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Tenth Anniversary of the Columbine Shooting

by Izzy KalmanMay 7, 2009Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying I’m sending this blog entry a couple of weeks after the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. That date–April 20–is important to me because the Columbine shooting was the event that made me realize my mission to teach the world a better way […]

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Germany School Shooting

by Izzy Kalman (April 2002) Last month, Robert Steinhaeuser, a high school student in Erfurt, Germany, killed 18 people including himself in his school because his teachers wouldn’t let him pass his exams. This, too, is the work of a victim. Crazed with desire for revenge, he believed his maltreatment at the hands of his […]

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Are Bullies Like Terrorists?

by Izzy Kalman (June 2006)The website,, like many other anti-bully activists, have taken to comparing bullies to terrorists. On their home page you can get the detailed comparison. The truth is that Columbine was for schools what 9.11 was for the nation as a whole. Columbine resulted in the nation’s determination to make schools […]

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