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Texas Seminar Testimonials

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“I thought it was very thought provoking and a practical use of Breck’s behavioral approach. I enjoyed it.” Psychologist, Dallas, Texas (4.09.14)

“I felt this information was very helpful, and could actually be applied with different situations as well.” – M.T., Educator, Dallas, Texas (4.09.14)

“I learned tons. Content was very helpful as a therapist. I loved the interactive role-playing to drive home the principles.” – Connie Borden, Psychologist, Dallas, Texas (4.09.14)

“I learned lots! This was so refreshing! I’m certain I will be more effective with my clients thanks to what I’ve learned.” – Speech Teacher, Dallas, Texas (4.09.14)

“This was one of the best seminars I have attended! I love the role play idea! Very powerful!” – Gina Martin, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (4.09.14)

“This was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. The tools and concepts shared today are common sense and applicable.” – Susie Kuss, Counselor/Educator, Lubbock, Texas (4.08.14)

“A totally new method!” – Counselor, Lubbock, Texas (4.08.14)

“Thank you. Very interesting! – Gail Alexander, Counselor/Educator, Lubbock, Texas (4.08.14)

“Simple, elegant, excellent! Totally applicable to my practice and my life! Strategy is divinely inspired and time-tested! Thanks!” – Carlton Burke, Counselor, Lubbock, Texas (4.08.14)

“I learned so much! This was practical information with the practice of role-play; gave me the tools to quicker resolution with patients’ issues.” – Timi Smart, Social Worker, Amarillo, Texas (4.07.14)

“A great way to deal with anger and bullying.” – Counselor, Amarillo, Texas (4.07.14)

“I learned exceptional methods in helping my clients.” – Dawn Pringle, Counselor, Amarillo, Texas (4.07.14)

“Learned a lot in the role plays! I will take these back and teach to teachers to use with students and to apply in my own personal life.” – MaryJo Rinaldo, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (4.03.14)

“Love the role plays!” – Janice Denson, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (4.03.14)

“I learned a lot from the program. I can’t wait to try it. It was a great experience.” – Shelley Eiteman, Teacher/Chiropractor, San Antonio, Texas (4.03.14)

“The role plays were wonderful teaching tools. Izzy’s song of his life, however, was worth the price of admission by itself!” – Geoffrey Meade, Psychologist, San Antonio, Texas (4.03.14)

“I liked this seminar and will use the information in all aspects of my life.” – Heather Winslow, Mental Health Employee, San Antonio, Texas (4.03.14)

“I really enjoyed this speaker. Even the role playing was a lot of fun while watching Mr. Kalman make a fool of himself. Thank you.” – Kristie Harnisch, Nurse, San Antonio, Texas (4.03.14)

“It expanded my knowledge. I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more.” – Psychologist, Austin, Texas (4.02.14)

“Much was learned regarding anger and how to work with it in a positive manner. The speaker was excellent, knowledgeable and very professional. No other anger control seminar compares. Easy and practical tools presented. Enjoyed the whole seminar.” – Angel Montoya, Counselor, Austin, Texas (4.02.14)

“I learned how to role-play anger provoking situations and diffuse these situations and turn enemies into friends. I enjoyed the different techniques used in this seminar. Mr. Kalman did a great job.” – Tamara Atumudie, Student, Houston, Texas (4.01.14)

“The techniques discussed validated my counseling style with my clients as well as my children. The role-playing was extremely helpful in that it illustrated the effectiveness of controlled response.” – Marie Silva, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (4.01.14)

“I learned a great deal. Wonderful presentation – very helpful!” – Patricia Davis, Counselor, Houston, Texas (4.01.14)

“I learned another powerful technique to empower my clients, to move from victim to survivor.” – Martha Zapata, Counselor, Houston, Texas (4.01.14)

“Tremendously helpful in my personal and professional life. I love the experiential approach to learning with real life examples. Izzy, your work is so critical in today’s world. Thanks for all you do and all you are!” – Counselor, Houston, Texas (4.01.14)

“I learned a great deal about my role in escalating anger and how listening and taking responsibility will improve my relationships. I loved Izzy’s song and his bravery to sing it. It was fun, educational, and entertaining.” – Priscilla Cleaveland, Counselor, Houston, Texas (4.01.14)

“Great presentation. I have been in public education for 15 years and this by far was the most informative and powerful presentation on bullying I have attended.” – Sal Alvarado, Principal, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“I have read and ordered from Izzy before. Have long felt and taught from his works. Excellent!” – S.N., Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“Extremely informative and entertaining strategies. Seems like they could be implemented effectively.” – Sharon Wernli, Psychologist, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“So refreshing and amazing to go to a seminar that actually helps to have a solution to the problem of bullying and not just the definition of a bully or how to identify a bully.” – Mary Williams, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“Very good information–anxious to use this with children–a different common sense approach.” – Nanette Newber, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“I like the alternative way of thinking. It is very empowering to students.” – Nancy Marrufo, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“Great presenter. Loved the role playing and took the time to explain each topic.” – Mario Flores, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“The seminar gave a whole different perspective on the problem of bullying. I will adopt many of the concepts taught today. I can’t wait to read and use the course workbook!” – Donna Hammack, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“Presentation excellent. It could have been a two day workshop. It would be a good inservice for a whole staff.” – Joyce Hopper, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (2.16.12)

“Izzy’s approach to teaching the strategies is so effective that you can go directly from the workshop to the counseling setting and have practical tools. The numerous role plays were extremely helpful. Thank you Izzy!” – Jeffrey Swan, Counselor, Austin, Texas (2.15.12)

“One of the best workshops I’ve been to in a long time. Izzy tapped into thoughts I’ve intuitively had but been unable to articulate and put into practice!” – Tracy Noble, Counselor/Educator, Austin, Texas (2.15.12)

“Izzy’s information was great. I’m afraid his workshop is ‘swimming against’ the current political stream.” – Dennette Gardner, Counselor, Austin, Texas (2.15.12)

“A refreshing perspective on the topic of bullying, which left me feeling optimistic that I could actually help my students change behaviors–not through a focus on the bullying, but by empowering the victim/target.” – Daniel Courtney, Educator/Assistant Principal, Houston, Texas (2.14.12)

“I really appreciated the role play–shows the effectiveness of the intervention.” – Brian Hunber Counselor/Educator/School Owner, Houston, Texas (2.14.12)

“Very engaging! A pleasure to attend. Informative and practical.” – Laura Selke, Psychologist, Houston, Texas (2.14.12)

“I really enjoyed this seminar. It was not more of the same. Izzy is funny and smart. It was refreshing to look at bullying from an alternative angle.” – Laikiesha Talbert, Counselor, Houston, Texas (2.14.12)

“Workshop was very informative and demonstrated how to practice what I tell children about bullying.” – Brunilda Ortiz, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (2.14.12)

“Speaker’s perspective on bullying is certainly different than the educational policy on bullying. This conference provided strategies and skills that can be used individually and in classroom.” – Marta Rodriguez, Social Worker, Harlingen, Texas (2.13.12)

“Amazing! All this time I thought anti-bullying laws were created to help, but now can clearly see how these laws are actually helping to teach us (professionals) to teach our students to be dependent, clingy individuals who won’t learn to find solutions or be responsible.” – Sonia Solis, Counselor, Harlingen, Texas (2.13.12)

“Excellent. Great useable information.” – C.H., Counselor, Harlingen, Texas (2.13.12)

“Information was informative and appropriate for many fields and is in line with Cognitive Behavior Therapy which is what I mainly use. Thank you.” – Rebecca Melendez, Counselor, El Paso, Texas (1.04.11)

“Great information and seminar.” – Ruben Pallares, Juvenile Correction Officer, El Paso, Texas (1.04.11)“Mr. Kalman was awesome and did a great job. He kept the class moving and opened my eyes to the truth about bullying.” – Mary Coleman, Executive Assistant, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“I had several ‘lightbulb’ moments during the seminar! Leaving today, I feel like I have real, concrete solutions to several specific problems I’ve had at my school. Great job for today!!” – Laura Hogan, Educator, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“Material is good–very different from what is normally sold to schools. Izzy–you do a great job presenting a great message.” – Dorothy Tiedt, Counselor, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“So good to hear a ‘common sense’ based approach to teaching kids appropriate response behaviors, as well as working to strengthen a kid’s sense of competence in dealing with their issues themselves!” – Diana Hindt, Educator, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“Izzy Kalman was very insightful and well informed about subject matter. His interactive teaching style and humor made the seminar an enjoyable and memorable one. His bullyproofing techniques will definitely be added to my therapy toolbox!” – Matresa Wooding, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“I love this seminar because Izzy’s presentation not only took us to the heart of the issue, he gave us authentic, real strategies to teach others how to deal with bullies while correcting wrong thinking about bullying.” – Carla Ohlhausen, Counselor, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“Most realistic training I’ve been to. Easily implemented by knowing strategies, not another program, but definitely instrumental ideas to empower victims and do away with bullying.” – Margaret Tuggle, Counselor, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for being a voice of reason in all the madness! Although the legal constraints dictate how many of our situations are dealt with, it’s nice to have ideas for helping the kids! Role playing was great way to see the ‘defusing’ in action!” – Kristi Murray, Counselor, Houston, Texas (10.28.10)

“Excellent presentation. Izzy clearly takes what he does very seriously–without taking himself seriously. Very refreshing.” – Lennie Martin, Counselor, Austin, Texas (10.27.10)

“Can’t wait to try some of these practices with my students! Unfortunately, I’ve been enabling a lot of the ‘victim mentality’ due to some faulty thinking.” – Counselor, Austin, Texas (10.27.10)

“Awesome! Perfect for my needs! Thank you.” – Charlotte Ponish, Counselor, Austin, Texas (10.27.10)

“Izzy  brings to life the concept of teach kids how to ‘win.’ He has a very realistic vision for this concept as well as the impact that the predominant approaches bring.” – Jeffrey Swan, Counselor, Austin, Texas (10.27.10)

“What a breath of fresh air! I’ve been unhappy with the anti-bullying curriculum, and this fills the void.” – Psychologist, Austin, Texas (10.27.10)

“Awesome and ‘gutsy’ to present against what the nation is doing about bullying but isn’t working. Kudos!!! I can’t wait to get back to Louisiana and implement your strategies.” – Tina Fitt, Counselor, Austin, Texas (10.27.10)

“Really interesting perspective!! Contrary to all current teachings, but totally logical.” – N.H., Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (10.26.10)

“Finally, a presentation that shows applicable solutions for bullying. I’m very excited and happy I attended this seminar. The best I’ve seen and heard about bullying.” – Margaret Rodriquez, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (10.26.10)

“I have 35 years in education and each year I become more convinced that we are raising generations of victims with our educational practices. It was wonderful to hear a mental health professional confirm my concerns. A friend and US government teacher at my school often says, ‘We don’t have a Constitutional right to not be offended’ and your workshop has been practical application of that gem of wisdom.” – Deborah Haug, School Administrator/Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (10.26.10)

“It’s amazing that this hasn’t been done before!” – Ruth Martin-Cain, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (10.26.10)

“Mr. Kalman is one of the most engaging and entertaining speakers I have ever encountered in a conference! He kept my attention throughout, despite my getting only 3 ½ hours of sleep last night! I hope to hear more from him in the future.” – Judith Gellhausen, Licensed Psychological Associate/Psychometrist, San Antonio, Texas (10.26.10)

“The presenter was very good! I really appreciate his sense of humor. The live role-playing was very effective and helpful.” – Susan Bajza, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Houston, Texas (6.3.10)

“Very relevant–truly a breath of fresh air. A common sense, down-to-earth approach. Extremely practical and empowering.” – Sherry Hornik, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (6.3.10)

“The content was very insightful and fresh. The role plays made the content come to life.” – Dannie Volek, Counselor/Educator, Austin, Texas (6.2.10)

“Excellent approach to solving problems. I am glad there is a voice for freedom of speech and the ability of children and adults to survive, thrive and even laugh when dirty words are hurled their direction. Carry on!” – Deborah Barton, Psychologist, Austin, Texas (6.2.10)

“The presenter was humorous, interesting, and informative. The seminar was excellent.” – Perla Wheeler, Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (6.1.10)

“Great new insights and application of principles. A seminar worth the cost for sure! The philosophic/moral underpinnings were my favorite. Mr. Kalman’s presentation is balanced, through, and gives the attendee tools to use in practice.” – Thomas Wisdom, San Antonio, Texas (6.1.10)

“Especially appreciate the nature versus civilization theme. I’ve been trying to explain this to kids, and now I have a clear exposition.” – David Domelsmith, Psychologist, Waco, Texas (5.27.10)

“It is in my opinion the speaker was very knowledgeable and understandable. The topics were all related to anger and anger triggers. Role playing teaching was extremely helpful to understand all emotional angles and most importantly was fun. Thank you.” –Janice Stanley, Rehabilitation Specialist, Waco, Texas (5.27.10)

“I truly enjoyed today! Top shelf presenter; excellent book/materials and text, poem and song references. I learned so much for myself, my students, and my clients! Many thanks!” – Nurse/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Waco, Texas (5.27.10)

“Simple, direct, straight-forward presentation of something we make so complex.” – Daryl Green, Marriage and Family Therapist, Waco, Texas (5.27.10)

“The golden rule taught where even an adult can understand it.” – Gregory Grinstead, Social Worker/Cognitive Therapist, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“It was an excellent seminar as a mental health professional, a fresh and applicable approach was offered for dealing with clients as well as one’s own personal life.” – James Simmons, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“Great seminar, loved the presenter, very funny, kept it so interesting and useful to use on therapy sessions.” – Claudia Ospina, Social Worker, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“I really enjoyed the event. Mr. Kalman offered everyone in the room a variety of tools for navigating through negative emotions.” – Joshua Carroll, Educator, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“This workshop provided POWERFUL tools and information. I can’t wait to try them with my students and family!” – Patti Gibbs, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“I enjoyed the new ways of viewing this issue.” – Christine Newman, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“The role plays were very helpful to demonstrate a point. I am glad I got to attend, and I will use it in my practice of pastoral care ministry.” – Paul Chacko, Board Certified Chaplain, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“The course workbook is one of the best! This course has the potential to transform our personal and professional relationships.” – Donald Mappes, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“You gave me a new way to think about the bully perceiving him/herself as a victim.” – Tanna Lazaroff, Educator/Counselor, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“Great humor, great insight and skill. Loved the role play. Excellent theory…touches the humanness in us.” – MaryEllen Durham, Counselor/Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Dallas, Texas (5.26.10)

“Very good. Makes much more sense than what we’ve been doing!” – School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)

“I really appreciate the info. It was practical and makes good sense. I also appreciate the role play – they really helped demonstrate the lessons in action.” – School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)
“Excellent – I will look forward to sharing this info with my colleagues and students.” – School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)

“Brilliant, insightful and illuminating! The most helpful workshop on bullying I have attended. Thanks!” School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)

“Thank you for looking at this problem in a different way.” – School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)

“Love the paradigm shift. Am anxious to put concepts in place.” – School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)

“Your presentation was great! It really gave me what I need to help my students effectively! Thanks.” – School Counselor, ASCA Convention, Dallas, Texas (6.28.09)

“Unique approach! I like the practicality and quick implementation of the approach.” – Ray Kurtz, Social Worker, Waco, Texas (3.27.08)

“These steps reinforce the freedom of choice in CBT. The institution I work for uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I will use the ideas I learned here today with my clients.” – Beverly Fromberg, Social Worker, Waco, Texas (3.27.08)

“You’ve come up with a terrific technique that puts into more concrete form different philosophies I was trying to communicate to my clients. I suspect the game approach will translate well and will create buy-in and willing participation–ultimately allowing my clients to help themselves.” – Michelle Hawn, Counselor, Waco, Texas (3.27.08)

“This seminar provided both wisdom and good psychological theory to support the goal of helping clients learn to manage anger effectively.” – Jon Bergeron, Psychologist, Waco, Texas (3.27.08)

“Thank you for a most informative session. Not only do I feel it will help my personal life–but ultimately enhance my effectiveness as a social worker working with ‘high risk youth.’” – Jim Vaughan, Social Worker, Waco, Texas (3.27.08)

“Izzy is a talented presenter. I feel I can genuinely use this material. This presentation was refreshing and enlightening. Thank you.” – Beth Calhoun, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (3.26.08)

“I had read and heard that ‘no one can make you angry and when you get mad you’re giving your power to the other person.’ I always believed this but now I have practical information to back it up. ‘To be aware is to be alive.’” – Neil Phillips, Social Worker/Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Dallas, Texas (3.26.08)

“Great application of principles I already believed in. I’m anxious to try the techniques recommended.” – Dallas Smith, School Psychologist, Dallas, Texas (3.26.08)

“Informative and helpful. Extremely enjoyable. Would attend another presentation by this speaker. A veritable Cyrano deBergerac in a therapist’s cloak. Bravo!” – Stella Rodriquez, Marriage and Family Therapist, Dallas, Texas (3.26.08)

“Izzy’s philosophy is needed in today’s society if we hope to change the ‘vicitm-mentality’ that’s prevalent.” – Joyce Yeager, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (3.26.08)

“This was a terrific seminar. The skills were clearly demonstrated and there was ample time to ask questions. The workbook was extremely well organized–and packed with valuable resources. I look forward to attending the seminar on bullies. Thank you!” – Charles Davis, Social Worker/Juvenile Probation Officer, Dallas, Texas (3.26.08)

“Wow, what a true and honest view of anger. New perspective is so refreshing.” – Cynthia Green, Counselor, Houston, Texas (3.14.08)

“Izzy is a great presenter. He has a great sense of humor, and I think that’s so important! The booklet that was provided is great! I found this workshop to be very helpful–not only in terms of how I can help others with their anger issues, but with my own as well. If other Cross Country presenters are half as good as Izzy, I’ll come to more of them in the future!” – Linda Gooding, Counselor/Educator, Houston, Texas (3.14.08)

“Good seminar! Excellent handling of sensitive topics in a natural and caring manner. Highly recommend!” – Jerry Devine, Marriage and Family Therapist, Houston, Texas (3.14.08)

“Great workshop, valuable content lends itself to therapeutic application with clients of all ages.” – Patricia Martinez-Long, Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist, Houston, Texas (3.14.08)

“Excellent workshop! Good presenter–articulate, clear, informative.” – Marian Higgins, Psychologist, San Antonio, Texas (3.13.08)

“Really enjoyed the seminar. Learned a great deal for my personal and professional life. Can’t wait to try the rules and the game with my family and children. Great!!” – Gina Carrion, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (3.13.08)

“The speaker was excellent. The class was entertaining and full of knowledge and tools to help give support to those that choose to change. Izzy, the class was great.” – Norresa Harden, Counselor/Case Manager, San Antonio, Texas (3.13.08)

“Excellent presentation and well-defined, innovative approach to controlling anger. I look forward to implementing it in the school I work in.” – Judy Scott, Educator, San Antonio, Texas (3.13.08)

“Entertaining as well as thought provoking. The role play demonstrations really brought the material alive. I appreciated the manual so that I didn’t have to do a lot of note taking.” – June Buniak, Social Worker, Austin, Texas (3.12.08)

“The information on the anger ‘game,’ and humor, was invaluable. The humor aspect was unexpected, yet a wonderful addition. I needed it.” – Sue Legacy, Social Worker/Counselor, Austin, Texas (3.12.08)

“The most beneficial workshop I have had in a long time! I understood what he said and it will be easy to use in all aspects of my life. Very funny!” – Deanna Fahey, Educator, Austin, Texas (3.12.08)

Very groovy – I started using the skills within the seminar! One of the best ones.” – Y.M., Social Worker, Fort Worth, Texas (3.08.07)

“One of the best seminars I have attended. I can use this and apply this in y personal life as well as in the workplace. It is an eye opener and reminder for us.” – Eva Melchior, Counselor, Fort Worth, Texas (3.08.07)

“This is my second Izzy seminar. I love his unorthodox ideas. They seem so logical and so simple. He definitely gives ideas to go try immediately.” – Debbie Stryer-Levine, Counselor, Fort Worth, Texas (3.08.07)

“One of the most useful seminars I have ever attended. The presenter had a wonderful style.” –  Elaine Lemmer, Psychologist, Fort Worth, Texas (3.08.07)

“Loved to role-play. It is amazing how you recite the info without returning to your notes.” – Shewanna Giles, Counselor, Fort Worth, Texas (3.08.07)

“Valuable and well done. I will use the ideas from this workshop with a client tomorrow. I like the way Izzy keeps his volunteers in the chair for a long time. He makes them guests on his show and makes the room comfortable.” – Rick Owen, Marriage and Family Therapist, Fort Worth, Texas (3.08.07)

“This workshop wasn’t exactly what I expected – it was so much more!! Thanks so much.” – Melinda Cheatham, Speech and Language Pathologist, Dallas, Texas (3.07.07)

“Excellent presentation. Not only can I use it as a counselor, but I can use it in my marriage and as a parent.” – Cheryl Mosby, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (3.07.07)

“Never have I viewed anger in the way it was presented here. Good info added to my own ‘worldview perspective.’ If I understand better I can aid others in understanding themselves.” – Kashunda Davis, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (3.07.07)

“Great way to learn. Was never bored. Was personally helpful. If everyone would apply these principles we would have a more peaceful world. Great way to get CEUs.” – Patsy Phillips, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Dallas, Texas (3.07.07)

“Very gifted and knowledgeable speaker. Made the info very user friendly. I feel equipped to use these techniques immediately. Probably the best seminar I have attended in all eleven years as an educator.” – Betty Henry, Counselor/Educator, Dallas, Texas (3.07.07)

“I learned a lot! I appreciate the practicality of this seminar. The role-playing really helped understand the ‘game.’ How can something so simple – ‘the Golden Rule’ – be so powerful! Thank you for teaching well something so overlooked!” – Patty McGinnis, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (3.07.07)

“I liked the presenter’s ability to self-disclose for the purpose of honest instruction. Usually, solely verbal presentation can be boring; however, this presenter was interesting and kept my full attention.” Dudley Farmer, Counselor, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“Izzy was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining during this seminar. The seminar participation between him and class was great. I found the seminar informative and many of the objectives and my questions were explained. I will be able to determine ‘the game’ and apply the concepts and objectives that were explained during the seminar. I recommend this seminar, ‘Anger Control Made Easy’, to others.” Sonia Henson, Women’s and Children’s Director, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“Brilliant. Very useful concept. Let me sit where I want to! (Please)! – [I had asked him to sit up front because room was long and set up for too many people. He complied, then after break returned to back.] – Buddy Bessonett, Psychologist/Director Long Term Care, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“Not only does Mr. Kalman provide a new slant on an important topic, he does so with humor and energy. His approaches seem like winning ways to help people of all ages.” – Cheryl Wilson, Social Worker, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“I like the manual format much better than Power Point Presentations! I appreciate the thoroughness of the manual!” – Carmen Conlev, Counselor, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“I found the class very informative. It taught me a very valuable new technique to use in my Anger Management groups. It was worth the money charged and even more.” – Michael Ward, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“I will begin to put into practice what I learned today. I will take my power back, and be the winner that I am. Anger can not control my, but I will control anger. A great seminar. Learning by role play helps one remember.” – Gail Verge, Youth Worker, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“I learned a lot today. It was very informative. He paints a very clear picture about us and why we are the way we are.” – Beverly Jackson, Youth Worker, Tyler, Texas (8.19.05)

“Mr. Kalman is a breath of fresh air! He taught us simplicity is very intelligent and our basic life principles apply even today. Thanks! Great job!” – Rebecca Somodevilla, MA, MTh, CART, Dallas, Texas (8.22.05)

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended on anger management.” – Diane McIntosh, Psychologist, Dallas, Texas (8.22.05) (permission not checked)

“Excellent. Keep up the great work. Good teaching method. Great insight into truth and bringing it to mental health profession.” – Ron Eubanks, Psychologist, Dallas, Texas (8.22.05)

“Great way for therapists to teach old and new concepts in a fun way that can overcome resistance. Appreciate the humorous delivery of an important subject!” – Sandra Lynam, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ft. Worth, Texas (8.32.05)

“Practical information presented by a knowledgeable and humorous presenter on a growing epidemic at all levels of work, social settings and applicable to all ages.” – Gay Kelso, Social Worker, Ft. Worth, Texas (8.32.05)

“Well presented and organized – helped me to recognize a lot of application settings and situations. Presenter very appropriate with his humor and it increased understanding.” – Carl Bennett, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Ft. Worth, Texas (8.32.05)

“The instructor was very well prepared and made the experience of learning fun and memorable. He was very knowledgeable of the material and was able to relate the information to real life experiences, and provide realistic solution. I felt he did an outstanding job and I enjoyed the seminar very much. Thanks.” – Belinda Tuck, Counselor, Ft. Worth, Texas (8.32.05)

“Stepped on my toes with the freedom of speech and my own parenting style! Thank you so much for showing me this – what a great opportunity for me to change!” – Elizabeth Gibson, Counselor, Waco, Texas (8.24.05)

“I loved the dry wit, the enthusiasm about the subject. (Kept my interest even with lack of sleep for the past 2 nights.) – Mary Hopkins, Social Worker/Probation Officer, Waco, Texas (8.24.05)

“Enjoyed your energy and excitement on the subject; I really liked the song — too cute! These concepts are common sense – but have been misconstrued by society. You are taking things back to the basics and I like that. Thanks for having a seminar in Waco, TX — we need more here!” – Nicole Tull, Social Worker, Waco, Texas (8.24.05)

“I enjoyed Izzy’s personality and sincerity. An excellent reminder to ‘lighten up’!” – Dennis Cooke, Counselor, Waco, Texas (8.24.05)

“Izzy Kalman is a live wire! I loved his honest personal stories and agreed with 99% of all he said and postulated. And I really enjoyed his sense of humor and role-playing in teaching these concepts. I learned some and had some things I’ve thought for years validated. Thanks for a first rate seminar and experience I can use!” – Jeri Carol Jaquith, Counselor, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“This was great! Please keep promoting ‘self responsibility’. Now, if we could only apply this to terrorism! Thank you for the song – there’s a place for you on the Met roster!” – Virginia Livesay, Psychologist, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“Izzy is THE BEST! I feel this seminar is based on the truth. It is the best workshop I’ve ever been to! It’s a bullshit free seminar that is not removed from life, but integrated to it. It gets my highest recommendation.” – Susan Boulden, Nurse, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“I enjoyed the seminar very much. I got a lot of information, and the presenter has a great singing voice.” – Linda Falter, Counselor, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“My first reaction was fairly neutral, but as the day went on, I began to see the usefulness of the material and how I could implement it. Good job.” – Russ Adams, Counselor, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“It’s refreshing to hear and watch presenter’s use of self vs. sole reliance on audio/visual support. Izzy became the content covered, not just the workbook, which is excellent.” – Devorah Brock, Counselor, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“Excellent presented. Held my interest. Best approach to anger control I’ve heard.” – Rosemary Ramsey, Social Worker, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“If Woody Allen had  become a therapist, he might have been very similar to Izzy Kalman! His presentation was energetic, thought-provoking, practical, useful and humorous.” – A.C., Marriage and Family Therapist, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“I learn real life applicable techniques. This was one of the best workshops I have been to in years! It was over too quickly.” – Diane Darrington, Counselor, Austin, Texas (8.25.05)

“I think a lot of the information regarding anger was common sense. But it took this course to see how anger has a prolonged effect. This will help in all aspects of my life. It really opened my eyes to my own behavior and how to improve all my relationships. Great job. Thank you.” – Anna Rackley, Office Manager, Harlingen, Texas (8.30.05)

“Excellent information. I could have read 10 books and attended 10 workshops and not gained the information I received today. Not only relevant to my work as a counselor, but also in my personal life . Very practical!” – Cathy Harbison, Counselor, Harlingen, Texas (8.30.05)

“The presenter is very well versed in his material. He makes the class interesting and his material is down to earth and not above anyone’s head. He is reaching his audience by being real.” – Stephanie Bassano, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Houston, Texas (8.31.05)

“A very valid and useful seminar. A unique perspective that I wish I had known previously. I can clearly see the effectiveness of Mr. Kalman’s techniques.” – Carla Wynn Tubbs, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (8.31.05)

“The very best seminar on anger. It confirmed my teaching from step-parenting techniques I use with kids. It works. Thanks for the technique of the game.” – Dorothy Babon, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (8.31.05)

“Izzy was excellent at recognizing what people are really thinking when they’re angry. While acknowledging that reality, he shows how those natural impulses are self-defeating. Then he gives great demonstration of real, civil, and better responses.” – Michael Stokes, Counselor, Houston, Texas (8.31.05)

“Mr. Kalman’s presentation was very humorous and informative. The best presentation I’ve ever seen.” – Jack Bryant, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (9.1.05)

“This has been the most interesting training that I have ever attended. The instructor was very good and held my attention. I will take the information obtained in the training into my family life and work place. As a probation officer I feel I will be able to help my clients.” – Renee Clark-Hughes, Adult Probation Officer, San Antonio, Texas (9.1.05)

“I have attended many seminars, conferences, workshops, etc. – 17 years. This is the best seminar I have ever attended. I am an adult probation officer and victims coordinator. The knowledge I have obtained will assist me with my profession, personal life, and the victims I assist. My only son tragically died November 7, 2004. I only wish my grandson (his son) had the opportunity to listen to the instructor. He is very angry and hurt. Mr. Kalman is extremely knowledgeable of his topic, presented the topic well, and made the seminar fun.” – Carol Rhodes, Adult Probation Officer/Victim Coordinator, San Antonio, Texas (9.1.05)

“This was one of the best trainings that I’ve ever experienced! ‘Shalom.’” – John Williams, Educator, San Antonio, Texas (9.1.05)

“Excellent! Extremely useful for private practice.” – Beth Nottingham, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (8.22.05)

“I appreciate the refreshing differences in your approach to anger issues/management! I plan on using this with my clients. It’s clear, simple, and concise. I think my clients will benefit from Izzy’s game! Very comprehensive workbook!” – Pennie Vail, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (8.22.05)

“Good information presented in a very interesting and thought-provoking manner.” – Doreen Christensen, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Dallas, Texas (8.22.05)

“I strongly believe Mr. Kalman is a professional with a lot of experience in the psychological field. Mr. Kalman is very involved with the audience and he is well prepared.” – Rocue Mendoza, Mental Health Program Manager, Head Start, El Paso, Texas (11.15.04)

“I needed this before school started! The ideas and steps are clear, rational, and logical. We should all be using this instead of Bully Proofing!” – Donna Winchester, Counselor, El Paso, Texas (11.15.04)

“The role playing activities are extremely helpful. These strategies are effective hands on activities that can be utilized immediately.” – L. Matson, Outreach Specialist, El Paso, Texas (11.15.04)

“No other explanation; this was awesome and I have so much more knowledge about bullying. Thanks!” – Name Withheld, School Counselor, El Paso, Texas (11.15.04)

“Very informative. Information presented in a clear, straightforward and experiential way – excellent. Mr. Kalman’s insights and humor is a joy. Thank you.” – L.A.G., PhD, El Paso, Texas (11.15.04)

“I have been using some of these tactics for 30 years working with gangs, drug and alcohol abuser clients, and found that these tactics surely work in resolving issues between volatile gangs.” – Joe D. Brown, Drug and Truancy Prevention Specialist, El Paso, Texas (11.15.04)

“Right on! Time to hear the truth of our reality today! It’s time for the ‘psychobabble’ to go! ‘Emotional marshmallows’ is the perfect description of children and adults of today. These are the parents who don’t parent because they don’t want their children angry with them.” – Priscilla Ragsdale, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (10.13.04)

“Very good! I will actually use this material in my practice. This is one of the best seminars I have attended in a while.” – Cynthia Jane Morrison, PhD, Social Worker, Dallas, Texas (10.13.04)

“I really like the manual! It allowed me to actively listen instead of hurriedly taking notes. I also loved the song! I’ve made a conscious decision to not respond in anger.” –  Sherry Wombly, Special Education Teacher, Dallas, Texas (10.13.04)

“Great program! Great information and materials! Great presenter!” – Beverly Bailey, Counselor, Dallas, Texas (10.13.04)

“Izzy was a great presenter with many clear examples and great humor. Role playing was a great teaching tool.” – Ray O. McClung, PhD, Psychologist Dallas, Texas (10.13.04)

“Presentation was very well done. It was consistent and coherent. The manual will be a resource I will use for years to come.” – Steve Gravseth, Teacher Dallas, Texas (10.13.04)

“Exceptional instructor. Interesting presentation. He kept my attention the whole seminar and the time flew by too quickly.” – V.R., Counselor, Austin, Texas (10.14.04)

“Probably one of the best seminars I have attended. Fresh and innovative approach to anger. Thought provoking, mentally stimulating.” – Austin, Texas (10.14.04) (Name withheld)

“Izzy – you seem unusual, but you’re good at what you do. Keep up the good work.” Beatriz Roskopf, Counselor, McAllen, Texas (9.21.04)

“Can be very useful for criminal justice clients. Have been to other anger management workshops and this one gives me practical tools I can use without much difficulty.” – Carla E. DePena, Counselor, McAllen, Texas (9.21.04)

“I got what I came for, something for both selfs – professional and personal.” – David Duncan, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“The professionalism of the instructor was more than excellent, he was creative, he made anger a feeling that could be dealt with. Keep providing instructors of the same caliber as Mr. Kalman.” S.S.M., Outreach Worker, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“The program was terrific. Izzy is delightfully funny!” – Kare Hanania, Special Education Counselor, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“Couldn’t be better! (Take it on the road to all the schools!) – Joan A. Lee, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“Could have been a stand-up comic.” – Keith Asbury, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“The instructor is particularly effective.” – George Briggs, Psychotherapist, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“Program content was wonderful. Role playing taught me so much. I will use the game in my marriage, with my children, and my profession.” – Devra Gore, Social Worker, San Antonio, Texas (9.22.04)

“Never had this view of anger presented – very valuable, workable.” – Janice Rice, Counselor, Houston, Texas (9.23.04)

“Izzy Kalman is a great presenter. Seems like a great person, too. Likeable.” – Stephanie Visokay, Counselor, Houston, Texas (9.23.04)

“Great material and instruction – I wish the world could utilize these methods.” – Judy Jackson, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (9.23.04)

“Very unusual for one person to hold my interest in an all-day seminar. You did! Role playing was very effective!” – Julie Everett, School Counselor, Houston, Texas (9.23.04)

“So much to learn presented extremely well.” – Wayne Handley, Teacher, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (9.23.04)

“The most valuable information I have seen on dealing with the “victim mentality” in students. This is absolutely something I plan on using.” – Lhea Lucien, Counselor, Tyler, Texas (10.12.04)

“Very dynamic presentation. Excellent role playing demonstrations. He have 100% even with sore throat or cold.” – Mac Walling, PhD, Psychologist, Tyler, Texas (10.12.04)

“Extremely helpful both personally and professionally. I applaud you for applying spiritual principles and also saying things that are not ‘politically correct’.” – Vicki Germer, Nurse Tyler, Texas (10.12.04)

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