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Wisconsin Seminar Testimonials

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“Everything I learned today I can use both professionally and in my personal life This was money well spent!” – Barbara Evans, Psychologist, Naperville, Illinois (5.15.14)
“This therapeutic technique will work with my clients.” – Steven Goldberg, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Kenosha, Wisconsin (5.14.14)

“I learned new ways to help clients/students control their anger and not be victims.” – Kenosha, Wisconsin (5.14.14)

“Can’t wait to use it with my clients. Excellent presenter–loved the song!” – Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Madison, Wisconsin (5.13.14)

“This was very beneficial information on anger control that I can use personally and professionally. Great presentation on empowering victims to take control of their lives and feelings.” – Samantha Fervance, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (5.13.14)
“Wonderful coping skills with infuriating situations.” – Sarka Evans, Psychologist, Appleton, Wisconsin (5.12.14)

“I learned a ton! I can’t wait to put into practice!” – Victoria Behrend, Social Worker, Appleton, Wisconsin (5.12.14)

“I learned excellent techniques to be used immediately in my practice.” – Traci Brown, Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (5.12.14)

“Really liked the fresh perspective of an age old issue.” – Susan Schutz, Social Worker, Appleton, Wisconsin (5.12.14)

“I enjoyed looking at anger from a different perspective–considering the nature versus civilization approach. Interesting analysis of how psychotherapy is negatively influenced by law. An alternative approach to the anti-bullying campaign. Given that anger is such a universal experience, this seminar could certainly be beneficial to my profession.” – Nicole Bushman, Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (5.12.14)

“I have attended many seminars. None have been so transformationally educational as this. Thank you.” – D.K., Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12.02.10)“This was simply excellent–great summary of research, inspiring, good role plays. I can’t wait to return to my staff and teach them these techniques.” – Karen Cassiday, Psychologist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12.02.10)

“I feel much more empowered to go back to school and empower my students.” – Hope Krause, School Administrator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12.02.10)

“Izzy Kalman was an excellent speaker. He gives common sense, realistic, practical strategies that can be implemented immediately. This approach contradicts current programs being mandated in schools yet his approach will actually empower victims and help people deal with bullying on their own.” – Sherry Finnerty, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12.02.10)

“Thought provoking! Common sense, always the last to be used. Enjoyed speaker.” – Marilyn Matter, Nurse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12.02.10)

“Izzy was informative, realistic, helpful, fun and refreshing!” – Laurel Vanklaveren, Counselor/Play Therapist, Appleton, Wisconsin (12.01.10)

“Very entertaining. All common sense information that will be easy to incorporate into my daily routine.” – Lynn Eldredge, Educator, Appleton, Wisconsin (12.01.10)

“Excellent. I am so thankful to hear someone speak on the real way to HELP kids–empower them with tools to not be a victim OR bully!” – Laurie Prewitt, Educator, Appleton, Wisconsin (12.01.10)

“Izzy’s presentation really made me think about what I teach and how I teach it. Very thought-provoking seminar!” – Dawn Biba, Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (12.01.10)

“Awesome! Hilarious and effective teaching techniques. Especially considering the hostage situation in our school district earlier this week. You are right on. I don’t understand why more people don’t get this!!” – Jane Moker, Play Therapist, Appleton, Wisconsin (12.01.10)

“Outstanding, Mr. Izzy. I wish you could do this seminar for the whole world. I am from Marinette where we had the terrible incident with the hostage situation this week. I was not expecting to laugh today–I felt hung over from laughing so much today. Every part was useful. I can implement it tomorrow.” – Suzy Sommerfeldt, Educator, Appleton, Wisconsin (12.01.10)

“A wonderfully simplistic approach to the topic. Izzy Kalman provides a fun, informative and interactive approach to reminding us of the concept of Ocham’s Razor–easy and simple solutions really are the best.” – Daniel Hilley, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“Having done much research and professional development around the “Bully” issue, I found this seminar particularly helpful because of the emphasis on self-responsibility and learning to be more resilient when targeted as a victim. This is a definite reversal of most of what I’ve read about bullying but it makes very good sense!” – Sharon Hass, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“This approach though novel makes perfect sense. I can’t wait to try it. This course made me want to learn more and really give this a try. Not boring at all! I was tired but I wanted it to go on and on.” – Sherry Lucille, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“I really thought the workshop was very applicable for what I do at my school. It gave me confidence and tools to use with the students I work with. The information enlightened me and made me want to share with my colleagues.” – Preston Sigmon, Counselor/Educator, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“Wow! My brain is full of some really good stuff right now! You have clarified why I was uncomfortable with aspects of currently used materials. I can’t wait to go back and use what I’ve learned. Thank you, Izzy!” – Karen Sturdevant, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“As a practitioner of anti-bullying curriculum, I gained a completely new perspective with far greater evidence of validity. The skills are simple to follow and effective for life.” – Trygve Torgeson, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“I very much liked the presentation and how it teaches and encourages personal responsibility and leads children to be independently self confident. As an atheist, I didn’t at all mind the religious examples, especially when the presenter stated that what was important about the examples and lessons were the moral truths and not necessarily who said them. There was so much common sense in the concepts and materials, it was ridiculous. Thank you for this wonderful seminar!” – Social Worker, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“This was an awesome seminar! Great examples in the role playing.” – Deanna Liegel, Social Worker, Madison, Wisconsin (11.30.10)

“What made this seminar great was that it lends itself to adult learner and the 3 learning styles, seeing, hearing and doing. I also liked not having to take notes. I have a manual to take home with information that would have been lost. Thanks Izzy for the role playing and application. This was a very well done seminar. The info was practical and applicable and transferable to action.” – Wyonne Holland, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (6.17.10)

“Great humor, clear and interesting approach. Izzy teaches with care and understanding. Well done!” – Janna Becherer, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (6.17.10)

“It is applicable and an easy approach to do and teach. The simplicity is appreciated and am excited to use in my life and work.” – Colleen Piefer, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (6.17.10)

“I really appreciate the clarity of the message and validating of simple truths! I liked the role playing.” – Jeffrey Ligman, Psychologist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, (6.17.10)

“A reminder of how I want to live my life.” – Misty Ligman, Human Resource Professional, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 6.17.10)

“It was refreshing to attend and learn something that was not mired in statistics and analysis. Real life problems with real life solutions–what a concept!” – Tanya Bakker, Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (6.15.10)

“It was a very helpful seminar. The role play was especially helpful in integrating and solidifying the techniques.” – Julie Barthels, Social Worker, Madison, Wisconsin (6.15.10)

“Izzy is a masterful, lively, fascinating, honest, sometimes tender, always ethical–and charming lecturer. This course was extremely helpful for my practice as an MFT and for my own life. Thank, Izzy!” – Paula Bennett, Marriage and Family Therapist, Madison, Wisconsin (6.15.10)

“Finally! This is what I have been teaching and talking about for years. You have validated and affirmed my belief that everyone benefits when our children recognize that they are capable and have the skills to empower themselves rather than playing the ‘victim card.’ I look forward to using your techniques/ideas to strengthen my curriculum and students.” – Karen Leng, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“I found this seminar to be extremely informative and useful, not to mention, enjoyable.” Maren Erickson, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“I’ve had 100% success using Izzy’s methods.” – Diana Pogoriler, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“One of the best seminar I’ve ever been to. Can’t understand how anyone would not benefit from this topic in today’s world. I learned so much and loved how there was so much time spent on teaching how to use the information.” – Kimberly Defenbaugh, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“Excellent presentation! Helpful and full of insight and suggestions.” – Krista Wegner, Educator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“Excellent seminar. Perfect balance of humor and learning!” – Betsy Kendziorski, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“Very, very well done.” – Tim Harwell, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“The manner of presentation is clever, witty, stimulating and very informative. Content is relevant, practical and offers easy application.” – Jeff Hollowell, Psychologist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“This seminar changed my way of thinking about strategies to use toward ‘bullying’ at my school. I learned valuable information about resolving conflicts in a much more effective manner. Thank you!” – Sue Kaeppeler, Educator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“I learned so much from the role-playing! I now realize my clients do need help with being the victim, and Don’t Feed into the Drama!” – Jill Shaw, Occupational Therapist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“Best seminar ever, and I’ve been attending these for 35+ years!” – Roger Raskopf, Psychologist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (4.23.09)

“I feel the materials and concepts presented today are very useful. I was attracted to this seminar because I work with ‘victims’ and sometimes don’t know how to help. Thank you for having the courage to present an approach which many not be the popular way of doing things.” – Kim Lewis, Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (4.22.09)

“I found Izzy Kalman’s presentation to be very thought provoking and one that I plan to implement among all of the students I serve. I also feel Mr. Kalman’s techniques very applicable to first year teachers who are too often ‘intimidated’ by similar bully techniques on the part of older students.” – Scott Ford, School Psychologist, Appleton, Wisconsin (4.22.09)

“I applaud you for your common sense and simple solutions. Parents, educators, administrators and counselors have done a disservice by promoting the typical anti-bullying approach. We are responsible for our own behaviors, reactions and perceptions of reality, and my motto has always been to live by the Golden Rule.” – Mary Rudolph, Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (4.22.09)

“An empowering and solution-based approach to bullying situations… Thank you!” – Liz Pierce, Counselor/Educator, Appleton, Wisconsin (4.22.09)

“Our school has tried and tried and tried to address bullying only to see it get worse each year. AS the school counselor I embraced the Bully Free Zone not realizing the power is to empower with a Victim-Free Zone. Thanks Izzy!” – Mari Reinheimer, Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (4.22.09)

“Just what I was looking for. Just what I had hoped for. I never adopted an ‘anti-bullying’ program in my school because I could never find one that met our vision of morals and values. This program does!” – Robin Jensen, Educator/Principal, Appleton, Wisconsin (4.22.09)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the topic and the instructor was excellent. Role-playing and interaction kept our attention! I wish the instructor was local so he could provide 1:1 counseling for those of us in need.” – Maureen Novak, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“Role-play examples funny and got message across well. Izzy is a very wonderful speaker and easy to listen to and kept my attention. Love his sense of humor!” – Kathy Bandstra, Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“This was a great seminar! I have not heard this approach to anger management before. I can’t wait to start trying it in my personal and professional relationships.” – Judy Richter, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“I really enjoyed the topic and Izzy as a speaker. The interaction of the seminar was helpful in seeing how the ‘game’ works. I really feel that I can use this in my own practice as well as my personal life.” – Kristina Szada, Art Therapist, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“I read an article about Mr. Kalman in a pediatric journal and viewed the Bullies2Buddies website. I agree with his point of view about teaching victims how not to fall into the victim trap. I am glad to be able to hear him speak today.” – Lisa Holzwarth, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“Very pleased with seminar. Provided a good and effective way to control anger in myself and clients. Thank you. Almost counterintuitive at times but I am anxious to try Izzy’s techniques.” – James Dombeck, Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“I enjoyed the role play. It made the concepts come to life with practical application.” – Lawrence Dolek, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1.31.08)

“The variation of different teaching techniques – the song, role-playing, storytelling, and presentation – kept it interesting, which promotes learning.” – Tracey McConnell, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Tehrapist, Madison, Wisconsin (1.30.08)

“I feel I can apply these concepts immediately in my work and life.” – Matthew Winston, Case Manager, Madison, Wisconsin (1.30.08)

“Presenter gave good new insight on how to reach the ‘level’ of the victim and the bully and how to show both of them each of their ‘wrongdoings.’ It will be great to use this technique in my anger management group for the children where I work.” – Andrew Nelson, Mental Health Group Faciitato, Madison, Wisconsin (1.30.08)

“First seminar in which the instructor made an integral connection to exploring anger and its negative consequences on the victim and establishing a sound and effective intervention. ‘The game’ and humor can definitely improve the lives of clients and therapists alike!” – DeWayne Gray, Social Worker, Madison, Wisconsin (1.30.08)

“The most common-sense workshop I’ve attended. Excellent! He spent more time teaching us how to behave differently than explaining a theory–a rarity!” – Elizabeth Shadel, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (1.30.08)

I attended Bullies to Buddies conference in Milwaukee two years ago and have been implementing and teaching the program since then both at the school where I work and in my private practice.  It_s simple genius.  Our Home and School Association may be interested in having you present for an assembly.  Could you provide some information about fees and available dates?
Gwen Gayhart-Nelson (9.11.06)

“Your approach to bullying made such sense. I was impressed with your simple solutions and common sense approach to a complex problem.” – Melissa Frankiewicz, Administrator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8.12.04)

“I appreciated his role playing with participants (us). Often I attend seminars where they tell us to role play with each other rather than with the instructor. His approach is much more effective. Thank you.” – Trudy Breach, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8.12.04)

“Isn’t it interesting that going back to the ancient wisdom can be so profound, effective, and uncomplicated? Thank you for the great seminar.” – Barbara J. Baer, Marriage and Family Therapist, Milwaukee (8.12.04)

“Your approach to bullying made such sense. I was impressed with your simple solutions and common sense approach to a complex problem.” – Melissa Frankiewicz, Administrator, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8.12.04)

“I appreciated his role playing with participants (us). Often I attend seminars where they tell us to role play with each other rather than with the instructor. His approach is much more effective. Thank you.” – Trudy Breach, Social Worker, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8.12.04)

“The information provided on bullying is important not only for children, but it is equally important for adults. (Humor was appreciated).” – Julie A. Feder, Counselor, Appleton, Wisconsin (8.11.04)

“Great workshop! Lots of wonderful information.” – L.B., School Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin (8.10.04)

“Received valuable tool to take back to staff and classroom.” – L.M.S., Director, Madison, Wisconsin (8.10.04)

“The role plays were great and very helpful in using these techniques. The humor and the song were wonderful and entertaining! Thank you for this great training!!” – Mary Ann Saiyed, Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services Coordinator, Madison, Wisconsin (8.10.04)

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