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New Jersey Seminar Testimonials

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“Very interesting, provocative and useful.” – Fran Grabow, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11) 

Excellent presentation. It was both informative and had enjoyable role-plays.” – Noel Mouldovan, Marriage and Family Therapist, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11) 

“Both enlightening and entertaining.” – Jim Crawford, PhD., Psychologist, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“It definitely was a learning experience which can be applied in daily living.” – Nurse, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“Seminar was great–need more learning experiences like this.” – Marion Lorenzo, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“I found the presentation informative and will be able to apply what I learned to my counseling immediately. Thank you  Izzy!” – Edward Young, Counselor, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“Very interesting seminar, with many helpful suggestions I’m eager to try.” – Angela Travelli White, Counselor/Educator, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“Found that his techniques inherently foster introspection, validation of self worth – kindness, wisdom, and (ultimately) spiritual growth. Both parties thrive towards a beautiful path filled with pure purpose (love). Thank you for Mr. Kalman!” – Lisa Dropkin, Nurse, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“Thank you for an informative, alternative to all the other programs that just don’t help” – Jonathan Richer, Educator, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“Great presentation. Very relevant and accurate. Will be tough to sell approach to conservative school districts.” – John Grund, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11)

“The presentation was fabulous!” – Jody Vesuvio, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (1.13.11) 

“Excellent presenter, extremely relevant topic at this time. Very helpful personally and professionally. Enjoyable seminar, great presentation.” – Stacey Zelenetz, Social Worker, Edison, New Jersey (1.12.11)

“This was an entirely different approach to combating bullying. It was exciting and innovative!” – Michelle Levine, Nurse, Edison, New Jersey (1.12.11)

“Izzy’s passion, beliefs and enthusiasm are contagious! Leaving with useful strategies.” – K.L., Educator, Atlantic City, New Jersey (1.11.11)

“I’ve used a variation of this strategy from time to time for years. I’ve usually mentioned an Eleanor Roosevelt quote about not letting people hurt our feelings. This ‘game’ will be an excellent compliment to this strategy. I enjoyed the role playing and they were terrific in reinforcing characteristics of victim-like behavior.” – Dennis Sherwood, Counselor, Atlantic City, New Jersey (1.11.11) 

“Different unique perspective on bullying.” – Jeanine Miles, Counselor/Director of Business Development, CFG Health Systems, Atlantic City, New Jersey (1.11.11)

“Really good seminar! I learned so much!” – Joanna Henry, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (1.11.11) 

“Makes you think. Creative, insightful and delightful–above all, rational and useful. ‘Bravo!’” – Rosemarie Poverman, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (1.11.11)

“Finally an alternative to all the other bully approaches. This has common sense!” – Kelly Edsall, Psychologist, Parsiappany, New Jersey (5.28.09)

“This seminar focuses on common-sense principles that so many adults have forgotten. The principles of just ‘being a good person’ can never be underestimated…yet so many professionals forget this. I think this presentation was great! Thank you.” – S.L., Counselor, Parsiappany, New Jersey (5.28.09)

“Speaker did an impressive presentation without the use of Power Point and/or other visual aids. Manual–extremely comprehensive.” – Adriana Perrotta, Social Worker, Parsiappany, New Jersey (5.28.09)

“Using these concepts could change individuals, schools and families…maybe even the world.” – Constance Palmer, Social Worker, Parsiappany, New Jersey (5.28.09)

“Thank you. It was great to learn how to look at and address these issues from a different perspective!” – M.C., Counselor, Parsiappany, New Jersey (5.28.09)

“Mr. Kalman was very knowledgeable and presented the material thoroughly. I saw things in a new light.” – Educator, Parsiappany, New Jersey (5.28.09)

“Empowering students and how to teach them to empower themselves is a refreshing approach!” – Ann Rock, Counselor, New Brunswick, New Jersey (5.27.09)

“This was extremely worthwhile–the concepts about bullying were right on the mark and his solutions were practical and easy to use. Great job! I felt that I could take what I needed and use it immediately.” – Counselor, New Brunswick, New Jersey (5.27.09)

“This is the third time I took this seminar. Each time I walked away (impressed) with his teaching style and information. Please continue this seminar!” – Robert Fox, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“Well presented, excellent research, humorous, serious presenter, didn’t waste one minute! I got my money’s worth! Website is great!” – Theresa Riper, Counselor/Educator, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“The role-play scenarios pulled it all together and made the technique user friendly! This seminar was informative and Izzy kept my interest. The song was brilliant!” – Heather Foley, Social Worker/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“Izzy’s presentation was very helpful not only to apply professionally with clients but personally. The same topics have been part of both worlds recently and learning new ways to address it was great. Izzy also validated my thoughts and what I am trying to teach my clients that are resistant to these ideas.” – Danielle Pascale, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“By utilizing role play, consumers gain a sense of relativity which teaches them how to stay in control in problematic situations. Great tool! Also I agree curse words are just words and it is long overdue that we overcome this superstition. We can’t harp on this miniscule problem when there are much more tumultuous events taking place in the world today. ‘When Jena 6 don’t exist tell them that’s when I’ll stop saying B-tch.’ (Jay-Z, 2007)” –  Chanell Still, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“Presenter used humor and role-plays that kept whole day interesting. Presenter also have multiple inter-active examples of how to implement techniques, which maximized understanding of material and theory.” – Kristen Dare, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“Excellent material and resources. Mr. Kalman was well prepared and very interesting theory and approach to an immediate issue. Nice blend in presentation.” – E.T., Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“Topic was great. It works well with what I am already doing in therapy. It gives me a more structured way to teach my clients.” – Ruth Wright, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Atlantic City, New Jersey (11.15.07)

“Entertaining and informative!” – Nicholas Krutchkoff, Probation Officer, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“I enjoyed the instructor’s wit and humor throughout the lecture. Very informative and I can’t wait to try what I learned.” – Eric Schuetz, Educator, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“I felt the portion on humor was right on. I definitely agree that we as people need to learn to laugh at ourselves.” – Jeffrey Small, Social Worker, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“These are basic truths in the universe that were presented clearly, logically and effectively and can transform most relationship problems. I’m impressed.” – Name Withheld, Social Worker, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“Excellent seminar. Informative and thought provoking. A whole new way of looking at anger.” – Michael Curley, Counselor, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“I received a whole different perspective on approaching my personal anger and teaching my clients.” – Annemarie Lyles, Social Worker/Therapist, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“Your seminar is great and you are hysterically funny.” – A.V., Social Worker/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“Great!” – Latoya Craddox, Counselor, Toms River, New Jersey (11.14.07)

“A welcome and interesting perspective on anger! Enjoyed the speaker’s enthusiasm and style. I would recommend this presentation.” – Mathilda Catarina, Psychologist/Couselor/Educator/Mental Health Agency Clinical Director, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“This was the most enjoyable conference I have ever attended.” – Katherine DeVito, Social Worker, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“I attended this course last year. It was great and it really works!! I came again to make sure I didn’t miss a single thing last year.” – George Segale, Educator, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“The best use of experiential learning techniques I have ever seen used in a seminar. The teacher has a wonderful sense of humor and knows how to use it effectively. The first seminar I have attended wherein gems of useful, practical information was dispersed throughout the program, not crammed in at the end.” Kathleen McGrath, Social Worker/Counselor, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“I really liked the song! What a great technique to help maintain attention with humor and a great song that captured the attitude of a victim (P.S. – a great voice, too!)” – Deborah Abrams, Social Worker, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“Izzy Kalman is a dynamic speaker who uses a hands on approach rather than lecturing. He is very enthusiastic and energetic.” – Danielle Chadwick, Social Worker, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“Information will be applied. This was a very informative seminar. I did receive the valuables of tools needed to work on my own anger management and hopefully share this information with my family to work towards a healthier lifestyle for all of us.” – J.M., Social Worker, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“Excellent seminar, great presenter, Izzy. I conduct and anger management program, based on the work of Newton Hightower. This is a wonderful complement. Thank you.” – David Petersen, Employee Assistance Professional, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“This seminar gave me a new perspective on anger management. I learned a lot and I can’t wait to use it with my students.” – Annette Falkowski, Social Worker, Parsippany, New Jersey (11.13.07)

“Very well presented. ‘Revolutionary’ approach that makes so much common sense. Liked presenter’s dead-pan sense of humor.” – Deborah Hercky, Counselor/Educator, Edison, New Jersey (11.1.05)

“I loved the ‘Magic Questions’! I never thought of the term ‘Bully’ as an insult. Sounds like the standard bully-proofing programs need a paradigm shift.” – Robyn Rosenthal, Counselor, Edison, New Jersey (11.1.05)

“An excellent, easy-to-use approach to defuse bullying situations with a supporting philosophy. Izzy effectively teaches an easy to learn and remember set of responses to avoid being the victim of repeated bullying.” – Rodney Robinson, Psychologist/Counselor, Edison, New Jersey (11.1.05)

“Izzy – Please don’t be discouraged by the professionals that are ‘old school’ and don’t have a good psych background. The man who was quite verbal during seminars was rude and if he has all the answers, why is he here? I agree with your theory of what we say we want for our kids is not what we teach. I don’t feel it’s controversial at all, but commonsense! These kids today do feel entitled but take no responsibility – this will be disastrous in future. Brava!” – Jennifer Jimenez, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (11.2.05)

“This was one of the most interesting seminars I have ever attended.” – Dr. Richard Eugene Benninger, Counselor/Retired Director of Student Services, Tom’s River, New Jersey (10.11.05)

“Izzy has such a refreshing view on such a timely and ‘hot’ topic – it would be nice to see his ideas and techniques become more widespread.” – Name Withheld, Psychologist, Tom’s River, New Jersey (10.11.05)

“Made me think of bullying from a different perspective.” – Julia Stahl, Social Worker, Tom’s River, New Jersey (10.11.05)

“A lot to think about. Beginning these techniques in the early education system could and would most definitely change the future of our educational environment.” – Janice Fierick, Social Worker, Tom’s River, New Jersey (10.11.05)

“I was very interested in this topic and very much enjoyed the presentation. Kalman did an excellent job and is to be commended.” – Sandra Purinton, Counselor, Atlantic City, New Jersey (10.12.05)

“An excellent presentor who fully knows his subject matter. I sincerely appreciate his theory.” – Joan Soto, Counselor/Office Manager, Atlantic City, New Jersey (10.12.05)

“Interesting presentation. Loved the singing!!!” – Grace Morales, Nurse, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“Presentation was informative and excellent. Mr. Kalman’s expertise and understanding of the topic is exceptional.” – Charlotte Sampietro, Counselor, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“Very well presented seminar. Both theory and practical application of the subject material(s) were discussed equally. Nice balanced approach. Instructor has clear professional grasp of all presented objectives. I feel that this seminar has potential to help me with professional career and in family interpersonal relationships.” – Mitchell Scott, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“Very interesting approach to anger management.” – Blaise Baldissard, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“The presenter is clearly kind, bright, genuine and professional. I recommended this workshop to my colleagues. This has been a refreshing and rich learning experience.” – Eileen Purcell, Social Worker/Psychotherapist/Professor, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“This is the most painless learning of late.” – George VanSandt, Marriage and Family Therapist, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“The presenter was very dynamic and his sense of humor made the conference easier to retain and to learn from.” – Guity Fazelpoor, Psychologist, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“A wonderful technique and conceptual framework for creating a safe environment for open discussion and problem solving. I think people were mistaking this technique as the solution in and of itself to tell you what to say or do in a situation which makes you angry, rather than creating an atmosphere for allowing solutions to arise and to allow the freedom for both people to say what they genuinely feel because anger is no longer a part of it and getting in the way.” – Michelle O’Neill, Social Worker, Paramus, New Jersey (6.15.05)

“Izzy is a lively presenter, has synthesized some very important and critical issues in explaining and eliminating anger. His role-plays were stimulating and enlightening.” – Bernard Bilicki, Psychologist, Edison, New Jersey (6.16.05)

“This instructor presented with excellence to a difficult crowd of professionals who were mostly rooted in their existing knowledge base of traditional approaches with (and to) 19th  century dynamics and the development of psychotherapy treatment modalities. A more open crowd – and perhaps a less angry crowd as well – may have been helpful for a better experience. I think most attendees are seeking their own anger solutions in addition to building skills for practice and it surfaced in the room. Instructor handled the room well and I appreciated that he kept on focus and did not entertain too many diverting questions and did not himself get angry.” – Pam Lacy (permission not checked), Social Worker, Edison, New Jersey (6.16.05)

“A number of my patients know that I was participating in this “Anger Management” workshop. I had already told them that I felt that I did not have skills necessary. They are looking forward to finding out what I have learned – and now I can’t wait to show them. I had seen Mr. Kalman on CTV (Staten Island) and my former agency and he was great. I wanted to know more.” [What other seminar topics would you find of interest?] “I cannot tell you what – well maybe couples counseling – but only with a person who is as knowledgeable as Mr. K. – no BS.” – Diane Berger, Social Worker, Edison, New Jersey (6.16.05)

“Very informative – very logical. The visual and verbal responses definitely helped with our retention of how to work one on one with the students! Thank you!” – Lynn Hanson, Educator, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Seminar was brilliant. I am a clinical case manager at RTF for females (8-14). This material will be really helpful at reducing peer conflicts.” – Talia Drummond, Clinical Case Manager, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“I had to sit through a seminar yesterday that was just awful because of the way the information was presented and wasn’t really looking forward to sitting all day again today. Izzy Kalman got my attention right away and kept it throughout the day. Not only did I obtain information regarding the topic, but also techniques and activities to help bring back to my school and teach both staff and students. Great job and very thought provoking – changing my thoughts on our school bullying policy.” Melissa Thompson, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“As a parent, and especially as a counselor, I thank you.” – Kathleen Maloney, Counselor, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Outstanding – shift in philosophy is on target!! Speaker’s knowledge and fluency was most impressive.” – Connie Green, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“I enjoyed the workshop. It interested me because of the different perspective it advocates for dealing with bullies. As a guidance counselor I often try to help the victim see how their responses and behavior encourage bullying and how they can be responsible for their own behavior. I often apply the techniques promoted in this workshop. They are very effective.” – Susan Arthur, Counselor, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“A total paradigm shift – finally it all makes sense.” – Frances Micelli, Counselor/State Administrator, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Informative and excellent skills I will utilize. Thank you! All professionals working with children should be required to attend this workshop.” – Beth Stewart, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Focusing on helping the victim rather than punishing the bully makes much more sense.” Sandra Heisler, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Lots to digest!” – Tina Hennaut, Counselor/Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Because of this workshop, I am taking a whole new look at how we handle bullies in school. I’m not sure how this will be received in the schools in light of the bullying law pressures. I like the fact that you teach skills to victims.” Mary O’Meara, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (4.21.05)

“Great instructor and presentation! Funny, informative, thought provoking.” – Michael Leszczuk, Social Worker, Atlantic City, New Jersey (8.19.04)

“The speaker was well educated and knowledgeable in several areas of anger. His presentation was well thought out and had great role-playing examples. His sense of humor and concern about cases with all age groups made it a great seminar.” – Stephen Turner, Counselor, Atlantic City, New Jersey (8.19.04)

“This was the best seminar I attended. Excellent speaker and material. Excellent demonstration of role plays and the application of lessons.” – Michael W. Watson, Therapist, Atlantic City, New Jersey (8.19.04)

“Keep up the good work! Izzy is captivating, entertaining and took me back to the “old school” values way of thinking. He gives us a very simple approach and way of thinking about an issue that affects every client whom we encounter. His delivery and presentation are impeccable. I have gained so much by attending this workshop that I can apply to the individual, couples, and group work that I do. Definitely ‘got my money’s worth.’” – Christine Adkins-Hutchinson, Psychologist, Edison, New Jersey (8.18.04)

“Excellent presentation skills, provocative. Excellent use of humor.” – An Curtis, Social Worker, Edison, New Jersey (8.18.04)

“On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 15!” Rob Gilbert, Professor, Saddle Brook, New Jersey, (8.17.04)

“Thank you for a great seminar. Very insightful and humorous too.” – Linda Schmidt, Medical Social Worker, Saddle Brook, New Jersey (8.17.04)


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