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North Dakota Seminar Testimonials

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“Coffee was lukewarm and room was cold. Otherwise, the seminar was one of the best I’ve gone to in 20 years. I heard that kids laugh on the average 400 times a day and adults laugh about 15 times a day. Thanks for making me laugh more than average!” – Joetta Barnes Weible, Psychologist, Fargo, North Dakota (9.8.04)

“It’s so refreshing to learn about empowering a victim, teaching personal responsibility instead of how to whine louder and more effectively. This workshop gives real straightforward tools that can be utilized in any professional or personal situations.” – Cressy Liljenquist, Program Director, Fargo, North Dakota (9.8.04)

“Everything was great. I absolutely loved how simple this content can be used.” – Dorthy J. Dohlen, Mental Health Technician, Bismarck, North Dakota (9.9.04)

“Instructor was good. I just don’t agree with the total content of the seminar. I understand your idea but I disagree with just being a doormat. If you don’t share your angry feelings your disregarding a natural emotion. This idea seems to promote battling and forget that healthy expression of anger is OK!” – Kim Stewart, Certified Residential Treatment Advisor, Bismarck, North Dakota (9.9.04)

“I wanted to go to this to get a day off work and spend time with my hubby because he was going to go to this seminar through his job. Surprise. I really enjoyed and learned from it. Keep spreading the work about anger.” – Elizabeth Larsen, Therapist, Minot, North Dakota (9.8.04)

“Excellent take on life – many points made so much sense and we need to get out of the anger rut!” – Sonya Andersen, Social Worker, Bismarck, North Dakota (9.9.04)

“Wonderful speaker. Very humorous. Interesting/unique viewpoint on managing anger.” – Nancy Gordon, Social Worker, Bismarck, North Dakota (9.9.04)

“Thank you so much. I feel like a new world has been opened up to me.” – Joan, St. Cloud, North Dakota, 9.7.04

“This is one of the best workshops I have attended. I have been to many that were of very little value.” – Sylvia Pembur, Professional Counselor and Social Worker, St. Cloud, North Dakota, 9.7.04

“I typically do not enjoy “role playing” in workshops, but Izzy makes this technique a very valuable part of learning while laughing as well.” – Beth Brouns, Mental Health Social Worker, St. Cloud, North Dakota, 9.7.04


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