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How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying – Audio CD


This audio CD program includes all eleven of Izzy Kalman’s website lessons for victims of teasing and bullying, beautifully read by his older daughter, Lola, on two one-hour CDs. For kids (or adults!) who are being tormented by their peers or family members, this program will quickly teach them to solve their bullying problems and possibly save hundreds or thousands of dollars of expensive counseling or psychotherapy. It also has a recording of Izzy playing his entertaining “game” with a teenager. This game shows kids the “optical illusions” that cause the problem of bullying, and how to make the bullying stop.


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What are people saying…

I have listened carefully to every minute of the audio CD by Izzy Kalman on bullying and teasing. I found it mesmerizing. I was so impressed that I hired Mr. Kalman to give workshops at our Center. Mr. Kalman’s audio CD is the best self-help tool I have ever come across for children and adolescents. It is free of jargon and meaningless, wishful thinking. Instead, it is chock full of powerful, enhancing, empowering techniques that are easy to learn and employ. It is a must for all children, particularly those that are the target of excessive teasing and bullying. Professionals who work with children would also benefit enormously from this audio CD. On a scale of 1-10, I give it an 11.”  Dr. Steve Sussman, PhD, Director, Child and Teen Success Centers or New York and New Jersey

I just wanted to let you know about some unexpected results of your bullies CD that I purchased at the workshop in Orlando. I have loaned the CD to a schizophrenic client that I have been seeing every month for about three years. She deals with paranoia that, at times, becomes incapacitating. Since she has been listening to the CD once per week, she has been able to socialize at a church singles meeting every week and do volunteer work at the church. She recalls many things in the program that she has been able to readjust her thinking around. Actually, I was rather desperate to help her and tried the CD as a long shot and it worked! Much regards…” Kay May

My son was teased horrifically because he tended to cry easily. Then he listened to Bullies to Buddies over the summer and the next school year was a total turn around from day one. Izzy’s advise truly worked, it saved my son!” Terri Forrest, Santa Rosa, CA

Definitely NOT the “party line” on Bullying…but a conceptual framework worth considering for anyone who implements bully prevention programs or deals individually with bullies or their victims. It helps both children and adults see bullying behavior more objectively so they can respond rather than react and most importantly, not take bullying personally.” Mary Wolf, CSW, School Social Worker

Just before bedtime, we would study your program, together & in a fun way.(Role playing) It worked!… The bullies were baffled & confused when my son learned the best ways to respond to their teasing & bullying. Thanks for dedicating yourself to this worthwhile cause!”Tom Cirignano, Lakeville, MA

I used the How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying manual from the net this past year with a 6th grade girl who was school phobic and plagued by health complaints, all tracing back to a sense of being victimized by other students. After 6 sessions of your program, this fearful, anxiety-focused young lady changed into a feisty, confident and assertive student who has had no recurrence of her fears. What a great program!” David S. Barnard, School Psychologist, Addison Central Schools

I share it with my clients and they love it. Your presentation is so simple it’s scary. Keep up the great work.” Sarah from Ohio

“¦The examples of insults are amazingly accurate, as are the reactions to those insults. That accuracy helps the students truly relate to this audio program. When students can relate to an idea, they are so receptive to learning. Thank you for your effort and hard work. After learning the principles of the program, students walk around with more confidence”finally feeling able to breathe and enjoy the social part of life.” Heather Bauer, Assistant Principal, Village Glen School

I have found that using your lessons has helped the children with whom I work open up and be more willing to talk about the teasing and bullying they have experienced. One youngster, with mild cerebral palsy, reported back to me that another student came to him with a rumor about him and when he asked, “Do you believe it?” the other student admitted that he didn’t and that was the end of the discussion. He said that he felt great after that interaction and the two of them have been friends ever since.” Jaine Foster-Valdez, Ph.D., Patient & Family Services Children’s Clinics

As an educator with 33 years of experience, I believe that Izzy presents the only practical way that people can stop the tragic effects of teasing. His program is simple and I’ve seen how it really can help.” Joel Heffner, Education Consultant

Izzy Kalman’s techniques are illuminating with surprising simplicity. Sharing his techniques with clients has been easy and fun!” Karen Ross, LCSW

I have worked with children for over 13 years in school settings and I have never come across anything so up-front and practical. It offers easy to follow steps in a straight forward manner. We recently started a bully victim’s group and your tape is the core of our program. Kids find it “˜makes sense’ and are willing to work on the steps. Thank you so much for putting it on tape. I love it.” Lamberta Doll, Licensed School Social Worker, Redwood Falls, MN

Thank you very much for Izzy Kalman’s work in this area. I was able to get my agency to buy the CDs a few years ago and it has been immensely helpful to me. This is a sound body of work that makes good common sense in explaining a troubling problem for our youth. I look forward to our continuing relationship.” Carolyn C. Fitzgerald, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker

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