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Schools are Getting Safer

by Izzy Kalman (April 2002) In my essay, Columbine Made Simple, I explain that there is no “epidemic of violence” in our schools. Despite the national hysteria about this “epidemic,” school violence has actually been on a steady decline. Why do experts and organizations that deal with violence prevention keep promoting the myth of this […]

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Why Psychology is Failing to Solve the Problem of Bullying

by Izzy Kalman, MS, NCSP

April 20, 2010 marked the 11th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, the event that woke our nation to the problem of bullying. Since then, almost all of our fifty states have passed school anti-bullying laws, holding schools responsible for getting rid of bullying. This development has been a great boon for mental health professionals, particularly those that serve schools and students. We have now been handed a wonderful new way to prove our relevance to schools by helping to eliminate bullying.

But this blessing for our professions comes with a problem of its own. How are we to accomplish this needed reduction in bullying? The research shows that most anti-bullying programs are not particularly effective (Smith,, 2004; Vreeman, R., Carroll, A. 2007; Merrell, K. W. & Isava, D. M. 2008).

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The Homework Myth

(December, 2008) The title of this newsletter article is borrowed from the book by that name written by Alfie Kohn. I had heard that man’s name several times in the past, but I first looked into his work about a year ago, at the recommendation of a seminar participant. She told me that he does […]

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Another Rare Critic of the Anti-Bully Movement: Jerry Moore

by Izzy Kalman (October 2008)The anti-bully movement is the most uncontroversial social movement in the history of the world. Every other social issue has people pro and con. However, try to find any critics of the anti-bully movement and you will find almost nothing, despite repeated findings that anti-bully interventions aren’t working. Do a Google […]

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