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Pennsylvania Seminar Testimonials

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“The seminar was interesting, and in sharp contrast to current anti-bullying programs in school. This was refreshing, informative and much appreciated.” P.H., Social Worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Well done!!!” – John Antal, Social Worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Mr. Kalman made this topic interesting, and I feel that teachers in particular would benefit from attending this seminar.” – Laila Burghardt, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Excellent. Lots of practical tools to take back with me. Excellent instructor.” – Mae Whitehead, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12) 

“Exceptional presenter! Useful, practical, specific materials. Role plays have been extremely helpful and effective. Professional, competent presenter with a wonderful sense of humor, which is applicable to the Bully Proofing seminar.” – Elizabeth Coyne, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Invaluable seminar for teachers and parents. Interactive, effective, clear, entertaining.” – Shoshana Braude, Educator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“It was very obvious how this information will benefit me, not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well.” – Josh Botts, Counselor/Social Worker, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (6.16.11)

“Izzy’s structure and presentation attracts the audience’s attention from the beginning through to the end. He doesn’t talk ‘at us,’ he incorporates us into his techniques which solidifies the approaches to control.” – Susan Kish, Nurse/Educator, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (6.16.11)

“I stepped out of my comfort zone and volunteered for an exercise. I am so glad that I did. Izzy, through role play gave me a greater appreciation for my husband and the things he attempts to do to please me. Thank you for the book, Bullies to Buddies; it will be a great tool to use.” – Sonia Boatwright, Social Worker/EducatorTherapeutic Support Staff Worker, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (6.16.11) 

“I did not expect to laugh today. And better yet I realized the importance of it. I got to practice what was preached.” – Lindsay Pierce, Counselor, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (6.16.11)

“Gutsy.” – Steven Simminger, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“Izzy Kalman is a most effective presenter. Through the use of role-playing, he brings his message home! ‘Bully-Proofing Made Easy’ is definitely worth one’s time.” – Evelyn Klein, Psychologist/Speech/Language Pathologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“With simple language and clear examples, Izzy presented a convincing case for challenging current thinking on bullying. Concrete easy to implement solutions were provided. Role plays were very effective.” – Brad Richardson, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“I have for years worked with kids on the idea of taking the ‘fun’ out of bullying/teasing but not giving a reaction. I usually follow this up with an acknowledgement that I understand, ‘this is easier said than done.’ Now I have a method/way/exercise to demonstrate that it is ‘easy to do.’ Very helpful.” – Scott Selby, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“Absolutely fantastic presentation! Role play was very helpful. Very different way to look at the problem of bullying, which is very effective.” – Carole Burdge, Counselor/Nurse/Play Therapist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“This seminar was very well done and very necessary. The flaw is how bullying is currently being addressed has been made so evident through this seminar. The need for culture change is clear; additionally, the need to understand and respect normal human behavior and development is clear.” – Dorothy Sayers, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“I like the concept of empowering children to solve their problems instead of relying on adults. I also agree with the recommended approaches for sibling rivalry and dealing with name calling.” – Erica Mumford, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“We need Izzy to speak to the legislature so that they may realize the error of their ways. I’d gladly stand next to him.” – Educator, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“This presentation was a refreshing and enlightening perspective and training on how to work with bullies and victims…. Woohoo! We are going to use Izzy’s teachings to drive our bully policy and program at our school. Very well done, informative and engaging. Thank you!” – Colleen Lewis, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“This was a very helpful course. It was so good to hear an alternative way of working with the issue.” – F.K., Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (5.05.11)

“A fresh, innovative approach to addressing bullying. The hands-on role plays were very effective in helping to achieve the insight needed. Mr. Kalman was very knowledgeable, professional and enlightening in his presentation.” – Amy Ferguson, Counselor, Scranton, Pennsylvania (5.04.11)

“A refreshing perspective on a topic that is considered a national epidemic.” – Kelly Landon Counselor, Scranton, Pennsylvania (5.04.11)

“It is refreshing to attend a presentation regarding how to empower children rather than promoting victim mentality.” – Melissa Flynn, Counselor/Social Worker, Scranton, Pennsylvania (5.04.11)

“Completely refreshing perspective on the topic of bullying. I admire Izzy Kalman for speaking the truth of the victim mentality and going against the grain in terms of the societal bandwagon view of the ‘bullying epidemic.’ Well done.” – Nicole Cetta, Counselor, Scranton, Pennsylvania (5.04.11)

“I feel as though I’ve had an ‘aha’ experience. I had been using some of the concepts on my own, just because they are good common sense. Mr. Kalman helped my to clarify my own thoughts and put together a more effective and cohesive program for the kids with which I work.” – Janice Stump-Jones, Counselor/Family Therapist, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (5.03.11)

“A refreshing new approach/look at how to approach bullying in the school. I am excited to get back in my building and try these new set of skills out and share with staff.” – Michael Resh, Counselor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (5.03.11) 

“This seminar made me think in a way about bullying that I never have before.” – Heather Chung, Counselor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (5.03.11)

“This was a refreshing look at a problem we confront every day. Our staff has been ‘trained’ in Olweus program but it has not been effective.” – David Martin, Counselor/Educator, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (5.03.11)

“Interesting approach to handling the victimization mentality that traditional anti-bullying programs create.” – Jennifer Gabryluk, Counselor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (5.03.11)”I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation! The material is compelling and I am eager to try the techniques presented.” – Lynn Super, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“Excellent training. It was novel in ways with far reaching effects regarding ‘bullying’ and society enhancement in general.” – Daniel Materna, Psychologist, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“I liked having the approach come from the victim perspective and not focus on the bully. I loved his song!” – Christy Burkhart, Educator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“This is my second seminar with Izzy and I can say it was worth it when I have my clients come back and tell me excitedly ‘I won the game.'” – Steven Ilko, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“This seminar has really made me think about what I do as a Middle School/High School counselor in regards to bullying. I plan to utilize some role playing in working with students.” – Mary Rose Ragon, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“Well done! Emphasis does need to be directed towards the victims. This does arm the victim with coping skills and social skills. Addressing and teaching interventions to the victim will clearly be helpful in reducing violence.” – Donald Miller, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“Thank you so very much for this information. Answered many of my frustrations and questions of other anti-bullying programs. I’m very excited to return to school and to implement the practices. Thanks again.” – Belinda Wilson, Counselor/Educator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“I really enjoyed the conference and found it very useful. As you said it does dovetail well with a variety of theoretical orientations. Thank you!” – Chloe Heimbuch, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.07.10)

“I really enjoyed this seminar! And agree with the principles wholeheartedly!” – Patrice Foley, Case Manager, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (3.19.09)

“Awesome seminar–I would recommend it to anyone!” – Lori Zaccone, Nurse, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (3.18.09)

“I found this seminar to be extremely beneficial. I plan to use the information with the kids I work with as well as with my own kids.” – Christine Chase-Lamont, Social Worker, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (3.18.09)

“Excellent seminar. Thinks out of the box and very useful.” – Jay Carter, Psychologist, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (3.18.09)

“Seminar was a very unique method, different from all the “Bully” Prevention programs I have seen.” – Nancee Schaub, Counselor/Educator/Social Worker, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (3.18.09)

“Great presentation, interesting and entertaining speaker, very thought provoking.” – Kathleen Carlisle, Psychologist, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania (3.18.09)

“I’m looking forward to utilizing these tools in my work.” – Sharon Elwell, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3.17.09)

“Really enjoyed subject presented from a different perspective. Much to think about. Excellent course. Excellent course. Much information I didn’t know. Great references to authors, etc.” – Jessica McGowan, Nurse, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3.17.09)

“The role playing was excellent. Izzy Kalman was very responsive to questions. Many of the workshops I’ve attended present no new approaches. I am very excited to apply the knowledge I’ve learned on the ten moral principles for dealing with bullying. Intuitively I know it’ll work.” – Yvonne Vermillion, Marriage and Family Therapist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3.17.09)

“Comprehensive and organized workbook. Will serve as a valuable resourse to share with other professionals.” – Jeannette Seymour, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3.17.09)

“Fantastic! I learned a lot and am learning with real tools to use immediately!” – Anne Evered, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (3.17.09)

“I really enjoyed visual presentations, ‘Role Modeling.’ It is an excellent technique, and makes all my reading about anger more comprehensible. I’m ready to get into my instructor’s manual today.” – Renee Wansley, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“Very entertaining and well-informed presenter who self-discloses appropriately and presents useful, adaptable material. I did this workshop to complete my CEUs for licensure, but it turned out to be much better than I expected it to be.” – David Perry, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“Wonderful speaker!! His speaking style is very comfortable to listen to and learn from! This was one of the most useful sessions I’ve attended in years!! Thank you Izzy!” – Louise Montoya, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“Wonderful. Thanks.” – Barbara Ramos, Counselor/Chiropractor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)”Unique perspective on anger; excellent presentation – informative, engaging and practical.” – Terry Murphy, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“Good combination of verbally presented information, role play, and easy to follow written material. Practical skills to deal with difficult conflict situations. Thanks for use of role play. And thanks for presenting in entertaining manner.” – Eva Daicar, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“The very best presentation/content of any seminar I have attended ever!” – James Conaway, Educator/Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“I enjoyed your joining techniques and being ego-syntonic! Outstanding, down to earth presenter, uses personal experiences – kept the group interest, very informative, a mensch!” – Jerome Rosenberg, Counselor/Psychoanalyst, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“I enjoyed this seminar – It gave me a fresh perspective on anger and it will help me in working with children and teens.” – Richard Treadway, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“My advice to people attending this conference: ‘Don’t drink any coffee or water before listening to Izzy, because you wouldn’t want to miss anything. You don’t want to sit in pain with a full bladder.’ I came to learn more about why my students get angry but I left also learning how to better control my own anger.” – Andrew Reiss, Educator, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“Very good workshop! This info will help me serve those I work with better! Note: good use of humor to help me learn!” – Aaron Millman, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11.29.07)

“Izzy is engaging, helped me to see the humor that helps the situation. His six rules bring out the sensitive side (and) humanness necessary to negotiate in a civilized world. Time well spent!” – Coreen Milazzo, Counselor, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“Thank you for a dose of reality therapy! Sense of humor is appreciated. Workbook is thorough–I didn’t have to take a lot of notes.” – Melissa Flynn, Social Worker/Counselor, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“I truly appreciate the lightness of the presentation. Humor was intriguing and made a really informative seminar with many aspects that will be remembered without much effort for recall. Thank you!” – Deborah Knecht, Counselor, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“Engaging, entertaining, and interesting presenter with realistic, useable technique which I can use personally and professionally. Thanks for an inspirational seminar.” – Lorraine Honig, Social Worker, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“First, I’m going to use what I learned in my marriage, then I intend on using this method with my clients.” – Deanna German, Social Worker/Case Manager, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“Incredibly practical information for you to teach your clients which improves their lives; as well as for you to apply to the problems in your own life. The humor throughout made the learning easy and fun.” – Gail Konecke, Social Worker, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“I believe your technique will help me with my very difficult situation. Thank you for taking the time to teach me how to employ it.” – Tracy McConnell, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“Izzy is very easy to learn from and listen to. The seminar is informative and great to be applied to anyone working in the mental health field.” – Marc Griswold, Case Manager, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (11.28.07)

“First seminar to give step by step directions and several role plays to solidify the information. As an additional bonus a practical script was included in the book to help with the application of concepts and interventions.” – Michelle Brogna, Social Worker, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (11.27.07)

“Thought provoking. Made me evaluate my own ‘dance’ with anger.” – Mary Owlett, Social Worker, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (11.27.07)

“Presenter and material both of very high quality, and kept my interest throughout the whole presentation.” – Rumulus Brown, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (11.27.07)

“Very helpful and practical. I’m going to use this in both my personal and professional life!” – Teri Stephens, Social Worker, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (11.27.07)

“I found the techniques very helpful. I work with juvenile sex offenders–ages 12-18, and many use anger to hide their feelings. They also use anger to avoid discussion of their offense patterns and inappropriate behaviors. These role play techniques will be very useful in the treatment of my clients and their families. Problematic behavior is pervasive.” – Dawn McBratnie, Counselor, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (11.27.07)

“Different style but very effective. Unique techniques but hold your interest and very effective. Made me think about my own relationships.” – Joseph Lynch, Psychologist, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (11.27.07)

“Very enjoyable seminar – I feel I learned a whole new and different – and much more effective way of dealing with anger. My attention was held throughout the seminar – (which is very unusual!) – C.B., Psychologist, Erie, Pennsylvania (5.17.05)

“Time was well worth the presentation. Strongly recommend to others. Dynamic, well organized, useful – Well done – Bravo.” – Paul Bensur, Jr., Psychologist, Erie, Pennsylvania (5.17.05)

“I loved the song – great lyrics!!! Overall great presentation.” – Mary Dodson Brown, Social Worker, Erie, Pennsylvania (5.17.05)

“Loved the song! Really looking forward to using these techniques, not only with my clients, but in my personal life as well.” – Tamara Tasker, Counselor/Athletic Trainer/ Psychologist, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (5.10.05)

“This is the best presentation I have attended, (both worthwhile professionally an entertaining!” – Debra Boozer, Counselor/Educator Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (5.10.05)

“Golden Rule often used in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (Jay Haley’s style). It’s part of paradoxical intervention – maybe not as intentionally as you describe – , but it works! It may help sell the ideas to insight oriented past-focused theory practitioners to talk more about how this applies to many theories and is cross-theoretical in nature (I heards people in break complaining about this.) I buy it! This was creative, energetic, amusing, practical and sound training. Thank you! Use of the game was most helpful.” – Christa Aucremanne, Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (5.10.05)

“Enjoyable, practical, and fun! A playful way of guiding even the most hardfast ‘rescuer’ to the inevitable conclusion(s) set out here! P.S. Mr. Kalman, your smile is engaging – I hope you’ll use it often during conferences.” – Lisa Hommel, Counselor/Social Worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5.25.06)

“Wonderful seminar! Mr. Kalman challenges us to approach bullying by understanding nature, and to be reasonable when handling what occurs naturally.” – Karen Rios, Educator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5.25.06)

“I wanted this workshop so badly I paid for it myself. This seminar was well worth my hard-earned money! Thank you for showing me how to use the techniques that really stop bullying, and for making me understand how to really be successful in my dealing with bullies and victims.” – Donna Gray, Counselor/Educator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5.25.06)

“I feel like I’ve always believed the message given today but now I have tools to put these ideas to use. The demonstrations were useful and interesting. Some visual aids may be nice along with the demonstrations. Most interesting and beneficial conference I’ve been to this year.” – Carolyn Welshonce, Social Worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5.25.06)

“Excellent, well organized, very effective strategies that work.” – James Schwab, Psychologist, Allentown, Pennsylvania (4.18.05)

“His theories conform with the things I really see work with kids as a teacher, psychologist, and mother.” – Linda Pasqua-Blaise, Psychologist, Allentown, Pennsylvania (4.18.05)

“While I came to this workshop to help my clients, you’ve given me a nice gift – how to intervene to help my son and daughter when there’s conflict between them. As a parent, if I intervene, it’s an opportunity to instill resiliency in my children. Thank you, Izzy!” – Philip Stein, Psychologist, Allentown, Pennsylvania (4.18.05)

“Izzy is a terrific presenter! Creative thinker – interesting ideas – well supported. I loved ‘Izzy’s game!’ The other role-plays were also great!” – Judith Belmont, Counselor, Allentown, Pennsylvania (4.18.05)

“Very informative. I can’t wait to try it back at school.” – Kelly Kocher, Blended/Outreach Coordinator, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (4.19.05)

“The most practical advice I’ve heard in years.” Valjean Stead, Psychologist, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (4.19.05)

“A different way of looking at bullying. It certainly made me think!” – Karen Dickinson, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Provocative. I left this seminar ‘thinking outside the box’!” – Susan Worth, Psychologist, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Great ideas. Easy to teach strategies to use with kids who are victims!” – Cheryl Bowman, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“The instructor was bright, insightful, and courageous in presenting potentially controversial material. The course was well-thought out and will provide me with discernment when I read other ‘bullying literature and research.” – Name Withheld, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Very interesting, eye-opening perspective.” – Susan Span, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Excellent seminar! Mr. Kalman was dynamic and informative. Mr. Kalman’s seminar was very useful to me and my occupation as a counselor. Finally! Mr. Kalman addresses the true root of many of society’s flaws and provides useful, workable strategies to plant the seeds of change.” – Stephan Kincaid, Counselor/Educator, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Izzy Kalman was energetic, provided a practical and positive resolution plan and his topic of turning bullies into buddies was well-received. Very worthwhile!” – Linda Greenberg, Psychologist/Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“This really adjusted my perspective on the ‘bully’ subject. I do appreciate the insight and realize that what we are doing currently in not working. We need to think ‘out of the box’ – and he provides a new perspective.” – Lisa Townsend, Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Material presented in an interesting and informative way. Information presented provides much food for thought. Seeing the techniques demonstrated was very effective in substantiating your theories.” – Ellen Schrier, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“It was great and I learned a lot!” – Terri Overturf, Counselor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“Excellent!!! This seminar should be required for anyone working with or raising children. This seminar truly presents the ‘movement’ that is needed in response to the ‘bully scare’.” – Philip Winter, Psychologist, Director of Mental Health, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)

“This material was very helpful to me in my work. The presentation was lively and interesting. All the techniques were clearly demonstrated.” – Ruth Raymon, Psychologist/Social Worker, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4.20.05)
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