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How to Handle Cyberbullying

HOW TO HANDLE CYBERBULLYING Israel C. Kalman In recent years, kids have found another way to pick on each other: the Internet and cell phones. This is being called “cyberbullying.” It is natural to get upset when other kids write terrible things about you, either to you or about you, in emails, IMs (Instant Messages) […]

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On Freedom of Speech and Incitement to Violence

by Izzy Kalman (October 2007)I’m sure many of my readers wonder why I deal with political matters in a newsletter that is seemingly about psychological matters. The truth is that the separation between psychology and politics is an artificial one. All political actions are psychological actions because they involve human behavior. And while psychology is […]

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The Paradox of “Rights”

by Izzy Kalman (June 2003) Modern society is constantly fighting for more “rights.” We believe we are entitled to a life free from worry about food, shelter, education and health care. We believe we are entitled to be treated with respect by virtue of birth, without having to do anything to deserve respect. We are […]

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