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Montana Seminar Testimonials

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“After only a one day conference I feel like I have the tools to impact the atmosphere in our school by actually ‘turning bullies into buddies’! The ‘magic responses’ and role plays make it very user-friendly. The kids are going to love it!” – Mary Salsbury, Elementary School Counselor, Billings, Montana (6.27.06)

“This is just what I was praying the workshop would be about. I can take something back to the school setting that I can sue right off the bat. Thanks.” – John Wyatt, Counselor, Billings, Montana (6.27.06)

 “This approach is very similar to the one I used personally as a school counselor over a 20 year period (burned out and left school system in 1996) Most of my stress was a result of teachers who responded poorly to ‘inappropriate’ comments and behaviors of students. I never fit into the school environment because I wouldn’t join the teachers in their ostracizing the kids, by seeing them as the enemy. I’m now in private practice doing ‘Christian counseling’ helping individuals learn how to take responsibility for their own feelings/problems and become able to ‘turn the other cheek’.” – Witthar Marian, Counselor, Billings, Montana (6.27.06)

 “I found this seminar very enlightening. It answered many questions I had about children’s behavior at school around the ‘bullying curriculum’ our district has asked to teach and why it didn’t seem to be helping our students make better choices or behave better. I appreciate your sense of humor.” – Peggy Glantz, Counselor, Billings, Montana (6.27.06)

 “I’ve used Mr. Kalman’s material, but never thought I’d hear him speak, It was excellent; I was honored to attend.” – Glenda Barbula, Counselor/Educator, Billings, Montana (6.27.06)

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