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Nevada Seminar Testimonials

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“Thank you so much. This is the third or fourth seminar with you. You make it fun, interesting and very applicable.” – Suzanne Jezewski, Counselor/Educator, Reno, Nevada (7.09.13)

“Great seminar! Izzy is the bomb! It was really good to lighten up a ‘heavy subject.’” – Coni Evans, Nurse, Reno, Nevada (7.09.13)

“Helpful hands on tools I can use right off the bat!” – George Makiello, Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (7.09.13)

“I learned so much about my anger and the anger of others in relationships. I appreciate the humor in the learning process.” – D.W., Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (7.09.13)

“Exceptional presentation. Izzy is a wise man and a great teacher.” – James C. Euler, Marriage and Family Therapist/Pastor, Reno, Nevada (7.09.13)

“Very, very interesting, knowledgeable, and humorous not to mention educational. Worh every minute. Teachings should be taught in elementary education. Mr. Kalman is a very gracious man.” – Marilyn McNiff, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Excellent! I’ll definitely be able to use these techniques in my own life as well as in my practice!” – Orlene McKellar, Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Wonderful, active interaction with audience! Very sweet instructor. Wonderful manual!!” – Barbara State, Counselor/Educator, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Would have liked a little more time–he’s an excellent presenter! His information was thorough and fun!” – Gayle Kallmann, Social Worker, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Izzy Kalman was dynamic and knowledgeable. The material presented was informative and practical and presented in a manner that was entertaining as well as useful. Favorite seminar yet!” – Linda Guastella, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Love the use of role-playing and humor! Kept my attention–easy to learn concepts that will truly help my clients.” – Sharon Harris, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Excellent ideas and very counter cultural which makes one think. I will use some of these ideas in my practice.” – David Sullivan, Psychologist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

Information and ideas and beliefs I was already familiar with but presented in such a way that if it can be easily communicated to and understood by clients of all ages.” – Psychologist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Funny speaker. Very entertaining. Great seminar.” – Karri Humenski, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Superb, best CE I’ve attended in years, provocative, smart, engaging! I can appreciate this info as both a psychologist and a mom.” – Ampara Shannon, Psychologist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.29.12)

“Such a breath of fresh air–educationally/philosophically-speaking! The role-playing was an excellent device.” – Harriett Warren, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“Valuable and informative presentation. Effective use of demonstration, role-playing. Izzy’s sense of humor added to the impact of the presentation. Thanks for a workshop worth the time.” – Joseph Sannazzaro, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“Time and humor can heal anything. I feel this priceless information needs to be presented to every elementary, middle and high school across the nation and world, not only to students, but to teachers, administrators and all school staff. The anti-bully campaign is truly blinding this seminar’s important message. Keep up the good work!!!” – Brian Kirkley, Juvenile Probation Officer, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“A new spin on examining the bullying problems in our schools.” – Mike Walker, Educator, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“I practice this philosophy at my school! I am very interested in spreading the word not only at my school, but district wide…state wide. My district/state just passed an Anti-Bully law–ridiculous! We need help here in Nevada. I can spread the word with your help.” – Prim Walters, Educator, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“Love the win/lose approach! Really works with k-5 kids I work with…makes sense to them and they can use it without a ton of effort.” – Lisa Shea, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“Loved it! Very eye opening and thought provoking.” – Tessa Blanthorn, Counselor,

“Changed the way I thought about bullies and victims.” – C.S., Educator, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“A refreshing approach to our ‘bullying’ fixation. The presentation kept me awake, laughing and thinking of change.” – Donna Campbell, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“Great wisdom–I see your reasoning based upon the Bible, God’s perfect advice. Thank you for this Solid Source!” – Jesse Sabo, Educator, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“First workshop in years that I actually wanted to pay attention to. Well done!!! I recall a high school Spanish class I had where at the beginning of the year two students started teasing the teacher. By the midterm the entire class was teasing him because he had so lost control of the class. I learned no Spanish that year. Thank you.” – Psychologist, Reno, Nevada (12.15.11)

“This was an exceptional workshop that presented useful information in a highly effective and entertaining manner. I learned much more than I expected.” – L. L., Psychologist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.10.10)

“Fantastic! A common sense, humane way of problem solving!” – C.L., Social Worker/Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.10.10)

“Presentation was definitely opposite to what I’ve been taught. I’m anxious to try it because what we’re doing isn’t working. I want to focus on the victims and this program I am hoping will allow me to do this. Excellent presentation! Loved the role-playing.” – Genia Wolfe, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.10.10)

“I ran across your website while looking for resources to assist my victims, put to use a few of the tools, loved the results. Got the flyer for the seminar and jumped at the opportunity to come to it. Children need to be more resilient.” – Kelly Myers, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.10.10)

“Every teacher and administrator should hear your presentation!” – Denise Donohue, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.10.10)

“Excellent presenter! Loved the humor!” – Christiane Schau, Educator, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.10.10)

“Practical option for parents, teachers and counselors. Rational analysis of today’s views and solutions for ‘bullying.’ How we are inadvertently creating psychological marshmallows. Great insights! Thank you!” – D.B., Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)

“Very helpful to demonstrate techniques versus getting lost in theory. Thank you!” – Joanne Fontana, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)


“Nature versus civilization really clicked regarding anger. Also looking at and resolving the pain before it goes to anger. Great class!” – Carol Vickrey, Nurse, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)


“Especially appreciated focusing on how the techniques work for the professional first, then apply to clients…focusing on self application and understanding FIRST!!! That’s my teaching philosophy also!! Thank you!” – L.K., Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Educator, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)


“Very humorous, pertinent to life situations. Highly entertaining.” – Sarah Kinsey, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)


“Fantastic, useful, entertaining seminar!!! Best part was teaching by example–role playing with volunteers. Excellent way to teach the skills and to walk away with the ability to apply them in all areas of life and work.” – Janet Laxalt, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)


“Great job. Well researched and though out. The presenter was engaging and informative.” – Alexa Waldmann, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (7.15.10)

“Presenter was engaging, informative and entertaining. Great content. Finally some realistic techniques. Based on great premise!” – Erin Hamlin, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (8.21.08)

“The material was strong confirmation for a perspective/approach I have started using with teens in handling anger. Thank you for this confirmation. Sometimes its scary to step out of the box.” – Mary Perez, Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (8.21.08)

“A unique point of view that has made me rethink past approaches I’ve taken and try this new way with many of my clients.” – Carol Tibbals, Psychologist, Reno, Nevada (8.21.08)

“Great presenter!” – Nancy Held, Psychologist/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (8.21.08)

“I really liked the section on humor and using it as a tool to deflect anger. The role-plays were helpful to understanding the material. I especially related to the last one as far as my job goes. I’d suggest using different role-plays for ‘the game’ and the 6 rules, just in case the first role-play isn’t easy for some people to relate to.” – Danielle Margosian, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (8.21.08)

“I enjoyed the presentation. Agree that society is focused on eliminating the skills for individual coping ability. Instructor was excellent.” – Case Manager, Reno, Nevada (8.21.08)

“As an elementary school counselor, I appreciate the validation of what I have been saying to the students at my school. It does work!” – Noreen Swenson, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (9.20.07)

“Very good! I want to learn more. We would like to get you as a presenter at our school district.” – Donna Seager, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (9.20.07)

“Your ideas have given me a lot to think about.” Virginia Craik, Educator, Reno, Nevada (9.20.07)

“This was very informative and refreshing material. Awesome.” – Mary Lucca, Educator, Reno, Nevada (3.30.06)

“This was a great presentation. The concrete skills are the most valuable thing in this program! Role-playing is a great way to put his ideas into practice. I wish there was more time for questions and answers! I loved it – Thanks! I plan to use these techniques as soon as possible.” – Amy Long, Educator, Reno, Nevada (3.30.06)

“Nice job, Izzy! Very helpful and refreshing. I’ll be adding this in therapy with parents and children. All school teachers need to be taught how to diffuse problems as simple as this!” Jessica Burkhamer, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (3.30.06)

“Great presentation. Thoughtful, paradigm shifting, very effective. I would highly recommend this seminar.” – Catherine Aisner, Psychologist, Reno, Nevada (3.30.06)

“It is a radical and perfectly logical method. I’m anxious to try it out. Lord knows what we’ve done so far hasn’t been very effective.” – Cindy Owings, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (3.30.06)

“I like the focus in this presentation being on how to empower the victim. It is a sad but true reality that bullying will always be part of life, and we must teach our children how to protect themselves emotionally.” – Kathy Shovlin, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“Though  controversial, I enjoyed the challenge of my practices. You made me reconsider and rethink how I deal with issues as a principal. I hope to share your ideas with my teachers. Thanks.” – Martin Soderborg, Principal, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“Powerful role-playing demonstrations. I can’t wait to share this information with teachers and students.” – Jeannie Brewer, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“This presentation helped me better approach a student or group on this topic and use these new skills to demonstrate how to effectively resolve conflict with both parties feeling like winners.” – Milton Jones, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“Appreciate your original thinking and intelligence. Useful information.” – Carol Turner, Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“I am a counselor at a Court Continuation Middle School. My position encompasses a lot of the duties of dean also. Most of my students are either bullies or the victims of bullies that decided to fight back. I plan on using the material learned today. I will use it January as part of my training program that I am presenting to our staff as part of our staff development.” – Susanne Ferris-Repp, Counselor/Educator/Dean, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“Izzy for President!” – Kelly Beck, Psychologist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“Great seminar! Very enlightening.” – Marjorie Diorio, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“I like the idea of practical applications to age old spiritual truths.” – Thoman Smith, Educator, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.17.05)

“Izzy is awesome – such a great orator – keeps on talking without notes or video screen. He is wonderful talking on humor, freedom of speech, origin of our anger. Outstanding manual! Thank you.” – Barbara State, Counselor/Educator, Las Vegas, Nevada (4.14.05)

“Izzy talks faster than I can absorb, so the workbook is valuable on a subject he knows well. I am eager to use his ‘game’ with some people who bug the hell out of me – and with some clients, too.” – Judie Gold, Counselor/Psychologist, Las Vegas, Nevada (4.14.05)

“The use of humor in decreasing the verbal aggressiveness of others will be most helpful in my work with teens, children and families. I would encourage all who must deal with combative individuals to take this course.” – Lynn Nickens, Social Worker, Las Vegas, Nevada (4.14.05)

“Excellent material to use with adjudicated and angry male adolescents.” – Domingo Garcia, Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (4.14.05)

“You have a lot of courage to tackle sensitive topics and teach people how to defuse it. Many presenters would not tackle such sensitive topics!” – Kelly Wooldrigde, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Thanks for an entertaining and practical workshop. Will help a lot in my family therapy practice.” – Stephen Sprinkel, Marriage and Family Therapist Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Meaningful, genuine, and concrete. You helped by your honesty and self-revelations. I already started using it at lunch and sharing it with my husband before the seminar was even over. This may sound corny, but I am a better person and professional because of your seminar.” – Name withheld, Counselor, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Role-plays demonstrated effective techniques for anger. A win-win solution for all involved. Thoroughly enjoyed.”  – Lorrie Thomas, Youth Counselor, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Good speaker, different and exciting approach to examining anger.” – Debra Brioza, Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Izzy Kalman is a terrific speaker. He made a day long course a lot of fun.” – Jennifer Herz, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“This seminar was very interesting and exciting. I can’t wait to use it with my clients and personal life. The program was easy to understand and makes sense. Your anger song was very entertaining.” – Sandra Rowe, Social Worker, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Great! Were able to verbalize and put into a curriculum what I’ve been thinking.” – Janet Feehan, Instructor, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Very effective; entertaining value also enhances learning experience.” – Erica Duff, Marriage and Family Therapist, Reno, Nevada (10.21.04)

“Excellent and opened my eyes to a different perspective. Loved the role-playing.” – M.P., Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.08.04)

“Skill-building for victims is awesome.” – Susan Mancino, PhD, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.08.04)

“Much better than I anticipated – made me see things from a different perspective.” RJ Turner, PhD, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.08.04)

“Excellent program! New concepts, well presented, user-friendly, valid, logical.” – Sherri Katzdarn, Marriage and Family Therapist, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.08.04)

“I found this seminar very thought provoking and I will try these strategies with my students.” – Joni Warinner, Counselor, Las Vegas, Nevada (11.08.04)

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