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Anti-Bully Laws Are a Violation of the Golden Rule

by Izzy KalmanMarch 25, 2010Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying Governments all over the world have been passing school anti-bullying laws with the expectation that they will make children safe from bullying in school. Rather than schools becoming safer with the passage of these laws, they apparently are having a reverse effect. Bullying […]

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The “Perfect” Anti-Bully Law

by Izzy KalmanMarch 3, 2009Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying For years, I have been wondering why I am the only mental health professional in the world that has been warning the public against anti-bully laws. If these laws so obviously violate the psychological principles I learned, they must also violate the psychological […]

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Website Saves Victims of Bullying

by Izzy KalmanFebruary 16, 2009Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying Some of my blog readers have written to me complaining that what I write is too negative and critical. They want me to write positive things. In this blog (as well as in many of my newsletter writings) I have been critical because […]

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Were You a Lousy Student? Sue Your School!

by Izzy KalmanFebruary 11, 2009Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying The entire educational world agrees that children have a right to a good education. For most people, a good education is necessary for success in life. A good education is so important that our country has passed a No Child Left Behind Law. […]

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Biased Researchers Fuel Bully Witch-Hunt–Part One

by Izzy KalmanJanuary 26, 2009Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying Both the general and the professional communities have been led to believe that the highest level of truth is to be found in peer-reviewed research journals. Our professional organizations have been informing us with increasing frequency that we need to follow research-based procedures. […]

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Hidden Victims of Zero Tolerance

by Izzy Kalman (May 2008)We are so happy to hate bullies that we fail to see the harm anti-bully policies are causing. In my profession’s (school psychology) monthly newspaper, the Communique, authors of an article on “relational aggression” (the supposedly female version of bullying) claimed that relational aggression is escalating, and hypothesize that the cause […]

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