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Rhode Island Seminar Testimonials

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“The simplicity of language and ‘games’ is excellent in dealing with this most misunderstood epidemic in social connections.” – Barbara Schweitzer, Social Worker, Providence, Rhode Island (8.3.10)

“Funny, engaging, delightful, gifted speaker.” – Anna Pelchat, Social Worker, Providence, Rhode Island (8.3.10)

“Fun and easy to understand. Able to view the application of the strategies to a real situation. Thanks.” Margaret Camacho, Psychologist, Providence, Rhode Island (8.3.10)

“Entertaining while very informative.” – Cristiana Rosa, Nurse Practitioner, Providence, Rhode Island (8.3.10)

“I was happy to learn another way to deal with complex and common issue of bullying. Role plays are powerful tools when done with confidence and caring. I’m looking forward to helpint at least one more person benefit from Izzy’s wisdom.” – Pavi Deffely, Counselor, Providence, Rhode Island (6.9.09)

“Interesting topic and nicely presented. Kept my attention the whole time. Appreciated the humor.” – Vicki Parisi, Counselor, Rhode Island (6.9.09)

“Common sense problem solving that encourages children to connect, feel capable and demonstrate compassion.” – Nancy Pope, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator/Case Manager, Rhode Island (6.9.09) 

“Valuable seminar. Excellent description of the dynamics of anger and how best to respond in a way to promote mutual benefits.” – Richard Housner, Social Worker, Newport, Rhode Island (1.21.08)

“Izzy Kalman’s approach to anger control is refreshing in it’s straightforwardness. Role playing with clients can and does work.” – Craig Gaspard, Social Worker, Newport, Rhode Island (1.21.08)

“Engaging presenter who capably uses humor to present an intense topic.” – Reinhard Straub, Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Newport, Rhode Island (1.21.08)

“Excellent presentation. One of the most useful and understandable seminars I’ve attended.” – Kathleen Doyle, Nurse/Counselor, Newport, Rhode Island (1.21.08)

“Thouroughly presented with great expertise. Humor and examples kept it very clear and interesting.” – Phyllis Roach, Counselor, Providence, Rhode Island (12.19.05)

“A different, refreshing perspective on bullying which aligns itself with what I fundamentally have always believed in.” – Marion DiGiammo, Counselor/Educator, Providence, Rhode Island (12.19.05)

“Very humorous. Great way to give the information. I felt this was a worthwhile workshop. Glad to hear someone is finally challenging all this bullying ‘stuff’.” – Sandra McCauley, Counselor/Educator, Providence, Rhode Island (12.19.05)

“Wonderfully insightful.” – Susan Sanford, Social Worker, Providence, Rhode Island (12.19.05)

“I deeply appreciate Mr. Kalman’s boldness to return to issues of morality and wisdom from ancient religions in an age when everything is ‘politically correct’. Mr. Kalman has the boldness we need to once again return to what was working well.” – David Stanford, Social Worker, Providence, Rhode Island (12.19.05)

“He was great! Very informative and funny! It was a little like a standup routine.” – Lori L. McKinsey, Psychologist, Providence, Rhode Island, (3.1.05)

“Exceptional role plays; wonderful demonstration of techniques – something rarely done at conferences.” – Frank Canino, Psychologist, Providence, Rhode Island, (3.1.05)

“Instructor is engaging and complex ideas were presented in a clear and easy to understand/remember way. Role Play and course booklet and song! Were most helpful.” – Dianne Wilkin, PhD, Psychologist, Providence, Rhode Island, (3.1.05)

“This course definitely encouraged me to view anger in a new light, and to encourage ‘victims’ to take more responsibility for their situation.” – Marilyn Shealey, Social Worker, Providence, Rhode Island, (3.1.05)

“I’ve been to several anger management workshops. This, by far, gives me the most tools for my ‘skill box’ in working with my clients. I can’t wait to use some of these skills on my husband!” – Cynthia Lewis-Burke, Therapist, Providence, Rhode Island, (3.1.05)
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