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The Jefferson School Tracy, CA

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“In the days since you’ve been gone, I’ve witnessed students solving their own conflicts, non-violently, and without adult intervention. I’ve witnessed students feeling more empowered about their own ability to handle “bullies” and to feel as if they are part of the “in” crowd. I see students finally realizing that they had that power all along.

“I have received many positive comments from parents who were involved in your parent trainings. They feel they have less conflict and more calm at home and have achieved this with minimal work at all. Many of the parents now realize how much they created the conflicts and contributed to the sibling rivalry that consumed their homes.

“Personally, I have to comment on how your strategies are working in my own life. I have a much quieter ride home, my three year old and five year old actually have “real” conversations with each other where they decide how to share a toy or resolve a conflict and I don’t have to spend my evening yelling at my kids. What parent wouldn’t want that for him/herself?

“Our staff, students and parents have been lucky to have you to work with us. Any school community that is actually ready to address the real issue in the bully problem needs to see your work!! It does not mean that staffs, students and parents will immediately believe that the problem can be solved so simply, but it can. Your approach requires a paradigm shift in the thinking of modern mankind. But, we really must admit that what we’ve been doing for the last ten years continues to fail us!!! This approach works. For the sake of our students, I hope all educators, parents, and students will give it a try. Thank you.” – Jane Steinkamp, Principal, The Jefferson School Tracy, CA Dec. 10, 2001

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