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A Note on Freedom of Speech

by Izzy Kalman (August 2004) I believe it is a great tragedy that citizens of democratic countries are not educated about the true brilliance and power of the right to Freedom of Speech. Many people don’t understand why it is best to let people say whatever they want – even if it hurts people feelings […]

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Why Anti-Bullying Laws Are Doomed to Fail

by Izzy Kalman (November 2005) The Shocking Statistics about Anti-Bullying ProgramsOluproar in the Western world and made headlines in all newspapers. Instead, the information has fallen on deaf ears and one must play the detective to track it down. The fourth quarter 2004 issue of the School Psychology Review, the research journal of the National […]

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Of Money and Bullies

by Izzy Kalman (June 2004) You’re not a bully, are you? You probably don’t think so. At my Bullying and Sibling Rivalry seminars, between the end of April through the end of May, I had my seminar participants fill out an anonymous survey (anonymous so they wouldn’t be reluctant to provide honest answers). One of […]

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