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Turtles Can Fly–Movie Recommendation

I recently watched this particularly touching and painful film, and I feel I must recommend it to everyone (not children, though). Turtles Can Fly is a Kurdish film by director/writer Bahman Ghobadi, and is proof that some of the best movies are not made by Hollywood. The modern world is so concerned about the “horrible […]

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Hidden Victims of Zero Tolerance

by Izzy Kalman (May 2008)We are so happy to hate bullies that we fail to see the harm anti-bully policies are causing. In my profession’s (school psychology) monthly newspaper, the Communique, authors of an article on “relational aggression” (the supposedly female version of bullying) claimed that relational aggression is escalating, and hypothesize that the cause […]

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COYO Conference

by Izzy Kalman (March 2005) On February 24th, I spoke at the annual conference of COYO (Committee of Youth Officers) of Ontario, Canada, for the mental health and law enforcement communities. Bullying obviously remains a hot topic. Both mornings started out with films informing us of the horrors of bullying. We were informed that physical […]

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