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How to Turn Your Enemies into Friends


Have you been dreaming of a life without bullies? Here’s great news. Your dreams can come true. No matter how terribly your bullies have been treating you, you can be rid of them in a matter of days. Not by beating them up or sending them to jail, but by turning them into buddies.

Whether your bullies are other kids, brothers or sisters, parents or teachers, this book will teach you how to defeat them with almost no effort. Without anyone else’s help and without getting anyone in trouble, you will always be the winner. You will always get the respect you deserve when you use the simple rules in this book.

Learn to handle:

Name-calling, physical attacks, rumors, exclusion from cliques, racial insults, insults about disabilities, internet bullying, tough parents, teachers, mean brothers and sisters and more…

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Please feel free to read just a few of our sample chapters from the list below!

Section One: Understanding Life (page 1)

Section Two: General Rules (page 25)

Section Three: Some Good Advice (page 55)

Section Four: Specific Situations (page 71)

What are people saying…

–The American Sportsmanship Association officially endorses Izzy Kalman and his techniques. I have seen every other program designed to stop [bullying], but Izzy’s is the only one that works. —Paul Reddick, Chairman, American Sportsmanship Association

…an important contribution…an easy to read and practical guide on how to break the behavior patterns seemingly deeply entrenched, telling victims they need not remain in this role.
—Dr. Bernie Stein, President of the International School Psychology Association, 1999-2000

–I think this book is great! After reading it twice (once aloud to the grandchildren) I was impressed by the simple logic of turning bullies into buddies. We are incorporating this into our home and I am sharing the message with children I care about.—Judy H. Wright, Parent educator, Author, International Speaker and trainer

—So far as I know, there is no other approach like it. Highly recommended. —Sam Albert, PhD, Psychologist

[This book] applies the Golden Rule, “Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated,” very well, very appropriately. Good job!—Rev. Bill McGinnis, Director,

…utilizes wisdom of the ages to explain common psychological phenomena and empowers all of us with his unique teachings. I recommend this book to anyone who has an open mind and is looking for real techniques to help themselves and others.— Dr. Steven Sussman, Director, Child and Teen Success Centers— Dr. Steven Sussman, Director, Child and Teen Success Centers

This book would have kept me out of the principals office during grade school… This is a fantastic book! I agree 100% with his approach… This is the perfect book for all of us 10 years old and up… parents or kids… victims or bullies!—Newton Hightower, LMSW-ACP, Director of The Center for Anger Resolution, Inc., Author of Anger Busting 101: New ABC’s for Men and The Women Who Love Them

…a gift many children and parents search for.—George Anthony, Peace Dynamics Consultants.


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