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Oregon Seminar Testimonials

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“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire seminar, especially the clarity of presentation about understanding the value of anger in nature and the detriment of anger in civilization; and the defusing techniques that can turn hostility into civility. I think the ‘game’ is a fast and understandable way to empower clients to break out of endless cycles of defensiveness, criticism, blaming and victimhood.” – Fran Smith, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (6.06.12)

“Shalom. Thank you so much for your instruction on Anger Control Made Easy. I will be able to apply these techniques in my everyday walk with myself and those who I let bother me.” – Michele Scott, Counselor, Portland, Oregon (6.06.12)

“Exceeded my expectations. Very applicable to current educational needs. And the instructor’s outfit was perfect–great shoes!” – Supervisor, Portland, Oregon (6.06.12)

“Izzy’s style of training breaks complex, emotionally charged issues between people into very simple, understandable terms. I can start using the knowledge and tools immediately. I’m Native American/European mix and can see this information and approach working both cultures. Natives know that laughing and teasing is a great laughing tool.” – Rachel Summer, Solutionist, Portland, Oregon (9.16.09)

“Enjoyed the role playing. Also liked the neutral position on religion and that it was referred to i.e. Jesus. I work in psychiatric nursing and there is little referral to a spiritual balance.” – Paula Gillespie, Nurse, Portland, Oregon (9.16.09)

“Awesome–one of he best seminars I have attended in a long time. Will definitely recommend to other people (and my wife!) – Tim Catlow, Psychologist, Portland, Oregon (9.16.09)

“It was nice to attend a seminar on anger as past options have been limited. Appreciate the six rules and role plays demonstrating how far a little respect can go.” – Julie Schmidt-Hiles, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Portland, Oregon (9.16.09)

“Very dynamic presentation–held my interest all day. The song was a nice touch.” – Beverly Waugh, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (9.16.09)

“I’ve never heard a presenter at a conference sing–that was a real treat–thanks! Thought this was a thought provoking, entertaining and helpful seminar. Thank you.” – Tiffany Morrison, Counselor, Portland, Oregon (9.16.09)

“The skills and role-plays to use with my students are excellent! I also am thankful for the specificity of situations to use with parents. Teachers and students.” – Jacque Robertson, Educator, Eugene, Oregon (9.16.08)

“Great!!! It’s about time for some common sense.” – T.R., Nurse, Portland, Oregon (9.17.08)

“I have been using these concepts for a few years with great success. Today’s seminar offered an even better understanding and more skills for helping others accept and utilize these concepts. Thank you.” – Tracey Johnson, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (9.17.08)

“Excellent presentation. Thought provoking. Could be a tour de force with Alfie Kohn.” – Psychologist, Portland, Oregon (9.17.08)

“Brilliant presentation and thoughtful research and consideration of this topic!” – Barbara Lauer, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (9.17.08)

“This seminar was what I’d call ‘thinking outside the box’ in dealing with bullying and ways to truly intervene for the student client(s) that are suffering. I would recommend that all teachers, counselors, and others who work with children in any capacity take this course.” – Barbara Smith, Marriage and Family Therapist, Portland, Oregon (9.17.08)

“As a teacher, counselor and grandparent, this was incredibly valuable!” – Allene Gould, Counselor/Educator, Portland, Oregon (9.17.08)

“Good stuff! Really helps me think outside of the box.” – Kris Norelius, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“I really like that you are teaching personal responsibility. I agree that our world has become blaming and not taking personal responsibility. This is becoming our downfall.” – Marcia Stangeland, Counselor, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“Izzy Kalman is a total mensch! I registered because I needed some CE credit and ended up learning ideas and techniques that will benefit myself, my family, clients and school. And I get some laughs along the way! Thanks!” – E.B., Psychologist/Teacher, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“Very helpful and informative. Izzy’s sense of humour makes the subject matter easy to digest. As funny as Woody Allen but not nearly as neurotic.” – Carol Kelley, Marriage and Family Therapist, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“I feel this is the best training (for work and for personal/individual psychology) I’ve attended in years. Too may questions–too little time. It’s important, relevant to the most serious problems in relationships and society, and it offers techniques to prevent and/or improve the conflicts/problems we face at home, domestically and internationally. Also, Mr. Kalman draws from historical evidence, common psychological qualities in all people, and he highlights the importance of education in one’s cultivation of anger-management skills. Great.” – S.C., Social Worker, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“Very well-prepared, genuine, dedicated. Ideas simply, understandably presented. His diffusion of anger, bullying, etc., is more powerful than David Burns’ methods (easier to comprehend and apply).” – Fred Lippert, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“Thank you for fabulous presentation!” – E.M., Counselor, Seattle, Washington (10.18.07)

“Mr. Kalman is a creative and dynamic presenter. He kept my attention and provided pertinent information for my practice. A majority of my clients are ADHD with explosive behavior and argumentative. I feel that I have some more strategies to pass on to parents and spouses.” – Kathie Ray-Annis, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“Izzy is an excellent speaker and teacher. His information is very validating and presented in a helpful way. Izzy gave us wonderful tools to use with clients and our own lives. Really enjoyed Izzy’s whole presentation and wonderful sense of humor.” – Lisa Stacey, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“Excellent material – makes me re-evaluate my ideas of what anger is. Mr. Kalman knows the subject and presents it in an easy to understand manner.” – David Williams, Educator, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“Very interesting and entertaining speaker. He validated much of my own clinical approach but he also had some really valuable new ideas and perceptions.” – Robert Loveland, Psychologist, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“I got a lot more from this seminar on a personal level than I expected. The course content was excellent. It was time well invested.” – Mary Gates, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“This seminar was very informative, and a great learning experience. Thank you Izzy! I will use the rules to help realize my husband can be my best friend.” – Deanna Greer, Office Manager, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“I really enjoyed this seminar. I haven’t been to many seminars in the past that I got anything out of them. Most of them were boring – and/or not what I had expected or described in the brochure – disappointing to say the least – and the reason I have not attended seminars lately. I thought I would give this seminar a chance. And I am glad I did. I felt it was well worth my time. Thank you for not disappointing me. Lot’s of fun interatct – very interesting.” – Judy Knapp, Nurse, Portland, Oregon (10.17.07)

“Keep up the good work. I enjoyed your presentation and agree with your philosophical modus operandi. Tired of a culture wallowing in victimization.” – Vincent Brunning, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (10.16.07)

“Really enjoyed the song. Easy to listen to someone that sounds like Woody Allen. I liked the simplistic way of looking at anger–complex to our profession–but liked the ‘new’ way of controlling (pain) anger.” – Sandra Turtle, Counselor, Spokane, Washington (10.16.07)

“Good job, a tool taught and demonstrated, not just babble….something I can use in practice.” – Susan Stevens, Counselor/Activity Professional/Marriage and Family Therapist, Spokane, Washington (10.16.07)

“Very informative. I will be able to apply this technique in my job setting and also to enhance personal relationships. Provides and new way/insight to view anger and ‘victims.'” – Kelli Trautmann, Case Manager, Spokane, Washington (10.16.07)

“I love this seminar. It is very informative and I feel that when we leave here we will be able to help our clients to be more calm and I will be more in control of my Dad and Mom and me. Thank you so much.” – Annette Smith, Lay Counselor, Spokane, Washington (10.16.07)

“The skills I learned will not only help me with my clients, it will also help me in my personal life.” – Vincent Barranco, Executive Director, Life Designs Ranch, Spokane, Washington (10.16.07)

“I think this information is terrific. I wish every parent and staff member in our district could attend (including administrators)! I agree with presenter’s ideas and found some practical way to apply them.” – Marilyn Lyons, Counselor, Portland, Oregon (6.14.06)

“This seminar was valuable. Affirmation of the Golden Rule is appreciated and works well to empower victims to become victors and bullies to recognize true reasons of behaviors – Great tools!” – Maxine Marsolini, Author/Lay Counsel, Portland, Oregon (6.14.06)

“Thank you so much! Loved your workshop – I’m going home with lots of wisdom for how to help many of my clients – not just the kids that get bullied, but couples in conflict and frazzled parents who yell at their kids. I’ll be sharing the materials I purchased with school counselors, teachers and principals. Thanks!” – Patricia Edmundson, Counselor, Portland, Oregon (6.14.06)

“Wonderful, practical hands on material. Such simple answers, but so empowering to adults and children alike. Please keep doing these seminars and asking others to help you spread the techniques. I will do many things differently in my work as a parent (who is also a psychologist) as a result of this conference!” – Jean Linscott, Psychologist, Portland, Oregon (6.14.06)

“Beautifully simple in a complex world!” – KayCee Williams, School Counselor, Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“This has been very informative and will be helpful in my classroom as well as other areas of my life.” – Jamie McIntosh, Teacher, Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“What seems at fist glance basic becomes a simple, yet very effective approach to getting along with most everyone. Well worth the training expense and time. I’m glad also humor was used. This is the first training (taken for CEU credits) in years that made me really think about my own life in new ways (rather than how to apply to clients’ lives) – I will make use of it in both.” Kristin, Social Worker, Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“Instructor effectiveness and teaching method were excellent. Professionalism excellent with the exception of small profanity, although related to real life situations. This was a very good program.” – Sandra White, Service Coordinator, Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“Mr. Kalman’s model is well developed. It should prove very useful in a clinical setting.” – Daniel E. Early, M.A., A.B.S., Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“I loved this workshop. Izzy is a stand-up comedian who teaches as he entertains.” – Diane Thurlow, Counselor, Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“This was very helpful to me. It was refreshing to hear something down to Earth!” – Linnea Huson, Counselor, Eugene, Oregon (2.08.05)

“I loved it. It was engaging, exciting, fun and so realistic. So common sense it is almost silly. I’ll use it at work and in my own life. The best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Well worth the money.” – R.B., Counselor, Portland, Oregon ( 2.09.05)

“Great presentation. No PowerPoint or visuals and you held attention of people. Great interactive presentation.” – Jason Gebhart, Case Manager Portland, Oregon ( 2.09.05)

“Izzy – ‘You’re going to Hollywood’. Keep singing! You remind me of Rick Moranis in Little Shop of Horrors. You have a great grasp of the material and wonderful style.” – Kristie . Skovgaard, Counselor, Portland, Oregon ( 2.09.05)

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended in several years – held my attention, practical ideas for all ages 5 and up, individuals and couples; fun, ‘shook up’ my brain with new way of thinking!” – Mary Rex, Social Worker, Portland, Oregon ( 2.09.05)

“Informative and humorous – practical approach to a complex phenomenon.” – Albert Wilkins, Counselor, Portland, Oregon (2.09.05)

“This will immediately improve my marriage! I cam to help my students and families in or school environment, and I will definitely use the game to address the needs of our community.” – S.M., Teacher/School Counselor, Portland, Oregon ( 2.09.05)

“Much better than any anger management I have tried before. I know that other things don’t work in my schools.” – Rhonda Dalrymple, Therapist, Portland, Oregon ( 2.09.05)
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