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Washington Seminar Testimonials

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“Truly appreciated the presentation style, i.e., role playing and use of booklet–created a safe, comfortable environment. Appreciated the direct, forthright approach. Great resource materials.” – Ernestine Rombouts, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Seattle, Washington (6.07.12) 

“Wonderful balance and energy–thank you for your realness! Refreshing to hear truth and be able to see it in action. Want to actually apply what you learned, this is the seminar to take! Get anger free!” – Jewelya Ianniciello, Social Worker, Seattle, Washington (6.07.12) 

“Excellent seminar. I loved the simplicity of applying the techniques.” – Peggy Backues, Social Worker, Seattle, Washington (6.07.12)

“Proves once again that the New York speakers are the best–especially from the Bronx.” – Psychologist, Seattle, Washington (6.07.12)

“Refreshing perspective–very common sense! Useful information–nice to have an honest discussion about human nature without the ‘political correctness’ nonsense. Thank you!” – Eileen Williams, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (6.07.12) 

“This was a fantastic presentation, truly made me think about all the relationships I have and may have and how I can improve and create better ones. His teaching technique was great, kept me awake and interested the entire time. Would highly recommend this seminar to friends, family and coworkers.” – Britney Sutton, Mental Health Therapist, Seattle, Washington (6.07.12)

“This was a very thought provoking seminar that made me question my beliefs, in a positive way. I am looking forward to using this material in my personal and professional life.” – Lisa Young, Counselor/Social Worker, Spokane, Washington (6.05.12)

“Practical application and examples of them were wonderful. I will be using these tools in life and with my clients. Great seminar!” – Kimberly McNees, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (6.05.12) 

“Thank you for such a good manual! I enjoy having all the information to read at my own pace-vs. PowerPoints that seem to always progress too fast.”- Kathy Mills-George, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Kennewick, Washington (6.04.12)

“So helpful – I’ve heard Izzy before – I have used it and found it helpful for clients. Come back often. I will go to all classes Izzy teaches.” – Patrick Mullen, Counselor, Kennewick, Washington (6.04.12) 

“Easy to implement. Helpful! Role playing helped teach the concepts.” – Marla Werner, Educator, Kennewick, Washington (6.04.12) 

“I like the practical simplicity of the information and how it was delivered.” – Cathy Clary, Counselor, Kennewick, Washington (6.04.12)

“Izzy was wonderful. His presentation was informative and entertaining. My perception was changed by his presentation.” – Kristine Apies, Counselor, Kennewick, Washington (6.04.12) 

“This conference was very helpful to me personally and professionally. The materials and role play helped illustrate the points. I am so glad I came to this.” – K.L., Educator, Kennewick, Washington (6.04.12)

“Izzy was awesome, engaging and funny!” – Joseph LeRoy, Social Worker, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“I think that if more people were taught the lessons/principles of the presenter, our society would have less relationship problems.” – Neera Mehta, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“I have taken the bullying seminar and felt it was great, so is this one.” – Nick Jones, Administrator/Educator, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“Excellent!!!” – Clayton Allen, Case Manager/Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“Manual is a great resource. Izzy was a fun and entertaining speaker.” – Rhonda Williams, Psychologist, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“Humor was very effective and congruent with material presented!” – Joanne Koenig, Counselor/Social Worker, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“Highly useful, educational and inspiring. Excellent role play demonstrations and wonderful sense of humor and compassion.” – J.C.H., Marriage and Family Therapist, Seattle, Washington (9.17.09)

“Izzy is a hoot! Never a dull moment.” – Laurie Bogart, Counselor/Art Therapist, Spokane, Washington (9.15.09)

“Course was very refreshing, put into words my basic philosophy of life, “making people your friend makes them easier to deal with.” – Andy Hanson, Case Manager, Spokane, Washington (9.15.09)

“Presenter clear and empathic with approach content. Provides quality application and areas of use. Great discussion of degredation of therapy by social standards and legal aspects!” – Nathan Franklin, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (9.15.09)

“Enjoyed this training. The game will be useful for many clients to help them with dealing with their anger issues, relationship issues and even bullying behavior. Gave good examples.” – Phyllis Erickson, Social Worker, Spokane, Washington (9.15.09)

“The role playing was exceptionally helpful! Great seminar!” – Colleen Ross, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (9.15.09)

“I was happy to hear examples of the negative impacts that ‘political correctness’ has had on society. I agree that society does need examples of its imperfections and their differences in order to identify what works and what doesn’t in order to incorporate/influence positive changes. I also believe that this specific strategic should and could be used with other therapies that encourage people to make positive changes and enhance positive self talk.” – Bobbi Manley, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Social Worker, Spokane, Washington (9.15.09)

“I didn’t realize how bad ‘conventional wisdom’ is on this topic. Izzy Kalman offers a refreshing and practical alternative.” – Raymond Gruenwald, Case Manager/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“This is one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended. It is turning my views on bullying upside down. I will be totally re-vamping my program on this topic. I found the role-plays extremely useful.” – Lynn Bohlmann, Social Worker/Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Izzy took a difficult subject/problem and made it both enjoyable and easy to learn. His ease of speaking and relaxed manner made it look easy. It’s a common sense approach that makes sense.” – Barbara Blywise, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Seminar was timely. Presented in a professional way with respect and humor to a very serious social problem. Most of the problem is created by adults.” – Georgette Anglum, Educator, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Wonderfully applicable and easy skill demonstrations.” – Alice Lindsley, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Best seminar on bullying I’ve been to.” – Nick Jones, Diversity Director, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Wise, common sense, effective tools and perspective.” – Nancy Hansen, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Thank you for such a wonderful workshop. It opened my eyes.” – Victoria Santos, Educator, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Loved it! Extremely helpful for me as a parent and a therapist.” – Diana Jacobs, Psychologist, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Intellectually challenging and also entertaining! Izzy gave us concrete strategies to use with students–an excellent seminar.” – Paul Barry, Social Worker, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“The best seminar I’ve been in for a long time. I loved his experiential teaching and how interactive he was.” – Fariba Ghorbani, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Thought-provoking and challenging. We look forward to converting our district. Stumbling block for me: words do hurt.” – Counselor, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)

“Instructor reminds me of Woody Allen. The information was very practical and ased on rationale that made sense.” – Mary Susan Pearson, Physical Therapist, Seattle, Washington (9.18.08)“I thought the seminar was great! I will go back to school, private practice and use the tools presented!” – Sheri Carson, Counselor Spokane, Washington (6.29.06)

“I wanted to stand up and cheer after hearing these common sense ideas. It was refreshing to hear anti-bullying program thoughts.” – Richard Wilson, Counselor Spokane, Washington (6.29.06)

“Great ideas. About time to address the idea of teaching resiliency in kids Makes much more sense than to try to control the rest of the world and all with whom the ‘victim’ might come in contact.” – Susan Lee, Educator Spokane, Washington (6.29.06)

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the information practical and got many ideas I can use immediately. I am looking forward to talking to colleagues about the misguided bully policies in place. Loved laughing throughout the day, which makes learning more permanent.” – Jennifer Smith, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“This was a &?#*! great seminar! The presentation and content is important, valid, necessary, practical, simple and the topic one we need to listen to more fully in our culture. Very informative and useful applications for personal and professional arenas. I can’t wait to get &?#*!@ started!” – Patricia Crockett, Counselor/Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“Excellent workshop. Puts a needed expertise on the bullying problem and some better ways to assist victims and bullies and define who they really are rather than the labels we place on them.” – Carla Bagby, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“Every human on earth should attend your seminar. Great!” – E. Jeanette Rich, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“Excellent, wonderful, practical help. This course should be offered to every school district!” – Meredith Baker, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“Very helpful for empowering children/teens and reducing staff time dealing with recurring incidents.” – Bonnie Mudge, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“I think this will work in my school. I will have to practice ‘the game’. It is so interesting (and hopeful) to have this bully concept be opposite of what we have previously learned. I love the practical applications. Thank you.” – Joanne McCauley, Principal, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“I really appreciated the presenter’s sense of humor and guide to helping children become better able to solve their own problems in life. In a school setting, I feel his approach will work well. Thanks for your refreshing way of handling bullies! and victims! I love the magic responses!!” – Kris Reed, Counselor/Psychologist/Social Worker/Educator, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“Changed the whole framework in which I think of dealing with ‘bullying’. Thank you.” – Marilyn Derig, Counselor/Educator, Seattle, Washington (6.15.06)

“I use these same concepts already but this gave me increased skills of how to use role play to deepen learning.” – Susan Mitchell, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (2.17.05)

“Good sense of humor, it dealt with us as we really are, not some fantasy land.” – Gary Benefiel, Teacher, Spokane, Washington (2.17.05)

“As a teacher/program director of an Alternative Middle School, I can see that the techniques taught in today’s seminar can be immediately implemented in my curriculum. I was pleased that the program focused on resiliency and allowed for the strengths of the client to be used for a solution-based approach.” – Shannon Espinoza, Teacher/Program Director, Spokane, Washington (2.17.05)

“I believe that the course content of this seminar will be very useful with the adolescent clients I work with at this time! An innovative way to approach the issue of anger!” – Heidi Huff, Primary Residential Counselor, Spokane, Washington (2.17.05)

“The content of information was valuable in all aspects of life, to include my relationships with my wife, my children, clients, co-workers. The learning objectives were met, and they were exceeded. It was a blessing to be here. It was such a breath of fresh air how Mr. Kalman utilized the Golden Rule, and that it is as applicable now as it was over 2,000 years ago. I was also very pleased to see that Creationism was given equal time as evolution. I thank you Mr. Kalman! This is the best seminar in anger management I have attended in my 18+ years with the job corps. Mr. Kalman brings credibility to Cross Country Education, Inc.” – Jeff Menk, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (2.17.05)

“Content was profound, yet common sense.” – Joshua Gray, Group Leader, Morning Star Boy’s Ranch, Spokane, Washington (2.17.05)

“Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work. Very informative and entertaining.” – Bruce Leska, Psychologist, Seattle, Washington, (2.10.05)

“His stage presence is awesome and use of humor was very effective.” – Diane L. Jamieson, PhD, Psychologist, Seattle, Washington, (2.10.05)

“Fabulous use of participants in quasi clinical situations to present technique.” – Sally Merck, Family Therapist, Seattle, Washington, (2.10.05)

“Dynamic presenter with profound insights into the human condition. Humorous, engaging, downright exciting.” – Bill Grimberg, Mental Health Specialist, Seattle, Washington, (2.10.05)

“Presenter was very entertaining. Most fun I’ve had at a conference in a long time!” – Jeniifer Hultman, Therapist, Seattle, Washington, (2.10.05)

“Good explanation of victim mentality and how to get rid of it! I was glad to see the emphasis on taking control of own feelings. I loved the song! I loved the role play examples and your comments on therapy.” – Pam Hamilton, School Psych Intern, Seattle, Washington, (2.10.05)

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