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New York Seminar Testimonials

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“I learned a great deal! Great ideas on how to utilize role playing. Great seminar.” – Lori Dunn, Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (10.16.13)

“This seminar was well presented and extremely informative as well as fun and practical. I will use everything I have learned in my life as well as in my practice. Best seminar I ever attended. I loved the role-plays. Invaluable learning tool!” – Christine Eddy, Counselor, Syracuse, New York (10.16.13)

“Great material. Will practice what learned for maximum learning. Great approach.” – J.B., Social Worker, Albany, New York (10.17.12)

“Izzy has great energy! Excellent set of skills to relate to clients.” – Michael Venuti, Counselor, Albany, New York (10.17.12)

“I learned a great deal about anger in general and about bullying and an approach that makes sense.” – Tammy Hoag, Educator, Albany, New York (10.17.12)

“I learned some very interesting ideas that I look forward to implementing.” – Chad Slagle, Program Supervisor, Albany, New York (10.17.12)

“Much of what is taught is common sense; however, we often do not apply it.” – Barbara Arcuri, Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (10.16.13)

“Excellent presentation. Learned all objectives. Izzy Kalman is an excellent presenter. Great role plays.” – T.M., Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Syracuse, New York (10.16.13)

“Excellent ideas for implementation in school. Very appropriate topic and specific ideas and exercises to apply.” – Jeff Ganeles, Social Worker/Educator, Syracuse, New York (10.16.13)

“The training was entertaining and helpful. Izzy is a gifted teacher! Great seminar.” –Counselor, Syracuse, New York (10.16.13)

“Excellent presentation. Excellent speaker/topic. Well done! Learned extensively!” – John Licata, Human Resource Professional, Rochester, New York (10.15.13)

“I learned a great deal. It put things back into perspective. I think it is epic to cause people to take responsibility for their actions…especially in today’s society!” – Julianne Studd, Counselor/Medical Assistant/Educator, Rochester, New York (10.15.13)

“Loved this seminar! Eye-opening experience.” – Allysa Fuller, Social Worker, Rochester, New York (10.15.13)

“Speaker very engaged and knowledgeable.” – Linda McGlynn, Social Worker, Buffalo, New York (10.14.13)

“Very stimulating.” – Mark Elliott, Social Worker, Albany, New York (3.22.12)

“It was great to get another perspective on this important topic.” – P.M., Educator, Albany, New York (3.22.12)

“Dynamic role play–powerful demonstration of how the program works.” – Stephen Birmingham, Educator, Albany, New York (3.22.12)

“Fantastic seminar. Showed me how I can be more effective with my own philosophy. Really enjoyed myself. Time flew by. Loved the role plays.” – Counselor, Albany, New York (3.22.12)

“A must see for school administrators, legislators, teachers/guidance counselors, and parents (at all school/college levels).” – Daniel Kulzer, Social Worker, Albany, New York (3.22.12)

“Mr. Kalman has a very unique and detailed analysis of the bullying-victim problem which has become a popular topic in today’s society.” – C.F., Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (3.21.12)

“The material was relevant and Izzy delivered the information clear. This issue is challenging and he made very good points.” – Brynn Martusewicz, Counselor, Syracuse, New York (3.21.12)

“Fantastic! How refreshing!” – Jennifer Bryant, School Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (3.21.12)

“A common sense approach to the current anti-bully movement!” – Bridget McLaughlin, Educator, Rochester, New York (3.20.12)

“It was a completely different way of looking at the bullying problem in schools. It made me think about things in a different way.” – Bernadette Krumpek, Counselor/Educator, Buffalo, New York (3.19.12)

“This seminar taught how bullying should be seen in our country. Thank you. Putting this issue in historical context and philosophical context will help in sharing the concepts learned today with others.” – George Erckert, Social Worker, Buffalo, New York (3.19.12)

“Excellent presentation. Very practical and logical solution-based conference.” – LeAnne Molenda, Counselor, Buffalo, New York (3.19.12)

“Great seminar. Very thought provoking!” – Matthew Lebeda, Counselor, Buffalo, New York (3.19.12)

“I learned a lot from the ‘victim mentality’ theory. I believe that teaching this to children will leave them less upset after an incident occurs at school. If they are unfazed by it, they are much less likely to come home complaining about it. This will decrease the amount of parents who ‘demand consequences for bullies.’ Great seminar!” – K.F., Educator, White Plains, New York (3.1.12)

“Such a different but seemingly effective approach to bully-proofing children.” – Dori Mitzi, Educator, White Plains, New York (3.1.12)

“I believe the seminar is awesome, although many recommendations are contrary to common beliefs and practices. However, this insight is a breath of fresh air to coping with this problem.” – Priscilla Gallaud, Social Worker, White Plains, New York (3.1.12)

“I appreciate learning to empower victims to be victors with skillful and respectful behavioral responses.” – Michael Murphy, Social Worker, White Plains, New York (3.1.12)

“Worth every penny!!” – Nancy Hill, Social Worker, White Plains, New York (3.1.12)

“The role playing brought the anti-bullying message to life in a way that no explanation could. The implications and applications reach far beyond the classroom. Thank you.” – Nancy Yachnes, Videographer, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“Kalman was spectacular! This information he shares is essential!! Thank you!” – Melanie Murphy, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“Great class. Great tactics taught on how to empower a victim to turn the tables on a bully and become a winner.” – J.P., Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“I thought the role plays were definitely something that I can use in my role as a school counselor.” – Lori Glazer, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“The course changed my perspective on the topic of bullying. Our government could and should attend this seminar instead of creating failing regulations.” – Sarah Han, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“An old way, but new way to treat a problem that’s as old as life. Good info, great way to present it.” – Linda Rizzotto, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“Very helpful – put a different spin on bullies and bullying. I feel that I can more effectively help my middle school students with interacting with bullies and to stop being a victim.” – Counselor, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“Excellent and comprehensive presentation.” – Ingrid Mueller, Nurse, Manhattan, New York (2.29.12)

“It was good to have another point of view regarding bullying and tattle telling which causes more aggression. Like the saying goes, ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right.’ Very informative.” – Patricia Selby, Social Worker, Queens, New York (2.28.12)

“Very insightful! A lot of aha! Moments. Unique and convincing take on bullying.” – Jessica Schrank, Counselor, Queens, New York (2.28.12)

“This presentation should be mandatory for all schools and its wisdom implemented!” – Lee Friedman, Social Worker, Queens, New York (2.28.12)

“Interesting, innovative technique, that makes sense. Human nature being what it is, I have every hope that this method is the answer.” – Paulette Poska, Psychologist, Queens, New York (2.28.12)

“It was very interesting and informative.” – Nicole Donnelly, Social Worker, Long Island, New York (2.27.12)

“Superb! I learned an approach and techniques that can really help!” – Gregory Alexander, Psychologist, Long Island, New York (2.27.12)

“Excellent; helped me see the futility of the angry mindset and will help me when I run anger management groups in the future.” – Carol Clark, Counselor, Syracuse, New York (7.14.11)

“Informative, funny, amazing. Thanks for a great day!” – L.K., Social Worker/Counselor, Syracuse, New York (7.14.11)

“Thanks for a great presentation. I’m looking forward to trying it with my clients who struggle with anger management. Can it really be this easy? I can’t wait to find out!” – Psychologist, Syracuse, New York (7.14.11)

“Thank you for your time and energies today! Your central concept to me–don’t act like a victim/don’t treat others as enemies–is very important in relating with difficult people and will help me in my personal and professional relationships! God bless you!” – Psychologist, Syracuse, New York (7.14.11)

“Wonderful training for direct care professionals.” – Tammy Spangenberg, Residential Counselor, Rochester, New York (7.13.11)

“I am going to share all of today’s seminar with co-workers and family. Life should be fun. Not work?” – Ronald Hill, Social Worker, Rochester, New York (7.13.11)

“I’m so happy I have such a valuable tool to bring back to my clients.” – Tina Notebaert, Social Services Assistant, Rochester, New York (7.13.11)

“Seminar will help in many aspects in life including work, home and community.” – Edna Wielbon, Social Worker, Buffalo, New York (7.12.11)

“Fresh new perspective–one worth considering!” – Susan Grenyo, Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (5.13.10)

“Izzy – I was already thinking somewhat in this direction–but felt like the odd man out. The presentation gives me the support and activities to proceed with something that makes sense and is inexpensive. I love that it lines up with wisdom from the ages, religious beliefs and common sense.” Sharon Moss, Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (5.13.10)

“Interesting and practical approach to subject matter. Some situations too idealistic but overall one of the most information packed seminars I have attended.” – Kathleen Valeriano, Educator, Syracuse, New York (5.13.10)

“This is the first conference I’ve stayed ‘til the end of in years. Shhh…Don’t tell my boss.” – Name Withheld by Request, Counselor, Syracuse, New York (5.13.10)

“Approach to topic very refreshing, so different, can’t wait to try it!” – Janine Sanger, Psychologist, Rochester, New York (5.12.10)

“It has been so helpful to hear a common sense approach to a common problem. I really appreciate the focus shift towards someone (the ‘victim’) who would be motivated for change and then specific strategies for empowering them.” – Sandy Herman, Counselor, Rochester, New York (5.12.10)

“I really enjoyed the seminar. It place a great emphasis on children advocating for themselves. In many situations students are not given the opportunity to exercise their power. This seminar/approach really highlights student power.” – Crystal Clark, Counselor, Rochester, New York (5.12.10)

“I am happy to see a more reasonable intervention. Refreshing to learn why our current efforts have not helped. I feel validated about my continual habit of repeating Golden Rule and other ‘wisdoms’. Reap what you sow, etc.” – Amy Brown, Counselor, Rochester, New York (5.12.10)

“Very thought provoking and solution based. I feel I’m leaving with tools I can put in place right away.” – Patricia Mungo, Social Worker, Rochester, New York (5.12.10)

“Izzy Kalman presents material that modern (recent) educators fail to see. Society’s pressure on schools to solve all social problems force schools to adopt a policy on bullying that cannot be reached. This is crucial for parents of young children to see!” – Colleen Fisher, Counselor, Buffalo, New York (5.11.10)

“I love and agree with this philosophy of bullying. Hopefully this will catch on!” – Jennifer Ertel, Counselor, Buffalo, New York (5.11.10)

“Very practical, applicable information and presentation. ‘Unconventional Wisdom.’ May take effort to implement with coworkers and staff who are very traditional.” – Patricia Giacone, Counselor, White Plains, New York (5.06.10)

“Presentation outstanding. Course workbook is model for all presentations. Extremely useful.” – Psychologist, White Plains, New York (5.06.10)

“Excellent presentation! Loved the use of humor and role playing. Written materials were very helpful. This could be a two day program. Speaker was very informed and interesting.” – L.P., Social Worker, White Plains, New York (5.06.10)

“This seminar combined both theoretical information with practical implications. It was a most superior seminar.” – Joy Bergins, Educator/Social Worker, White Plains, New York (5.06.10)

“Excellent presenter who is extremely knowledgeable. Izzy was very entertaining and made the seminar fly by. I look forward to attending another one of his seminars!” – Andrea Boelke, Case Manager, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“I have found that many of our schoolwide efforts have not worked. This is an interesting perspective that I would like to try.” – Joanne O’Leary, Counselor, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“Conference demonstrated a great different way to help students and schools deal with bullying.” – D.G., Counselor, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“Izzy Kalman was very knowledgeable with the subject presented. He kept the presentation very interesting and it was easy to follow. I would definitely attend another one of his seminars.” – Michael Abrams, Educator, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“I feel that the practical and simple strategies that Izzy teaches are effective and worthwhile.” – Diana Johnson, Psychologist, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“He opened my mind to an old way of thinking, a simple way of thinking. He helped me use common sense which I had started to lose, as a provider and a human.” – Sarah Huntington, Social Worker, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“Very thought-provoking ideas and techniques!” – Valerie Welts, Counselor, Albany, New York (5.05.10)

“An essential reframing of the issues of interventions with regard to bullying. A well demonstrated and logical challenge to contemporary interventions. By focusing on giving the ‘victim’ full power to confound the bully and defuse any escalation, this strategy not only solves a problem but ‘heals’ the bully and the victim simultaneously.” – Larilee Suiter, Social Worker, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“I am glad I went to this seminar. Everything was so relevant to work with children and every day life. Izzy made this topic make sense.” – Dina Hurley, Assistant Director After School Program, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“Excellent seminar! Fun too!” – Paula H. Schneider, Counselor, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“Izzy is an intelligent, funny and courageous instructor who has challenged my thinking on an incredibly important subject. Kidding aside, world peace is within all our grasp if we adopt many of his teachings.” – A.F., Counselor, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“Thanks for something new!” – R.R., Counselor, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“Awesome presenter!!! Very direct, no BS, very funny–smart!! Loved this one!” – Jennifer Shaw, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“I really enjoyed someone who is honest at what the problem is and isn’t afraid to say it. Everything was so simple and he didn’t try to make it difficult.” – Shannon Palone, Discipline Coordinator, Burlington, Vermont (5.04.10)

“Great presentation. Possibly the best I’ve attended in the last several years.” – Bruce Wood, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (1.21.10)

“Terrific!! The role plays were very powerful.” – Pamela Wood, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (1.21.10)

“I feel the presentation was phenomenal. I am looking forward to use and teach the techniques I have learned today.” – Laura Luciano, Psychologist/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Queens, New York (1.20.10)

“I thank you for showing us a different way to approach bullies and victims.” – Jamilet Colon, Educator, Queens, New York (1.20.10)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Izzy’s presentation and sense of humor! More important, I agree with the approach–perhaps because I was raised with the basic principles espoused in this approach.” – Jeanne Squires Gorman, Social Worker, Long Island, New York (1.19.10)

“Very clear, straightforward, logical, helpful, practical!” – Lisa Drake, Psychologist, Long Island, New York (1.19.10)

“Excellent presentation with a new perspective on an old problem.” – Karen Saladino, Counselor, Long Island, New York (1.19.10)

“A useful approach to apply to my own life and my work with clients. Makes sense, fairly simple to apply.” – Angie Hay, Social Worker, New Rochelle, New York (4.17.08)

“Very educational. Made me take a look at myself in another light and think of how I can become a friend, make an effort to have a better relationship.” – Brenda Kocher, Direct Care, New Rochelle, New York (4.17.08)

“Thoroughly helpful, engaging and informative.” – Michelle Maidenberg, Social Worker, New Rochelle, New York (4.17.08)

“The presenter is extremely knowledgeable on this topic and very effective transferring that knowledge to participants.” – Dany Polizzi, Psychologist Assistant/ Counselor/Educator, New Rochelle, New York (4.17.08)

“I learned techniques I am eager to try in my personal relationships as well as with my clients.” – Rosalind Davis, Social Worker, New Rochelle, New York (4.17.08)

“This was so helpful, thank you!” – Jeanine Abarno, Case Manager, Albany, New York (4.16.08)

“I appreciate Izzy’s life mission, dedication and teaching methods. It is very inspiring.” – Michelle Lords, Life Coach, Albany, New York (4.16.08)

“Excellent! Learned more today than in any semester-long class!” – Joy Twardy, Social Worker/Intern, Albany, New York (4.16.08)

“Izzy–I was hoping this seminar would be interesting–I have been to too many that are not. It proved far beyond my expectations. I am grateful to have been chosen to do the role play–it was profound–possibly life changing. Your philosophy and techniques are simple yet so effective. Thank you for sharing your skills.” – Sherry Berbit, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Albany, New York (4.16.08)

“Izzy’s expertise, wit, and charm made this an enjoyable learning experience with various applications for my professional and personal life.” – Jason Mastropaolo, Social Worker, Albany, New York (4.16.08)

“Really enjoyed this workshop. Material was organized and presented in an interesting and easy to understand manner. Loved your song and sense of humor.” – Terese Sanabria, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (11.08.07)

“Excellent seminar!! It was one of the best I’ve been to. I really feel that I left this seminar with useful and practical skills. I loved the use of role playing to teach us the concepts. The presenter was interesting and excellent!” – Darren Petillo, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (11.08.07)

“I really liked that Izzy spoke to everyone during the breaks and helped answer everyone’s questions.” – Natalie Mesa, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (11.08.07)

“A great service to society. Excellent technique and principles–even though they may be somewhat generalized and oversimplified. Although I respect them and have faith in them, I may question people’s ability to apply them, especially consistently. But we have to start somewhere, right! Excellent work, excellent principles, excellent presentation. Here’s to hope. Great presenter!! Fantastic. Love him. Great dresser!” – Rita Joshi, Couselor/Certified Personal Trainer, Manhattan, New York (11.08.07)

“This was a great seminar. I was the volunteer for a good portion of the program. I really enjoyed it and I hope that I can apply some of what I’ve learned today.” – Sharon Thomas, Educator, Manhattan, New York (11.08.07)

“The training session was beneficial and realistic. The course book was introductory and basic. The role playing was helpful as a training tool. Izzy’s self-disclosure was positive and reinforcing–but I did feel like it was a Woody Allen movie.” – Shelley Ryan, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (11.08.07)

“I do not have a background in psychology, but found this seminar very enlightening. It will help me in teaching defensive driving and how drivers can deal with aggressive drivers and potential road rage incidents. Before acting out, take a moment to think about the consequences. Don’t take someone’s mistake personally. Don’t engage. Great seminar, but a bit long.” – Barbara Ward, Traffic Safety Specialist, Long Island, New York (11.07.07)

“Upbeat, positive and humorous. Not only can’t I wait to teach my clients, I can’t wait to try it myself! By the way, I loved the handout!” – Amanda Mapp, Social Worker, (11.07.07)

“Information presented was fantastic. Definitely a new way of dealing with anger The presenter (Izzy) was wonderful. He is so knowledgeable of the material and has a gift in presenting. I loved the humor he added to the workshop! The role plays were so helpful. Thanks.” – Colleen Lagreca, Social Worker, (11.07.07)

“Izzy is a dynamic speaker with a potentially life-changing message.” – Mark Tieman, Physician, (11.07.07)

“Excellent presenter, Knowledgeable, open, authentic, warm, interactive, humorous, presents invaluable quotes, uses educational resources. A valuable day well spent.” – Carol Nack, Social Worker, (11.07.07)

“This was a presentation full of information, creativity and vitality. The instructor’s approach to the material was both clinically useful and personally inspiring. – an innovative and sensible method to avert much pain and suffering, for both children and adults alike.” – Carol A. Munschauer, PhD, Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, Buffalo, New York (3.1.06)

“I enjoyed the seminar very much. I liked the fact that we were given clear cut solutions to problems. Empowering the victim is key. Because you can’t count on someone rescuing you.” – Natalie Hoerner, Parent, Buffalo, New York (3.1.06)

“Excellent seminar. Presenter, Izzy Kalman, interesting, comical, very logical and practical ways to deflect the bully.” – Connie Nairne, Caseworker, Buffalo, New York (3.1.06)

“Very interesting perspective on the topic of bullying. Refreshingly different. Thought provoking. Good strategies to use. Handout also good.” – Peggy Fritton, Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“Very interesting perspective. Gave me a lot to think about. We need to strengthen awareness of how to handle building emotional strength.” – Emily Stewart, Counselor/Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“Excellent program…very useful information and skills for educators, counselors, and parents…” – Virginia Engan, Nurse, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“Thank you! I believe I have become ‘judgmental’ about ‘bullies’! I will return to my school focused on strengthening friendship skills across the aggression continuum.” – Julie Shuster, Counselor/Educator, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“It was a different viewpoint that I had never heard before. I really feel that this approach may work. I can’t wait to try it at home with my child and at work with clients.” – Tessa Fields, Counselor/Office Manager, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“This was very insightful! This training was completely different than any other bullying conference I’ve been to. Instead of molly coddling students who have ‘learned helplessness’, we learned how to help students help themselves and make friends!” – Melissa Brown, Educator, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“This was very insightful! This training was completely different than any other bullying conference I’ve been to. Instead of molly coddling students who have ‘learned helplessness’, we learned how to help students help themselves and make friends!” – Melissa Brown, Educator, Syracuse, New York (2.27.06)

“Great Workshop! This is the only workshop on bullying that I agree with.” – Frimet Herstic, Counselor/Educator, White Plains, New York (11.3.05)

“Thanks for a lot of useful information and techniques – A refreshing voice of reason.” – Christine Masters, Psychologist, White Plains, New York (11.3.05)

“Loved the role-plays. Really provides you with a clear understanding of the principles and how to implement them.” – Holly Coady, Psychologist, Long Island, NY (10.27.05)

“This was a practical workshop with excellent take home value, personally and professionally.” – Cheryl Chitayat, Psychologist, Long Island, NY (10.27.05)

“I found this seminar to be very informative and interesting. I found it refreshing to look at bullying from a different angle. I would have liked more role-play than lecture, history, religion, etc. We can read the history/religious part.” – Erin Langstaff, Counselor, Long Island, NY (10.27.05)

“This philosophy of treating the victim and teaching him/her to take responsibility for his/her emotions is common sense. If everyone agreed, we would have many more empowered students and less difficulties. Unfortunately, it takes time to have students ‘buy into’ this. Especially if they have limited cognitive abilities. However, it is worth the time and effort.” – Patricia Maurelli, Counselor/Educator, Long Island, NY (10.27.05)

“Wonderful seminar. If only the whole country could take this at once and shift us back to an orientation of personal responsibility.” – Jeanine Rufo, Social Worker, Manhattan, NY (10.28.05)

“Material was great and presented in a clear and concise manner. Only criticism might be that presenter appeared a bit defensive when people were critical of the material. Great seminar.” – Alex Ruttenberg, Social Worker, Manhattan, NY (10.28.05)

“Very informative, and a great learning tool not only for work but also personal growth.” – Lonny Shockley, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“Liked the instructor, found organization and communication of material clear and effective… and surprisingly entertaining.” – Sandra Edwards, Child Advocate, President/CEO,, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“This is the first seminar I have attended from Cross Country. It was excellent. I am so happy I signed up. It may even be the best seminar I ever attended. I got the most of it of any seminar I ever attended. It was practical and I can definitely use all the material I learned everyday.” – Elisabeth Reiter, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“Wonderful, useful seminar. Lots of insights. I will add ‘the game’ to my psychotherapy practice.” – Barbara Hines, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“Interesting, informative, a new way to look at things. Humorous. Will try these methods for my own personal situations. Appreciated the last part about marriage. Many good ideas.” Joan Morris, Counselor, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“These were easy to understandable and usable tools to utilize in both personal and professional life and presented in a most enjoyable manner.” – Margaret Sansone, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“Mr. Kalman captures attention with knowledge, humor. He is succinct while pinpointing solutions. His presentation is ‘Woody Allenesque’. Informative and enjoyable seminar.’ Pauline Lika, Social Worker/Educator, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“This was a wonderful experience and I wish I could take the instructor with me to remind me of the material every time I have a conversation with my other half.” – Frankie Mitchell, Case Manager, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“The humor used during this seminar should encourage and stimulate all participants to use it at least once a day in their practice with clients. The role play examples were of particular help to me to resume using it more often in my practice and in my supervising sessions.” – Adrienne Williams Myers, Social Worker, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“Excellent presentation. I can’t wait to teach the children in my Peace Project a new way to look at anger.” – Dr. Julia Scanlan, Social Worker, Director, Peace Project, St. Patrick’s School, Jersey City, Manhattan, New York (6.23.05)

“Presenter was quite interactive in teaching methods. He appeared to be well prepared and skilled in content area. Presenter was very accommodating to participants. Good seminar!” – Nina Leone, Counselor, Queens, New York (6.22.05)

“Clearly, skillfully presented.” – Margaret McGrogan, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Social Worker, Queens, New York (6.22.05)

“Very enjoyable and informative. By using humor, and not taking himself too seriously, Mr. Kalman made the lessons come to life.” – Frady Moskowitz, Social Worker, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“Very informative and interesting presentation. I feel this was a most realistic approach to anger issues. This concept needs to be taught in organizations, i.e. schools, police departments, psychiatric units, jails, etc. Thank you.” Marie Dunleavy, Nurse, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“Excellent presentation and comprehensive theory!! Very refreshing to have a simple rule(s) of the past to guide us in the future… hopefully Izzy Kalman will teach these historical concepts to those in administration, education, people in the general public, and the mental health fields, to better ourselves and lives, and to feel at peace with ourselves and others. Thank you!!  I hope to benefit from this presentation both in my personal and professional life!!” – Kimberly Dorrien, Social Worker, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“It was like a ‘Dr. Phil’ special; although I did not agree with everything said, it was interesting to hear.” – Lynn Harmann-Alesia, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“I have found it very interesting to see how anger can be managed in a simple and less complicated light. In the past, I have attended several days of workshops/seminars on Anger Management through “SERA” and I have found it very difficult to implement many of their techniques due to constraints of time. I can honestly say that playing ‘the game’ is much more practical and easy to apply to everyday practices even in my own life.” – Linda Edwards, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“It started slow. The song was cute but long. Your live examples won me over. A lot of common sense and positive ways of looking at the world. Great job. Teaching skills is a true empowerment model. Many of the concepts are similar to those used in marital and family therapy. Your model helps to make it more specific and simple. I will try it. Thanks.” – Steven Rutter, Social Worker/ Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/ Case Manager, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“7:30 to 3:30. Did not doze off once!!!” – R.P., Counselor/Social Worker, Smithtown, New York (6.21.05)

“Puts anger in a biological, cultural, and social context so the participant can recognize then break an unhealthy cycle.” – Bill Polchinski, Counselor/Educator, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/ Marriage and Family Therapist/ Social Worker, (6.21.05)

“He makes good sense. Lots of basic cognitive psychology. Unfortunately, school districts don’t have common sense.” – Jeffrey Silberman, Psychologist, (6.21.05)

“Very dynamic speaker. I appreciate the points of view of presenter. They were, at the same time, outrageous and so basic and common sensical. Thank you. I also liked the ideas of what is missing in training: Golden Rule, freedom of speech, humor.” – Elizabeth Davis, Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“I am currently running a group that deals with anger. This presentation was a great help in enhancing my knowledge of the subject. The ideas presented were challenging and helped me to view anger in a refreshingly new way. I think this should be a required for any counselor.” – Richard Shaw, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“Izzy is the second coming of Albert Ellis – with the singing but without the cursing. He’s professional and sincere in wanting to help others. We’ll try our best to apply these lessons with our staff and students.” – James Wallace, Psychologist/Educator, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“Great presenter. Very entertaining and informative. (P.S.Your game sounds a lot like teaching them the Assertiveness techniques of ‘fogging’ and ‘negative assertion.’) But you package it well!” – Damian Vallelonga, Psychologist, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“The presenter was very knowledgeable regarding today’s topic. I am very eager to take this ‘game’ back and put this to use on both the staff as well as the students in our facility. I was amazed the presenter hardly referred to his notes or manuals. Great job with the role-playing skits.” – Martin Gorski, Residential Supervisor, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“Excellent principles, easily adaptable to many settings. I will be utilizing these techniques in both my professional and personal relationships.” – Sharon Shumac, Counselor, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“Refreshingly clear thinking. The ideas seem very useful and were clearly, humorously presented.” – Nancy Horvath, Social Worker, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“Enjoyed seminar – More persons in school system and/or human service should be made aware of training. This well be helpful in profession and personal life.” (Name withheld) Mental Retardation Professional, Syracuse, New York (5.19.05)

“It was great to attend a seminar that kept me interested the entire time and made me laugh. I got techniques I will actually be able to use in my job and my own life. Loved the song!” – Danielle Doan, Social Worker, Buffalo, New York (5.18.05)

“I appreciate your perspective and have a similar world view. I think it is a reflection of a cultural shift in our country that many participants struggle to see the viability of this perspective. Thank you for ‘swimming upstream’.” – Deborah Williams, Counselor, Buffalo, New York (5.18.05)

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