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New Hampshire Seminar Testimonials

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“Izzy is very knowledgeable about this material. I’m glad that there are rational theories and applicable strategies to address the bully/victim issues because I agree that these anti-bullying campaigns are not well thought out and are not working. I also appreciate the strategies I have learned so that I can help my son. This is a gift! And this is the most applicable conference I have been to in years.” – Julia Carciero, Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (4.17.12)

“Nice role plays, very patient man! Helpful, will utilize with my patients.” – Monique Montigny, Social Worker, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (8.11.10)

“Very intriguing and provocative. I especially like the consideration of the whole dynamic (both parties as victims) in an angry incident. It makes for an interesting and novel perspective from which to explore the incident.” – Guy Tillson, Counselor, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (8.11.10)

“Great seminar. Loved Izzy Kalman. Excellent singer.” – James Cropper, Attorney/Social Worker, Portsmouth, New Hampshire (8.11.10) 

“Izzy has great insights into the world of children and their behaviors. I appreciate his unique approach and willingness to question typical approaches and programs.” – Jennifer Duffy, Counselor, Manchester, New Hampshire (5.13.09)

“Finally! – a conference with actual strategies that can be of immediate use and empowers the ‘victims’!” – Julie Ewing, Counselor/Educator, Manchester, New Hampshire (5.13.09)

“Excellent seminar. It game new ways of thinking about and dealing with bullying. I liked the incorporation of wisdom from the Bible. It was also helpful to learn and think about the differences between life in nature and living in civilization and our genetic responses to threats (and how we can better deal with them given that we live in civilization).” – Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (5.13.09)

“I feel like what you’ve taught us today, I have learned through experience and try to teach the kids I work with. I always second-guessed myself because the approach did not seem “theoretical.” Thank you for confirming and valuing this approach, and teaching this approach to professionals and parents and kids.” – N.M., Guidance Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“This was very practical seminar that has made me excited and hopeful about going back to work and doing these strategies to help the children I work with. It makes so much sense! Thank you!” – Carey Jacobs, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“In my many years of attending conferences, this has been one of the most interesting. A good balance of theory and the teaching of practical skills. Wish I had heard this information years earlier!” – L.B., Psychologist, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“Great! I can’t wait to share this info with my colleagues at my school. I hope it can make a difference in our policies around bullying. Every school adjustment counselor or school social worker should attend your workshop.” – Erica Gorton, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“Presenter gives a new way of thinking about an old concept. We always knew bullies bully because the victim lets them. But now we have tools to help the victim stop the cycle.” – Jull Vetstein, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“Excellent and thought provoking workshop.” – Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“Izzy is a fantastic teacher whose every word is delivered with intention and precision. His view/perspective on bullying hits the nail on the nose! I’ve been struggling with the increase of bullying and the growing trend for parents to make schools responsible for all bullying in/out/cyber wherever.” – Christine Nunziato, Counselor/Educator, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“Excellent presentation. I especially enjoyed the skill of using humor to diffuse someone’s power.” – Danielle Paoli, Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (5.13.09)

“Wonderful! Better than I imagined. Will be very helpful in my work as a therapist in a school for children with language based learning disabilities.” – James Kent, Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (1.16.08)

“Very creative, intriguing use of role plays. Interesting and educational use of self (singing, humor); metaphorically helpful in understanding seminar objectives. Passionate as well as compassionate belief in seminar objectives. Ultimately this seems to be an effective tool to use therapeutically to help clients dealing with anger control, by empowering them.” – Marjorie Goldbaum, Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (1.16.08)

“I enjoyed Izzy’s teaching style. His self disclosure and sense of humor really added to his presentation.” – Sarah Pelletier, Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (1.16.08)

“Izzy is a fantastic instructor! This was very informative and eye-opening, and also VERY entertaining!” – Anna Riley, Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (1.16.08)

“The pervasiveness of the content of this seminar in my life is both exhilarating and overwhelming. New information – the hypocrisy and ineffectiveness of the ‘anti-bullying’ movement.” – J.S., Counselor/Educator, Manchester, New Hampshire (12.14.05)

“Much more useful and down to earth than most seminars I’ve attended.” – Florrie Johnson, Psychologist, Manchester, New Hampshire (12.14.05)

“Excellent seminar. Refreshingly logical.” – Judith Glixon, Counselor, Manchester, New Hampshire (12.14.05)

“Izzy – you are really creative and bright and certainly your work is a prime example of ‘thinking outside the box’. Thanks for your thinking and hard, hard work. Izzy – you rushed a lot and it made it hard to follow sometimes – you talk very fast. You are very intense and despite three smiles all day, you didn’t seem to be having much fun. Maybe you are trying to cover too much. Your sense of humor greatly enhanced the seminar!” – Pat Hollick, Social Worker, Manchester, New Hampshire (2.22.05)

“This was the most useful conference I’ve ever attended, after 12 years of conscientiously attending seminars. And I find the information is applicable to countless clients (students) and parents.” Janet Butler, School Counselor, Manchester, New Hampshire (2.22.05)

“For 30 years as a therapist I have attended workshops – this one I believe is the clearest and most valuable one personally and professionally I’ve ever attended! Wish I had this 30 years ago.” – Bill Zeckhausen, Licensed Pastoral psychotherapist, Manchester, New Hampshire (2.22.05)


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