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South Carolina Seminar Testimonials

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“Izzy has a few extraordinary insights that truly cut to the blatant truth (i.e., humor). Good insight and great interaction (i.e., victim/abuse).” – Danielle Johnston, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)“I look forward to utilizing techniques discussed both professionally and personally.” – Provided a lot of reinforcement of what I know but given with a fresh perspective, simple and clear. Loved presenter’s sense of humor – made the time fly!” – Mary Rogers, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“This material was a significant departure in some areas and was eye-opening. I can think of several cases that I can use immediately. I learned a great deal that made this class extremely helpful and useful. Very good presentation.” – Joan Miracle, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“Dry sense of humor, very informative, new way of looking at anger control.” – Ellen Mitchell, Social Worker, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“Great seminar – good speaker – very informative.” – Elizabeth Smith, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“I have a few techniques to add to my bag of tricks. I can easily see how some people can be ‘rubbed the wrong way’ with this, but I think you are teaching what should be obvious. Enjoyed the presentation.” – Madison Farrell, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“Very helpful techniques for regular use in counseling sessions.” – Cameron Hipp, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“Surprised at the power of changing my prior approach to anger management.” – Charlie White, Social Worker, Columbia, South Carolina (6.12.14)

“Great seminar! Love the course workbook. Thank you! The role-playing make the approach effective.” – Counselor, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (7.14.09)”Fantastic topic and techniques applicable to all clients seen in private practice setting!” – Theresa Sloan, Counselor, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (7.14.09)

“Excellent seminar! I will take the valuable information back to the clinical setting where I work and use it on a daily basis. Working in a Behavioral Health setting is a challenge and this is a great learning tool.” – Teresa Mitchell, Medical Support Coordinator, Columbia, South Carolina (7.15.09)

“He was passionate about this topic. I must say he did help me with some of my anger issues and hot to deal with people in my work area that just push my hot button.” – Pamela Smith Sanders, Medical Assistant, Columbia, South Carolina (7.15.09)

“By participating in the role playing, I learned first hand how to play ‘Izzy’s game.’ I will take this role playing experience into my personal life as well as my professional life. Thank you Izzy!” – Cheryl Hooks, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“Thank you for articulating and drawing together many ideas I have been using in therapy–the Golden Rule, forgiveness, choosing harmony over being ‘right’ (or winning)–I will use these ideas and your rules to good purpose.” – Penelope Williams, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“An outstanding and highly useful presentation. Great humor by the presenter! Reminds me of Jerry Springer–a more intelligent JS. Excellent materials.” – Edward Vaugh, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“Awesome presentation!! Great personality.” – Mari Bolden, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“Great seminar in every way! I want to take more of your workshops.” – Williard Dunn, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“Excellent; helpful, creative ideas; good sense of humor; appreciate the common sense reality approach along with spiritual overtones. Thanks for the courage to speak up about how our country should turn back around to some common sense values.” – James Harbin, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“Excellent seminar! I can use the information and techniques every day in my counseling practice! Too much about anti-bullying laws. (Don’t get angry at this comment, please.)” – Joan Havens, Counselor, Columbia, South Carolina (9.24.07)

“Speaker very ‘Woody Allen’ like. Funny.” – Torey Futch, Social Worker, Columbia, South Carolina (3.30.05)

“Interaction with audience extremely effective and stimulating.” – Columbia, South Carolina (3.30.05)

“Chairs are a bit uncomfortable. Izzy is a wonderful presenter – interesting, funny, and I love the game.” – Gloria Wright, Therapist, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (3.29.05)
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