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Virginia Seminar Testimonials

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“Mr. Kalman is an innovator who thinks out of the box and is not afraid to promote non-mainstream ideas. He is promoting valuable info to reduce bully behavior and victim behavior.” – Paula Bass, Psychologist, Fairfax, Virginia (5.17.11)

“Great job! The speaker provided unique techniques. I can use this in counseling all ages in my private practice. The material was valuable.” – Dessia Crawmer, Social Worker, Fairfax, Virginia (5.17.11)

“Excellent program. Excellent role plays. Excellent use of manual. Sincere wish to teach. This is one of the best seminars (for me).” –Milton Simmons, Counselor/Play Therapist, Roanoke, Virginia (3.1.11)

“Nice job. Gave me a totally different take on bullying. I like the idea of empowering victims and taking away the anger that fuels bullying/confrontation.” – Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (3.1.11)

“Love the seminar. Love the speaker.” – Andrea Leonard, Educator, Roanoke, Virginia (3.1.11)

“Very useful information. Your manual will be a good resource guide in remembering how to handle the various bullying situations. I feel like I can take the strategies back to my school and share them with other co-workers.” – Doris Lowe, Educator/Activity Coordinator, Roanoke, Virginia (3.1.11) 

“Izzy’s concepts are very sound and make a lot of sense. I can definitely see these concepts working real time in real school environments. I love the disarming nature of the techniques and the use of historic and religious tenets.” – Elizabeth Schnelzer, Social Worker, Alexandria, Virginia (3.3.09)

“Very informative session. It makes you want to go to one of my schools and help a bully’s victim. The role-playing was most entertaining and yet an excellent teaching tool.” – Cathy Meadors, Psychologist, Roanoke, Virginia (9.03.08)

“Really enjoyed the role-plays. This training gave me lots of techniques when dealing with victims of bullying. It has really challenged what we are currently teaching in the area of bullying.” – Lisa Lowes, Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (9.03.08)

“What the instructor taught us makes sense even if all ‘experts’ don’t necessarily agree with him.” – Peggy Deyerle, Counselor/Educator, Roanoke, Virginia (9.03.08)

“Really enjoyed Izzy’s style and presentation. Great material that we all need to review and put into practice.” – Brad Haynes, Psychologist/Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (9.03.08)

“I have really enjoyed this experience. The role play opportunities allowed for a direct application of concepts. This made for a meaningful learning experience.” – Ann Benson, Psychologist, Roanoke, Virginia (9.03.08)

“The contents will be used to empower my clients.” – Tomo Masuda, Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (9.03.08)

“Excellent demonstrations and how to use ‘the game.’ Very responsive to questions.” – Mavis Wright, Psychologist/Counselor, Virginia Beach, Virginia (5.08.08)

“This is one of the best anger seminars that I have ever attended. I can use some of the techniques taught immediately.” – Eva Sloan, Social Worker, Virginia Beach, Virginia (5.08.08)

“Knowledgeable, good techniques for learning, great sense of humor. Appreciate manual of information so you can listen more effectively without necessity for taking copious amounts of notes. Good drama with role playing. Ability to keep your attention during entire seminar.” – Ruth Bailey, Nurse, Virginia Beach, Virginia (5.08.08)

“Excellent presenter. Provided an enhanced way of dealing with anger. It helped me understand what I was doing but especially it will help me teach others how to do it.” – Anthony Bruder, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Virginia Beach, Virginia (5.08.08)

“This is the first seminar with CCE for me. The seminar was very insightful. The seminar really made me look at myself before I deal with my clients’ anger control. Mr. Kalman did great job getting the information to me today.” – Marvin Green, Counselor, Richmond, Virginia (5.07.08)

“Very interesting, uses humor and I really enjoyed how you think and teach out of the box techniques. Very enlightening and wonderful new tool that I can take and utilize with my clients.” – Dawn Atkinson, Social Worker, Richmond, Virginia (5.07.08)

“This was excellent. I came away with very simple and specific tools to use in everyday life and to share with clients.” – Elizabeth Dakin, Social Worker, Richmond, Virginia (5.07.08)

“A wonderful learning experience. Very useful with the adolescent males I work with. Fast paced. The role plays helped hammer the points home and lots of laughs and good times. Thank you for being so realistic.” – David Wheeler, Psychologist, Richmond, Virginia (5.07.08)

“Excellent workshop! Practical, essential techniques for professional/personal use.” – Fraancie Crosby, Counselor, Alexandria, Virginia (12.11.07)

“It was wonderful to attend a training that did not use overhead or Power Point. Izzy was wonderful, animated, a delight!” – Stephanie Herman, Marriage and Family Therapist, Alexandria, Virginia (12.11.07)

“Presentation was great. A wonderful paradigm shift. I need time to fully process and learn how to use it. This approach could be an excellent tool for me and my clients. This is probably one of the best presentations I have ever been to.” – Tiffanie Williams, Social Worker, Alexandria, Virginia (12.11.07)

“I love his style! The song was a great touch.” – Eulla Wilson, Educator, Social Worker, Alexandria, Virginia (12.11.07)

“Very funny, witty genius. Good stuff. Taught effective techniques. On a par with Albert Ellis.” – Suzanne Pelz, Counselor, Alexandria, Virginia (12.11.07)

“The renewing of the mind best describes this seminar! Good change.” – Terry Floyd, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“You have certainly renewed my thinking. I have been using some of this approach already; now I feel even more confident. This was awesome information. Thank you! Great job!” – Vivian Kane, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“I wish everyone who has children or works with children could attend this seminar!” – Elizabeth Smith, Social Worker, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“Our school has recently been designated as a ‘No Dissing Zone’ and with what I have learned today we will begin with the correct focus; victim-proofing! Thanks for the information. I am excited to use it.” – Geshla Windley, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“Very informative. Complete opposite of traditional anti-bullying programs – yet makes more sense. Seems easier to implement – both for counselors and teachers as well as administration. I think this could help improve the safety and climate of my school.” – Kelly Hughson, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“Good simplistic approach – Back to basics of putting responsibility back on the individuals and teaching them life skills that are desperately needed.” Jeanellen MacNeal, Counselor/Educator/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Rehabilitation Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“The presentation really makes a lot of sense. The basic values that we all should be adhering to have been so lost. People are so quick to let situations escalated; especially children. I’m definitely going to give this a try. My mind was reeling with situations that I could have already used these techniques.” – Natalie Vanderwerf, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“The intensity and fluency was like a snowball rolling down hill – building my interest and excitement, learning a new view truthfully regarding Bullying versus Victimizing.” – Scott Burton, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“Finally a Bully Program that makes sense!” – Laura Kerstetter, Counselor, Norfolk, Virginia (2.15.06)

“Very informative! Gave a great new set of coping strategies for kids and professionals.” – Jennifer Dodson, Director of Child Care and Camping Services, Richmond, Virginia, (2.14.06)

“This really changed my way of thinking about bullies/victims. I am excited about trying the role-plays with students at my middle school.” – Tamara Hall, Counselor, Richmond, Virginia, (2.14.06)

“I wish I would have brought my spouse so he could hear what Mr. Kalman was saying. I was surprised that I can use his techniques at home as well as my school. Thank you Mr. Kalman!” – Mindy Brown, Nurse, Richmond, Virginia, (2.14.06)

“The info can help in my profession. Humor for kids is important. Conflict due to the dumbest things. Teaching them to be thick skinned is excellent preparation for real world.” – Donald Rubinson, Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Richmond, Virginia, (2.14.06)

“Izzy unabashedly presented his ideas in a way that thoughtfully challenged present day schools of thought on the topic of ‘bullying’. He was able to bring back into light contributions to our knowledge on human behavior, especially pertaining to the dynamics of ‘bullying’ and roles of ‘bully’, ‘victim’, and ‘bully/victim’. For service providers, this helps promote a more objective view and more neutral ground, thereby minimizing potential ‘witch-hunt’ mentality.” – Melanie Butler, Social Worker, Richmond, Virginia, (2.14.06)

“This is the second training I have been to by Izzy Kalman (first one was Anger Control Made Easy). I believe this is a practical information that goes against conventional, popular thinking on bully behavior and how to handle it. It actually takes the approach of how to help victims resolve their own problems without anyone getting in trouble. It also challenges faulty thinking that keeps a victim mentality active.” – Kim Wormuth, Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“I was somewhat surprised to see only three African-American professionals in the seminar. I firmly believe African-Americans students can benefit from this kind of workshop” – Name Withheld, Educator, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“Excellent presentation. Outstanding content. Practical and realistic application techniques. Provided materials – superb. Students and adults can definitely benefit from the information presented.” – John Stone, CPA/Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“The speaker was very knowledgeable. He began and ended on time. He explained his reasoning very well. I loved his use of volunteers for role-playing. He fielded questions well and fulfilled all objectives. I feel energized by this seminar to go back and implement this into my school program. I’m a bit perturbed that I didn’t realize this common sense approach on my own. I had been frustrated by the traditional response in my school, but this approach makes much more sense to me and I feel that I can be more successful with this approach.” – Malia Huffman, Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“Mr. Kalman is an excellent combination of scholar and performer!!” – Walter Moretz, Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“Wish I had this seminar 15 years ago (when my kids were babies). (Wish I’d had this seminar 20 years ago – when I was a teacher.) One of the best seminars I’ve ever been to – the basic premises are valid and well-communicated.” – Mary Zedalis, Coder/Office Manager, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“Role plays were constructed to really drive home the main points of the seminar. I loved the down-to-earth and practical tips presented to stop bullying. Information was presented to encourage new behavior on the part of educators in order to help all kids become ‘winners’. Thought-provoking!!” – Sharon Robertson, Counselor, Roanoke, Virginia (2.13.06)

“Presenter totally changed my way of thinking. I need to reflect on it all. I feel his teachings are like what Jesus would do. Very helpful for dealing with my kids. Thank you very much.” – Patricia Nannen, Social Worker, Fairfax, Virginia (6.28.05)

“Finally, someone tells it like it is. Thank you for telling the other side of the story. Good job!” – Name Withheld, Educator, Fairfax, Virginia (6.28.05)

“Very interesting presentation – takes the ‘conventional wisdom’ and turns it on its head. Kids I work with will enjoy these techniques.” – Name Withheld, Psychologist, Fairfax, Virginia (6.28.05)

“Radical. Worth a try. It just might work.” – Mary Ellen Finn, Social Worker, Fairfax, Virginia (6.28.05)

“It was nice to finally have someone agree with what I have always thought about bullying.It has been very beneficial to my co-workers. I really think that if we implement these strategies we can make a big change at our school.” – Derek Vanover, Educator, Fairfax, Virginia (6.28.05)

“Israel Kalman is wonderful. Kept me interested. I am excited about what I have learned. Exercises were great!” – Gloria Jones, Nurse/Manager, Roanoke, Virginia (12.07.04)

“I offer anger management services full-time, have authored two self-help books on anger and I found this seminar very informative – lots of new ideas – unique. Enjoyed.” – W. Doyle Gentry, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Roanoke, Virginia (12.07.04)

“Thank you for blending cognitive therapeutic approaches with an easy to understand, universal value system, ‘the Golden Rule’, and how to improve our most intimate relationships.” – Lisa Kihm, Clinical Coordinator, Central Virginia Community Services, Roanoke, Virginia (12.07.04)

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