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Why Psychology is Failing to Solve the Problem of Bullying

by Izzy Kalman, MS, NCSP

April 20, 2010 marked the 11th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, the event that woke our nation to the problem of bullying. Since then, almost all of our fifty states have passed school anti-bullying laws, holding schools responsible for getting rid of bullying. This development has been a great boon for mental health professionals, particularly those that serve schools and students. We have now been handed a wonderful new way to prove our relevance to schools by helping to eliminate bullying.

But this blessing for our professions comes with a problem of its own. How are we to accomplish this needed reduction in bullying? The research shows that most anti-bullying programs are not particularly effective (Smith,, 2004; Vreeman, R., Carroll, A. 2007; Merrell, K. W. & Isava, D. M. 2008).

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Why I Don’t “Blame Victims”

by Izzy Kalman (July 2008)The single most common–and angry–criticism I get is that I “blame victims.” Today, in the view of the mental health professions, the worst thing that one can do is to blame victims. If you suggest that victims of bullying or abuse have anything to do with the way they are treated, […]

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