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The First Step to Ending the Bullying Crisis

Social scientists must rigorously question the anti-bullying orthodoxy. Published on April 2, 2012 by Izzy Kalman in A Psychological Solution to Bullying An Open Letter to Social Scientists Regarding: The First Step to Ending the Bullying Crisis My Dear Fellow Social Scientists: We are dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering and cherish scientific integrity […]

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Ten Principles for Moral Discipline: Introduction

by Izzy KalmanJune 21, 2010Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying The world is on a massive crusade to get rid of bullying in school, and this crusade is failing. Physical attacks in general are down because it is relatively easy for schools to target such overt aggressive behavior. However, less overt forms of […]

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New Evidence Against Anti-Bully Policies

by Izzy KalmanJanuary 6, 2009Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying First of all, I want to thank everyone who left comments to my previous–and first–Psychology Today blog entry. The response was great, and I consider it a good beginning to my mission to use this blog to end society’s devastating witch-hunt for bullies. […]

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James Garbarino (Unwittingly) Declares the Failure of Psychology to Deal With Bullying

A simple way to assess the current state of anti-bullying efforts is to hear what the country’s most revered expert on childhood aggression has to say. I came across a revealing article about psychologist James Garbarino in the latest edition of the New York School Psychologist (NYSP). Dr. Garbarino practically became a household name following […]

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Hidden Victims of Zero Tolerance

by Izzy Kalman (May 2008)We are so happy to hate bullies that we fail to see the harm anti-bully policies are causing. In my profession’s (school psychology) monthly newspaper, the Communique, authors of an article on “relational aggression” (the supposedly female version of bullying) claimed that relational aggression is escalating, and hypothesize that the cause […]

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The Biased Research on Violence in Entertainment

by Izzy Kalman (December 2007) With increasing frequency, the mental health organizations are urging us to use “research based” interventions, encouraging us to believe that researchers are the ultimate arbiters of truth. However, if you studied research and statistics, you know how easy it is for research studies to be biased.I have written previously about […]

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Inner City Culture

by Izzy Kalman (November 2003) In this newsletter, I am making a call for my colleagues who work and/or live in the inner cities to provide some information. I need to know if I am missing something and would appreciate your response. Many of my seminar participants protest that my methods won’t work in the […]

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