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“In my 15 years as a school counselor, I have never seen a more effective social skills program. This one is pure genius.”— Jeannie Brewer, School Counselor, Snyder Elementary, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Are you a counselor or therapist? Have you found that no matter how long you use your therapeutic techniques with victims of bullying, they continue to be bullied?
  • If you work in a school, have you discovered that your anti-bully interventions are doing little to reduce bullying, or even resulting in an intensification of the bullying problem?
  • Is the “anti-bully” approach philosophically distasteful to you? Do you resent the fact that you spent years studying psychology only to be placed in the role of glorified law enforcement officer–monitoring hallways, instructing kids about “illegal” bullying behaviors, apprehending “bullies,” conducting investigations, judging kids, and meting out punishments? Would you like your school to be an educational institution rather than law enforcement agency?
  • Do you want an approach to bullying that actually works?

“We at PSI were so impressed with the simplicity and common sense of the Bullies to Buddies™ program that we had to make it our own. We have partnered with Izzy Kalman and Cleveland State University to bring this program to the thousands of students that PSI serves.” – Steve Rosenberg, PhD, Psychologist, President, PSI Solutions, Ohio


Training, Level 1: Individual Trainer

Training, Level 2: Individual and School Trainer

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