techniques all involve role-playing. You do not need to have had professional training as an actor, but ability to role-play is essential for implementing the Bullies to Buddies™ Program. In fact, the more you enjoy role-playing, the more effective you will be!

Cost of Program

Level One Program Cost: $1500
Start of Training $500
After 30 days $500
Training Completion $500

Contact Us Today

Already an expert?

Are you already successfully using our techniques? You may have attended my seminars or used my materials, and have become an expert in using these techniques. If so, and you want to obtain Certification, we can offer it at a reduced price. You will only need to pay for the time involved in demonstrating your expertise. Please contact us to discuss this.

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