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Oklahoma Seminar Testimonials

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“Enjoyed presentation! Very helpful and informative.” – Valerie Russell, Life Coach, Tulsa, Oklahoma (10.20.10)

“The speaker was great, and presented the seminar with knowledge and clear understanding. I found the seminar to be very powerful and moving.” – Jesus Saldivar, Tulsa, Oklahoma (10.20.10)

“It was terrific.” – Lonnie Harp, Tae Kwon Do Instructor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (10.20.10)

“This was the best bullying seminar to which I have ever been. I enjoyed learning how to enable the ‘victims.’” – Amy Donnathan, Counselor/Educator, Tulsa, Oklahoma (10.20.10)

“I enjoy seminars that challenge the ‘accepted norm.’ I think that those in position to adopt this position would be afraid to, this is unfortunate.” – Kelly Moak, Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (10.21.10) 

“Excellent material, relevant, well presented. The role-play situations were very effective in making a point.” – Susan Stirling, Play Therapist/Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (10.20.10)

“I support your views on domestic violence. I have worked in this field for 20 years and agree that victims play a role in continuing their abuse–not taking responsibility for their actions. Also, I too would rather treat the abuser. The policy I use in treating the abuser is to be respectful to them–this was the way I was raised–I got good results.” – Name Withheld, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“The instructor has a creative way of teaching on the topic of anger control. I was expecting to come here and re-learn the same basic anger management techniques. I will leave fully educated on this new technique; very interesting and needed.” – Melissa McDaris, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“Great! Outstanding practical information. Mr. Kalman is a delightful and effective teacher! Thanks!” – Ruthie Hast, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“Generally, I have found topic related seminar re-hash the same, old material. This seminar presented refreshingly new material and ideas. Great job.” – Terry Pierce, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“One of the best workshops/speakers I have attended!” – Tanith Reans, Social Worker, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“I have read your book, Bullies to Buddies, and was already a fan, but your seminar and meeting you in person has made me a believer. Relevant, information for working with not only children but with all your relationships.” – Catherine Leston, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“Wonderful! Website easy to access. Izzy is down to earth. Fun to listen to.” – Sandra Wright, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“Young and old can benefit from this. Even the 80 year old meth addict can learn from this material.” – James Wright, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“This is one of the best seminars I have been to. I really learned a lot, not only how to deal with clients in this aspect, but as well as my personal responses to other people and theirs to mine. I look forward to utilizing what I learned today. Thank you.” – Patsy Lentz, Social Worker, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“Excellent seminar! Everyone should take it, professional or lay person.” – Mary Hord, Social Worker, Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.9.08)

“Great training! I am so glad I attended. I have learned a lot. – Carol Mathison, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Thank you for teaching people they need to stop over-reacting to cursing and other behaviors and focusing on the real issues! Teachers need to learn this. It was great information. I will use it with my clients.” – Andra Epperly, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Excellent presenter and extremely useful material/techniques.” – Deborah Randpolph, Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“The role playing kept me awake and interested. Instructor was very knowledgeable and did a good job helping simple minds (like me) get what was his point was. I really enjoyed this program and will recommend it to my coworkers.” – Thomas Bentley III, Direct Care Staff, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Have a better understanding about working with people with anger and conflict issues. Will work on using more role play with trainees during anger management classes. Start working more on a solution instead of just focusing on the problem.” – Terry Moore, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“It was clear that the instructor, Izzy, is passionate about the subject and his expertise, and has an excellent presentation for a deep learning experience and the possibility of a learning paradigm shift in those who he can reach. I learned a lot from his program and presentation and appreciated his originality and ‘take’ on a very profound subject. I will take a lot of new ideas with me from Izzy’s workshop and would welcome another opportunity to study with him.” – Dr. Melvyn Preisz, Psychologist/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Izzy Kalman is a gifted presenter. He presented a unique and powerful system of beliefs that have the ability to transform. I particularly appreciate his emphasis on science and wisdom. I received much more than I anticipated from this seminar. I am so encouraged to receive a new way of thinking which can change my life and the lives of my clients.” – R. Janell Sanny, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Mr. Kalman was a great presenter; his sense of humor really made the seminar fun in addition to being informative.” – Letta Broadway, Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Brilliant in a down-to-earth kind of way.” – Rusty Dawson, Minister, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“I came to the seminar today angry and crying. I learned for the first time (20+ years of counseling) how to handle my anger and how to express my hurt to my husband without yelling at him.” – PJ Gerard, Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Some of my clients will not participate in my anger management group. I think this will be very helpful for participation.” – Michelle Andris, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (4.10.08)

“Very well done. I have utilized the principle in practice in a similar form – coaching clients to ‘steer into’ any truth in what an accuser is saying – empowering. However, I really appreciate being enlightened as to why it’s useful.” – Emma Warner, Social Worker, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.27.07)

“Presenter Kalman maintained high energy level throughout the day, and visibly also attendees’ attention, both through presented material (practical and humour-filled) and engagement. Five Star Course! P.S. Disagree with use of curse words, since these carry with them (are charged with) the spiritual environment (except as part of comic show).” – Louise Pinedo, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.27.07)

“Excellent material. Very insightful and powerful, how we may think we are defusing the situation but rather we are fueling it…” – Dennis Uchtman, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.27.07)

“This is the best seminar on anger control that I have ever attended.” – Sheldon McWilliams, Psychologist, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.27.07)

“This approach is consistent with what I’ve found to work with my clients of all ages. I appreciate this cohesive presentation on and articulation of affective strategies. I also appreciate your willingness to open dialogue about difficult social issues and challenge people to examine the initial emotional response that actually closes any opportunity for dialogue.” – Misty Boyd, Psychologist, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.27.07)

“I’ve been using most of your techniques for years and they really work. The Golden Rule is called Golden for a reason!” – Joy McGee, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (3.27.07)

“Mr. Kalman took ideas that I already knew but blended them together into a workable system that makes sense of my current situations. The offer for consultation after the seminar was outstanding! I have never run across that before.” – Brenda Godwin, Counselor/Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (3.28.07)

“I love the role playing parts of Mr. Kalman’s presentation. His imparted information will stay with me longer for sure. I can hardly wait to use his anger control methods immediately.” Chelyne Barney, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (3.28.07)

“This has been one of my best experiences with Cross Country.” – Liliana Speed, Psychologist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (3.28.07)”Very good. I wish there would be a broad public presentation of this material – like in schools, on Public TV.” – Mary Jo Wimbish, Social Worker, Tulsa, Oklahoma (6.07.06)

“You are fun! You are very hard to manipulate – I tried. So you are a great role model for your teachings even when you’re not role playing. I laughed and enjoyed myself today. Thanks.” – Rebecca Norton, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (6.07.06)

“I think that this workshop should become a part of all teacher education programs. This is an excellent way to defuse difficult situations.” – Mary Bahr, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (6.07.06)

“This was an extremely practical seminar. All the methods made sense and can be used by a wide variety of people.” – Edward Coyle, Psychologist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (6.08.06)

“Thanks for your wisdom on this topic!” – Deborah Fedder, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (6.08.06)

“The title of this workshop grabbed me. The contents are organized in a way that affirms my own frustration with the anti-bully movement. Our most hurtful ‘bullies’ are the children who very craftily become the victims. The girls especially are ingenious about devising ways to appear fragile when they are, in fact, frighteningly powerful. That is learned and goes way back to our roots!” – Rhonda McCarley, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (6.08.06)

“The strategies would be beneficial in several areas of development, death and dying approaches, divorce, custody battles, mediation skills – I volunteered for 3 years at an elementary school and the school system practices exactly the type of bullying your seminar is trying to change. Schools need you to do in-service talks on this!! This would be great for PTO group and parent-teacher conferences!! Thanks!” – S.J., Nurse/Office Manager/Graduate Student MSCP, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (6.08.06)

“Out of the box!!! Appreciate the fact that someone sees the bullying situation this way.” – Charles Ruffing, Counselor/Case Manager, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (6.08.06)

“Speaker is obviously ahead of other ‘experts’ on this topic. He has learned it, lived it and teaches it well.” – David Hair, Social Worker, Tulsa, Oklahoma (9.7.05)

“Izzy is a great presenter. He has a great sense of humor and delivers the topic with perfection. There needs to be more teacher participation. Many counselors are here, but there needs to be more teachers. This is great information. Anger is at the top with my students these days. Can’t wait to use it.” – Mary Jane Hansel, Educator, Tulsa, Oklahoma (9.7.05)

“Though I typically give high ratings for these seminars, there may be some grade inflation. However, today really was very enjoyable and helpful. I love the broad application of ‘the game’.” – Laura Taylor, Counselor, Tulsa, Oklahoma (9.7.05)

“Izzy is an excellent presenter. The seminar was informative and lively. It’s amazing because Izzy did not have any visual props, but he kept our attention the entire time.” – Andrea Smith, Counselor/Case Manager, Tulsa, Oklahoma (9.7.05)

“Very effectively presented controversial techniques. Knowledgeable! Captivating – Thank you! for practical strategies to take home with me.” – Leslie Patterson, Counselor/Educator, Tulsa, Oklahoma (9.7.05)

“While searching for bullying materials on the internet, I found your website. The materials I found were so helpful with dealing with students’ problems with bullying. So, when I received seminar pamphlets for Anger Control Made Easy, I was excited and looked forward to coming to the seminar. The information delivered during the seminar was so helpful and made so much sense.” – Joselen Chandler, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Well worth the investment of my time and the cost of the seminar.” – John Moore, Social Worker/Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Great concept! Good examples of role play and its impact on diffusing anger. Will be able to use with most of my clients in the substance abuse field. Also as a prevention tool in school systems.” – Joan Shutts, Educator/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“The presenter offered interesting material in a humorous manner. This is the best seminar I’ve been to in years. I would definitely attend more seminars presented by him.” – Dorothy Meeks, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Love the role plays. The game of life is a wonderful idea! Have any board games ideas? I try to attend anger classes every year and this is the best one I have attended in the last 10 years. Great presentation, humor, and role play of material.” – DeAnna Marhall, Nurse, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Interesting consistently, funny, easy to listen to, very helpful information. A great learning experience! Effective humor situation. Best seminar I attended this year.” – John Schoell, Psychologist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“I really appreciated a new view of anger/aggression/bullying as a school counselor. We are tasked at school to help create a safe environment where students can learn. This is a workable bullying prevention program.” – Kaye McCarty, School Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Thanks, Izzy, for such a fresh, straightforward approach to dealing with anger and handling it with clients. The background was excellent for laying the foundation to understand the purpose of anger. I will use this approach with clients of all ages. It’s about time that common sense approaches enter our practices!” – Denniece Knapp, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Excellent seminar and handbook. Thank you for revising the handbook to follow the presentation. I find that very helpful. I appreciate you courage to say some things that are currently politically incorrect but common sense and healthy messages. Role plays were very helpful.” – Maria Kunkel, Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Wasn’t looking forward to seminar – have been to many anger workshops –but this was very unique – able to use techniques without judging anyone as bad. Also looks like it would be fun. Enjoyed the presenter.” – Sheila Fox, Social Worker, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“I was interested in this workshop because Kalman promised a different approach that works and I was not disappointed. This was an excellent seminar.” – Marjorie Crozier, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Really enjoyed the seminar. Participating was an ‘excellent learning opportunity’. Now I can better incorporate this training into my clinical practice.” – Brenda Ferguson, Counselor, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (9.8.05)

“Excellent speaker/presenter. I appreciate a ‘real’ view of anger, instead of the normal psycho-babble b.s.” – Michael O’Bryan, Program Director, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (8.26.04)

“A fun way to learn. Instructor skillfully involved participants and courageously addressed culturally sensitive topics.” – Ellen Cookson, Marriage and Family Therapist, Tulsa, Oklahoma (8.25.04)

“Program (method) is great – like it’s just that simple. Makes you want to go home and try it.”- Sheila A. Thornton, Psych Nurse, Tulsa, Oklahoma (8.25.04)
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