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Ohio Seminar Testimonials

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“It was fun. Thanks. I learned a bunch!” – Janet Onesian, Social Worker, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12)

“Very applicable to many situations. Not only ‘said’ how to, but showed with very real role plays. Great skill building trainings for therapists with clients we work with.” – Donna Croniser, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Play Therapist, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12) 

“Very pragmatic approach to creating change. The use of role modeling was very productive in generating understanding of the concept/intervention.” – Kaern Whitmer, Social Worker, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12)

“Absolutely outstanding!” Child Care Director, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12)

“Role plays were excellent teaching tools. A very fresh, direct, common sense approach to achieve results in reducing anger.” – Edward Poszekas, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12)

“The application of the Golden Rule and ‘a soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger,’ was excellent!” – Kathryn Foust, Counselor, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12)

“This is very valuable counseling and guidance tool to teach to children, teachers and parents. It’s especially important to teach other adults to allow children to become self-reliant and learn to handle anger and others behaviors successfully.” – Sharon Chatwood, Counselor/Teacher, Toledo, Ohio (12.19.12) 

“Refreshing change in perspective.” – Michelle Butler, Counselor, Cincinnati, Ohio (10.17.12)

“This helps me more than I expected! It should be taught in grade school! Is there a children’s version?” – E.B., Counselor, Cincinnati, Ohio (10.17.12)

“This training offered a refreshing approach to dealing with a common problem.” – Brandy Niemiller, Social Worker, Cincinnati, Ohio (10.17.12) 

“The interactive (role playing) exercise was very instructive. This role play brought the didactic material to life. I very much enjoyed the presenter’s song and his performance of the song–the content was humorous–but true! Excellent use of personal self-disclosure.” – Dianna Miller, Psychologist, Dayton, Ohio (10.16.12) 

“I loved the seminar. It was very good and helpful for both my job and personal life.” – Alvin Braddy, Nurse, Columbus, Ohio (10.15.12) 

“I have been to this seminar three times and learn something new each time. It is practical and useable.” – Jeffrey Gray, Clergy, Columbus, Ohio (10.15.12) 

“I use family systems and mindfulness in my practice, and I felt that this training was a fantastic supplement to this.” – Marriage and Family Therapist, Columbus, Ohio (10.15.12)

“Good stuff! Thank you for your contribution to the field.” – Mark Van Noord, Social Worker, Columbus, Ohio (10.15.12)

“Excellent presentation. Informative and entertaining. Enjoyed the role plays and interactive nature of presentation.” – Stephanie Wilson, Social Worker, Columbus, Ohio (10.15.12) 

“Excellent seminar. Izzy Kalman brings a very important perspective to the subject of anger control.” – Craig Campbell, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Social Worker, Columbus, Ohio (10.15.12)

“The seminar was interesting, and in sharp contrast to current anti-bullying programs in school. This was refreshing, informative and much appreciated.” P.H., Social Worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Well done!!!” – John Antal, Social Worker, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Mr. Kalman made this topic interesting, and I feel that teachers in particular would benefit from attending this seminar.” – Laila Burghardt, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Excellent. Lots of practical tools to take back with me. Excellent instructor.” – Mae Whitehead, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12) 

“Exceptional presenter! Useful, practical, specific materials. Role plays have been extremely helpful and effective. Professional, competent presenter with a wonderful sense of humor, which is applicable to the Bully Proofing seminar.” – Elizabeth Coyne, Counselor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12)

“Invaluable seminar for teachers and parents. Interactive, effective, clear, entertaining.” – Shoshana Braude, Educator, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1.19.12) 

“Anti-bullying campaign does not seem to be working. Adults, teachers, administrators and law makers can not control the behavior of the bullies or even accurately identify the bully. Giving the ‘victim’ coping skills and role playing these skills seems to be the way to handle bullying.” – Educator, Canton, Ohio (1.17.12)

“Never knew that answers to bullying issues were so simple and pragmatic! It doesn’t take a genius to learn how to teach victims, just a sincere desire to help a child.” – Claudia Sommers, Educator, Canton, Ohio (1.17.12)

“This training is very much needed in today’s society. Excellent training! Easy and simple to understand!” – Susan Vidikan, Social Worker, Canton, Ohio (1.17.12)

“Seminar was wonderful, gives a quick stop to bully activities. I think it could be very effective with more support from the community, especially helpful at a high school level, and encourages adult behavior.” – Keara Henry, Philosophy Student, Cleveland, Ohio (1.16.12)

“Mr. Kalman’s workshop makes perfect sense. It’s only logical to approach bullying in such a good way.” – David Nardecchia, Counselor/Educator, Cleveland, Ohio (1.16.12) 

“Excellent. I learned a great deal and I will not think of bullying in the same way.” – Social Worker, Cleveland, Ohio (1.16.12)

“Funny, entertaining and informative. An unconventional view of this topic which runs contrary to popular accepted beliefs.” – William Shipley, Psychologist, Indianapolis, Indiana (11.10.11) 

“Bully-Proofing Made Easy was one of the most useful and appropriate seminars I have ever attended. I believe I have gained practical applications to take back to my school to empower victims.” – Christina Steller, Counselor, Indianapolis, Indiana (11.10.11)

“A very common sense approach to bullying, when the institutions continue to muddy waters.” – Chris Roberson, Educator, Cincinnati, Ohio (11.09.11)

“Thank you for reinforcing my belief that the majority of anti-bullying programs serve to make bullying worse. We need to better teach children how to stop being victims instead of swooping in to save them.” –Educator, Columbus, Ohio (11.08.11)

“I thought this presentation was enlightening and unexpected. I thought the speaker had a vast knowledge on the topic and presented alternatives/sides that are simple but seem effective.” – Cecilia Monahan, School/Court Liaison, Columbus, Ohio (11.08.11) 

“I loved learning a new way to look at bullying and can’t wait to use techniques with clients.” – Teresa Swango, Social Worker, Columbus, Ohio (11.08.11)

“Entertaining speaker with clear knowledge of the topic and passion for dealing with it more effectively.” – Holly Baker, Counselor, Columbus, Ohio (11.08.11)

“You are teaching things we as ‘older’ adults were taught as children. Why is this not taught to children today? Great job!! Good role-plays.” – Vernajean Eggleston, Social Worker/Counselor, Columbus, Ohio (11.08.11)

“Excellent. Will be a challenge to put it in to practice, but I think it will definitely work.” – Catherine Wolf, Counselor, Columbus, Ohio (11.08.11)

“Engaging topic and presentation so simple…why didn’t I think of that?” – Counselor, Youngstown, Ohio (6.15.11)

“I truly enjoyed and learned a lot today. I would take more of his classes. He is extremely knowledgeable and keeps our attention, through humor and personal expertise.” – Richard Ranalli, Social Worker Intern/CDCA, Youngstown, Ohio (6.15.11)

“As a Christian mental health professional, I appreciate very much that the principles taught in this seminar are all consistent with biblical truths–this is why the strategies work. (I believe the “Golden Rule” is referred to as the “Royal Law” in the New Testament). Regarding ‘how to say no’–using the preface ‘I wish I could’ works very well with phone solicitors, too–it gets rid of them fast!” – Margaret Oeschger, Psychologist, Canton, Ohio (6.14.11)  

“The role playing was very helpful. To see the ‘game’ in action really was enlightening.” – S.B., Social Worker, Canton, Ohio (6.14.11) 

“Great seminar! Very informative and useful in both personal and professional situations.” – Amanda Blake, Case Aide/CDCA, Canton, Ohio (6.14.11)

“You have provided me with so much to think about both professionally and personally regarding this issue. I will definitely be rethinking my approach with my clients regarding anger management and conflict resolution. Thank you!!!” – Brenda Parke, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Canton, Ohio (6.14.11)

“This was a very informative conference! Anger management made easy can be used in so many different life situations. It gives me hope that ‘Agape’ love–loving one’s enemies, might make its way into mainstream mental health agencies, schools, prisons, and other places where people need more love and understanding. Mr. Kalman is intelligent, engaging and relevant!” – Molly Hicks, Social Worker, Canton, Ohio (6.14.11)

“Seminar as stimulating as Bullies Seminar I attended several years ago.” – Miriam McCall, Counselor, Canton, Ohio (6.14.11) 

“I love how the golden rule and loving enemies can be nuanced psychology–and the participants gave many supports indicating that these ideals really work in practice.” – Jeffrey Wattles, Philosophy Professor, Kent State University, Cleveland, Ohio (6.13.11)

“Provides a new approach for dealing with anger that was transformational in its simplicity…” – Mary Groves, Social Worker, Cleveland, Ohio (6.13.11) 

“Particularly appreciate the practical application of the concepts presented. I feel I’ll be able to use these in practice.” – Laura Dehelian, Nurse Practitioner/Educator, Cleveland, Ohio (6.13.11)

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