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Bully, Hypocrite and Cognitive Dissonance

by Izzy Kalman (August 2004) I didn’t expect to be writing again about money, the main subject of my last newsletter, but I received so many lengthy letters from upset readers that I realized the subject of money needs more attention. The points I had made are so simple but so foreign to our consciousness […]

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The Village – Movie Recommendation

by Izzy Kalman (August 2004) Ever since I saw the incredible movie Unbreakable by M. Night Shyamalan, I have been looking forward to his new films. His most recent is The Village. It’s hard to go wrong with a Shyamalan movie. Even the ones that aren’t truly great will give you plenty of food for […]

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Of Money and Bullies

by Izzy Kalman (June 2004) You’re not a bully, are you? You probably don’t think so. At my Bullying and Sibling Rivalry seminars, between the end of April through the end of May, I had my seminar participants fill out an anonymous survey (anonymous so they wouldn’t be reluctant to provide honest answers). One of […]

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