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You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

Movie Recommendation by Izzy Kalman (December 2008) Personally, I’m not a great fan of Adam Sandler movies, thought there are some exceptions, and this certainly is one of them. I laughed my head off practically the whole time. My family members were starting to get annoyed with me for rewinding so often (we saw it […]

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Kids – Movie Recommendation

by Izzy Kalman (December 2006)In the October Newsletter, I recommended the movie, “Bully.” I am currently recommending a movie by the same director: “Kids” (1995, Directed by Larry Clark). Like “Bully,” “Kids” is not easy to get out of your mind. It has been popping up in my thoughts repeatedly since I watched it. This […]

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Are Bullies Like Terrorists?

by Izzy Kalman (June 2006)The website,, like many other anti-bully activists, have taken to comparing bullies to terrorists. On their home page you can get the detailed comparison. The truth is that Columbine was for schools what 9.11 was for the nation as a whole. Columbine resulted in the nation’s determination to make schools […]

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City of God – Movie Recommedation

by Izzy Kalman (October 2005) My good friend, Robert Kabakoff, a film buff and aspiring move actor, has been urging me to see City of God. I finally got around to it, and Rob was right. It is a phenomenal movie. It is a powerful drama about the incredibly violent way of life for kids […]

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A Miami Tail – Movie Review

by Izzy Kalman (November 2003) Wanting to increase my familiarity with the inner city mind, I declined the urge to watch a mainstream movie last night and instead rented A Miami Tail. This is a comedy with a terrific social message. I strongly recommend it, but the content is highly sexual (mostly verbal) and may […]

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Itchy and Scratchy

by Izzy Kalman (December 2002) I’ve often said that comedians are the best psychologists. Comedians (and I include comedy writers in this category) know real human nature. They show us what we are like without the disguises. Because it shows us for the shnooks we really are, comedy is so much fun. One of the […]

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