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Vermont Seminar Testimonials

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“Extremely helpful in our current environment. Izzy is very knowledgeable and provided many, many practical strategies that can be used in my professional setting. Great teaching and role plays which backed up and explained information.” – W. H., Case Manager, Burlington, Vermont (4.16.12)

“This was an excellent presentation which gives scientific support for my own beliefs. Role playing explanations were very helpful for understanding issues.” – Richard Spaulding, Educator, Burlington, Vermont (4.16.12)

“Mind bending material! Nearly bringing me to the breaking point, but it does make sense.” – Patrick Burke, Social Worker, Burlington, Vermont (4.16.12)

“Very dyanamic presenter!!! I specifically liked his use of spiritual religious philosophy as a basis for success with managing anger.” – Lawrence Berry, Counselor, Burlington, Vermont (4.15.08)

“This has been most interesting and helpful. I really enjoyed Izzy Kalman. I found his way of explaining the theory clear, humorous, and effective, and I deeply agree with him. I loved his use of role playing.” – Dulany Bennett, Psychologist/Educator, Burlington, Vermont (4.15.08)

“Finally someone who will tell the Emperor that he has no clothes on. I loved it! Thank you.” – Marcia Buckingham, Nurse, Burlington, Vermont (4.15.08)

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