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Missouri Seminar Testimonials

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“Great learning experience.” – Pamela Shifter, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13)

“Enjoyed the seminar and the new approach on subject matter.” – Melissa Wiley, Case Manager/Counseling Student, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13)

“I basically learned that everything we’ve been focusing on is wrong J.” – Jennifer Maloney, Case Manager/Educator, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13)

“Some of the craziest, weirdest, most dysfunctional people I know have degrees in psychology. Izzy Kalman is well balanced, and highly skilled in tact and diplomacy. This presentation is good!” – Will Daniel, Counselor/Social Worker/Educator, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13)

“I definitely learned I had the problem and the solution backwards. Learned a lot. Great seminar. Knowledgeable, approachable instructor. Thanks. Appreciate instructor’s time, talent and voice!” – Lynn Stadnyk, Counselor/Nurse, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13)

“I really learned techniques and strategies I can apply now with my clients/students. Izzy Kalman is very dynamic and engaging. His techniques and style are transformational.” Dr. Brenda French, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13)

“I learned a tremendous amount! The best, yet new for me, approach to anger and bullying I have ever heard. Of all the Cross Country Education workshops this was by far the best one!” – Marva Robinson, Psychologist, St. Louis, Missouri (8.15.13) dr.

“This is a new approach for me, and will be very useful in my work with alcoholics and addicts.” – Scott Ehrilich, Counselor/Chaplain, Columbia, Missouri (8.14.13)

“Great presentation. It will help with nearly all of my client situations.” – Pamela Huweiler, Counselor, Columbia, Missouri (8.14.13)

“The game was excellent! Great and easy to implement with clients and families. Great wit and humor! Educational and entertaining! Refreshing and realistic!” – Amy Kiso Bledsoe, Counselor, Columbia, Missouri (8.14.13)

“Helped me to learn a new approach to anger and its control. Enjoyable presentation. Role playing helped in understanding of topic and material.” – Mary Bing, Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (8.13.13)

“Helpful both professionally and personally.” – Pamela Miller, Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (8.13.13)

“’Excellent’ presentation!” – Chung Martin, Nurse, Wichita, Kansas (8.12.13)

“The seminar was not only very educational, but also very entertaining.” – William Gerstner, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (9.22.11)“Excellent seminar. One of the best I have attended.” – Beth Bloom, Case Manager, Kansas City, Missouri (9.22.11)

“Fantastic graps of issues and approaches. Fully authentic.” – W.H., Psychologist, Kansas City, Missouri (9.22.11)

“Really enjoyed the song and use of humor. Appreciated being reminded that traditional values really do make sense.” – Sharon Graham, Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (9.22.11)

“Thank you. I am trying your techniques in Trenton, MO. I didn’t want to take a rest room break – afraid I would miss something to help my clients.” – Dorothy Trul, Educator, Director, Children’s Dept. at Mental Health Center, Kansas City, Missouri (9.22.11)

“The role playing was surprisingly good. I appreciate your attitudes regarding entitlement and how government is encouraging people to become more dependent, helpless.” – Wayne Byars, Psychologist, Kansas City, Missouri (9.22.11)

“I was expecting the usual drill about how to deal with anger. This seminar gave me a practical (non-defensive) way to handle anger. The tie in between bullying and anger was awesome.” – Maxine Birdsong, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended!” – Student Advocate, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“Mr. Izzy was incredibly informative, creative, down to earth and effective. First seminar in quite a long time that was valuable!” – Lanette Madison-Hinton, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“A common sense approach, blending psychology with traditional wisdom.” – Robert Fleischman, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“Very useful approach for the school counseling setting.” – Cindy Jackson, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“Instructor was very engaging and humorous. Good practical instruction (and yes, simple!)” – Judith Hoffman, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“The presenter kept me engaged and I really felt like I learned something that I can apply to myself as well as teach others.” – Janelle Doss, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (9.22.11)

“The culture that this theory has the potential to create is a great one. If you start early in the life of the students we can reduce the amount of bullying that happens in the school.” – Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (10.19.10)

“Excellent presentation–needs to be taught in all education settings.” – Naomi Hunter, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (10.19.10)

“Really good seminar! Looking forward to applying concepts with my clients. As a therapist who works with kids on a daily basis, the topic is both relevant and greatly appreciated.” – Rebecca Horner, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Springfield, Missouri (10.19.10)

“Valuable, intelligent, useful take-away information and guidelines for reducing ‘victim-hood’ presented in a clear, creative and captivating manner. Well worth the money and time. It is a pleasure to attend something that provides concrete techniques and not merely abstract theory.” – Tammy Bridges, Educator, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Great presentation. Appreciated especially the transparency and honesty of the presenter.” – Lloyd Bridges, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Mr. Kalman uses his chutzpah in a very effective and meaningful manner–very refreshing!” – Orna Isaacson, Case Manager/Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Thank you for a tool in disarming those bullies which are actually victims too, into a resolution! There are actual ‘payoffs’ for kids getting kids in trouble that appear weak. A great resource for teachers to empower conflict resolution!” – Brenda Ziegler, Case Manager/Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Izzy Kalman did a fantastic job of providing a foolproof method of empowering victims to deal effectively with bullies.” – Linda Luecke, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Engaging, funny and brave.” – Judi Timmons, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Very helpful seminar. I loved the manual because it is written out and not just Power Point notes. The role plays were great and helped lock in the key idea. Very dynamic presentation–very enjoyable day! Can’t wait to teach this to clients and also use in marriage counseling!” – Deborah Deutsch, Counselor/Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Well done, finally a technique I can use tomorrow to help students who are reporting being bullied every day.” – Michelle Yoder, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“I enjoyed the content and humor of the presentation. Izzy gave no-nonsense realistic strategies to use immediately. People must start taking responsibility for self, their own happiness and well being and stop blaming others for how they are feeling.” – Crystal Hammondmorrow, School Counselor/Psychological Examiner, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“Presenter has done a nice job translating traditional learning concepts (e.g., punishment, rewards, extinction of behaviors, variable reinforcement, etc.,) into practical, sensible strategies.” – Rebecca DeGraaf, Psychologist, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“The presentation was great, interesting and solid. The song was wonderful! I’m looking forward to more information on THANK YOU!” – Linda Champlin, Counselor/Educator, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“The seminar was innovative and thought provoking. I will use the techniques at work and with my clients.” – Jeanie Dale, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (11.19.09)

“I love your website and was excited to be able to hear you in person. So much of what you say reminds me of the way I was trained to work with kids. Much of your info sounds and makes such common sense. This is EQ, Optimism, and Love and Logic rolled into one.” – Sydney Sauer, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (11.18.09)

“It was a great presentation. Very real role plays and ways to handle the situations. I would highly encourage schools to use this approach to bullying.” – Casey Arambula, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (11.18.09)

“Best seminar I’ve been to in a long time! Excellent, fun and very applicable for work and home. I really appreciate the handout so I didn’t have to kill myself taking notes. Thank you!” – Michon Lester, Educator, Kansas City, Missouri (11.18.09)

“I feel like this could help resolve so many of the day to day issues in school (and in homes!) The information applies to students, teachers, parents, (and on and on!) Thank you!” – Shonna Morrison, Counselor/Educator, Kansas City, Missouri (11.18.09)

“I loved it. Please keep going. Your message could change the world…if only we could get everyone to listen. Thank you.” – Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (11.18.09)

Bullying is a huge topic in my area (Fayetteville, AR), and this has been a help for victims and bullies. It will help with couples counseling, too. After 25 years if practice, I learned something new. Refreshing. Very knowledgeable and proficient teacher. Karen Scott, Psychologist/ Marriage and Family Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (4.7.08)

Speaker was extremely entertaining and authoritative. Time was used efficiently. Patrick Curry, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (4.7.08)

Very enjoyableñhelpful and I will use this in my anger management groups. Thanks! Linda Coker, Social Worker, Springfield, Missouri (4.7.08)

Excellent presenter, good, practical and relevance to practice to use! Great role playing examples! Actually best one of your seminars I have attended. Dynamic, not boring! Kayherine Tynes, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Springfield, Missouri (4.7.08)

Mr. Kalman was very knowledgeable and inspiring. I will walk away from this seminar with a wonderful understanding of how to control my anger and help others with their anger. This was a great seminar. Carrie Sharp, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (4.7.08)

About time someone got it! Chester Michel, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

Thanks for helping us and our clients lead happier more peaceful lives. At lunch the comments were very positive and we were all making plans to use this in our therapy groups with children. Andrea Sturgis, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

This presenter is really delightful. He’s not only humorous, but he’s an expert on this topic and does an excellent job at keeping our interest. This is the first seminar where I have felt equipped to be a better therapist at the end of it. Phyllis Hammons, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

This seminar made me rethink some of the things I had been taught or believed, especially about our reaction to words that we consider offensive. Sue Fisher, Educator, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

The approach of challenging long held perceptions to reveal unique dynamics about anger held on our culture was really effective. Role playing was really useful to interactive participation. Robert Gladden, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

Thoroughly enjoyed seminar interesting subject matter. Presenter did a fine job presenting the subject material/information and keeping the interest of the group throughout the entire time allotted. I particularly liked reframing anger in terms of an optical illusion the light bulb went on in my mind’s eye and this will come in very handy when counseling in relationships/interpersonal issues, very basic, so important. Mark Peek, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

Absolutely wonderful and very worth the 3 Ω hour drive. Informative as well as entertaining! I highly suggest this seminar for anyone who wants to improve relationships as well as all educators or mental health professionals. Julia Scott, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

I generally dread these things, but in the four years I’ve been in private practice and attending to acquire CEUs, this has been the best one I’ve attended! Thuy Rudy, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (3.26.07)

Thank you for having the courage to say things that are not politically correct. Beth Yordtriede, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

Reinforced many things I already believe and do with my clients. However, I learned so much more, especially the game. I look forward to increasing my skills and now have a wonderful new tool for my tool box. Margaret Finley, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

This was the least boring seminar I’ve been to. Izzy is a professional teacher and uses his warmth and humor to get his point across. His use of in vivo therapy examples with seminar volunteers shows his comfort and mastery of his material. Most excellent. John Boget, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

Very good. Sounds like Izzy has more info to share. Would like to see more of him. Maybe it could be a two or three day seminar. Todd Cadell, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

I am looking forward to taking what I have learned to share with my coworkers and to put this to use with my adolescent clients. Thanks so much for giving me new perspectives in dealing with anger. Terry Stealyey, Case Manager, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

Thank you for being bold enough to confront and challenge the status quo. Politics and special interest groups have controlled the field and you have been bold enough to point it out and help us get back to the basics!! Steve Voss, Associate Professor of Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

Great common sense approach to anger management and recipe for individual responsibility of happiness/peace. Jana Leneave, Counselor/Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

Topic pertinent (very) to today’s troubling issues. Presented by knowledgeable, interesting, motivating master teacher. Betty Bequette, Counselr/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

This was one of the best seminars I have been to in a long time. I walked away with many new tools to use. Personally and professionally. Bonnie Garkie, Case Manager, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

This really is an excellent course. The instructor is interesting and entertaining. Subject material relevant to my professional development as a counselor. The information is new and fresh. Presented in a way I’ve not heard before. I would gladly attend another course taught by this speaker. Kimberly Osmanagic, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

This has been an excellent seminar. I’m a counselor in a church. This wonderfully puts into practical ways of loving your enemies. Thank you. I have a cold but you certainly kept my interest. Thank you. John Dawson, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

Excellent seminar! Love your Freedom of Speech views and your criticism of hate speech laws and current trends in law and psychology, school policies, etc. Your approach to anger is liberating. Name Withheld, Psychologist, St. Louis, Missouri (3.23.07)

This is interesting because it teaches responsibility. I can see This process increasing the client’s self-esteem because they feel they have been able to take control of the situation in addition to solving the crisis situation. Engaging style of speaking which kept the audience attention so well. Ann Dell Johnson, Counselor/Nurse, Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

I work with a Batterer’s Intervention program and I totally agree with your comments on ‘victims’. Thank you. Great Program. L.A., Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

Very good and entertaining! Good views on personal accountability and power of curse words (I’ve always tried to explain that, but feel I have a much better way to now). Good role playing examples that I can do with clients. Heather Bradley, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

Sane, rational and full of wisdom, and yet so thought provoking as to turn my world upside down and create some cognitive dissonance. Maureen Burns, Psychotherapist, Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

I really liked the game and feel I can use it readily with many types of clients (ages, presenting problems, etc.). I’m so glad there was finally a seminar that is practical and useful. Susan Dunaway, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

First time in a very long time that I have received a premise substantiated well enough to challenge me to rethink fundamentals behind anger control. Patricia Martell, Counselor/Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

This has been one of the most entertaining and educational seminars that I have attended in 10 years. It was refreshing to have a presenter that didn’t have to rely on Power Point structure. Ann Reading, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (3.22.07)

Excellent workshop! You gave us more than I anticipated receiving. I can’t wait to share the information with our school staff and students. Being in attendance kind of felt like being in church. The principles taught were global. Georgia Roskelley, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (6.06.06)

This was a very valuable look at the bully/victim’ situation. Teaching victims how to gain respect and possibly friendship from the bully and others is a win-win situation. Marsha Crotts, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (6.06.06)

Mr. Kalman makes some great points. Why have we complicated so many things for our kids? Lonnie Compton, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (6.06.06)

The material was practical, presented in an orderly, interesting manner, and well worth the time and fee invested on my part. Harvey Thomas, Psychologist, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

This has been one of the very best seminars I’ve attended at Cross Country. Keep up the excellent work. Cindy Becker, Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

Great presentation. The content is practical, easy to use, just plain makes sense! Not only will I use the material with my clients, I plan to use it with my husband and kids. Holly Fitzpatrick, Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

This was a very insightful seminar. The presenter came up with a strategy that we as mental health workers/educators haven’t thought about. The presenter knew his stuff. Excellent. Carol Graves, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

It’s refreshing to attend a day-long seminar that makes you pay attention the whole time and feel you are learning valuable material the entire seminar. The energetic presentation style of the presenter is the largest reason for this. Charles Shapiro, Social Worker, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

Refreshingly unwhiney. Leonard Little, Psychologist, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

This seminar provided me examples of ways to demonstrate/explain to my clients how they can take responsibility to improve their own lives. Great humor. Maribeth King, Psychologist, Kansas City, Missouri (9.27.05)

I really enjoyed this conference. It helped me rethink how I am dealing with and teaching others about anger. Very practical information. Brooke Dorr, Counselor, Columbia, Missouri (9.28.05)

I thought this seminar was very educational. Being a school counselor I am very eager to bring Izzy’s game into my school to help my students turn their bullies into buddies as well as teach bullies to stop. Jennifer Mills, Counselor, Columbia, Missouri (9.28.05)

Izzy is wonderful in his presentation. He is politically correct by being honest. Much of the material presented is what I can use on a daily basis; just different terms. His style brings it all together quickly. Anyone would benefit from this training, it is real as well as easily learned, practiced, and modeled. I will sing the song, giving Izzy the credit of course. Thank you.! Dana Busche-Goodson, Counselor, Columbia, Missouri (9.28.05)

Finally the cure for anger management strategies. I like the way the workbook is constructed to coordinate with the presentation. Great examples of humor. Sue Doerhoff, Social Worker, Columbia, Missouri (9.28.05)

Izzy’s presentation was excellent. He held my attention throughout the day in spite of a cold room. His use of humor is very effective and he models the techniques very clearly. Janis Gallamore, Counselor, Columbia, Missouri (9.28.05)

I have heard Izzy speak on Bullies  conference. I attend many conferences and some I don’t remember as much, but this is the one speaker who I like to listen to and use these techniques. They work! I actually look forward to situations when I can use these skills. Nancy Mueller, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

I agree with Izzy Kalman’s principles. This seminar reaffirmed my beliefs in how I work with students every day. Mary Cognata, Educator, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

Great use of humor! I haven’t been engaged this much in a presentation in years. Demonstration of  ‘the game’ was great! Maria Stokes, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

Presenter is very knowledgeable and made sitting for several hours not so bad. The manual that was provided is a definite bonus. I found that the role plays made the topic much easier to digest. The day went by very fast and I feel as if I have gained more insight into addressing my anger and others’ anger appropriately. Vanessa Brown McConnell, Social Worker, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

Original views presented on the subject; as a clinical psychologist who has searched for a view on this topic and practical tools that help with all relationships this is the most meaningful view and strategies to address the problem that I have ever been exposed to. Maybe it could be made two days. Julie Paull, Psychologist, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

This method makes great sense, more than any other I’ve seen. Ellen Lowe, Counselor, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

Much of what was discussed I have been living by and trying to convey to my clients. This seminar will really help me to articulate the concepts to them. Although I worry I will not be able to do the material/techniques justice. I also agree that Freedom of Speech rocks! Penn and Teller’s TV program ‘Bullshit’ makes an excellent contribution to this topic. I tear up whenever I explain to my children why it is so important. ‘The People Vs. Larry Flint’ is also a great resource to get people interested and passionate about F.O.S. Great presentation today. I like how the presenter pulled from many area. Very cybernetic and Bradfor Keeney-esque. Thanks. Krishell Hadsell, Counselor/Mediator, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

Too cold! Other than that, it was excellent. The presenter is excellent. His manner of presenting captivates the audience. Great information to take home especially ways of improving my relationship with my children as well as those I work with. Chris Lloyd, Physical Therapist, St. Louis, Missouri (9.29.05)

Mr. Kalman has obviously thought deeply about human relationships especially about anger and is able to distill this wisdom to a very useable format. Sue Brown, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (9.6.05)

Izzy’s da bomb. His perspective on civilization was eye-opening. We really have fostered a dependent world with little or no personal responsibility for our own behavior. It is always someone else’s fault. Jeremy Pischke, Counselor/Case Manager, Springfield, Missouri (9.6.05)

This material was very applicable to my profession and the techniques seemed very user friendly. Mr. Kalman was a great presenter and made the material very easy to understand. Renee Reed, Counselor/Case Manager, Springfield, Missouri (9.6.05)

I believe this information was very good and will help me both personally and professionally. Nikki Bergstrom, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (9.1.04)

I think this seminar was great. The Game will help me in my marriage, with my Mom, and with co-workers. I can already think of some clients of mine that will benefit from this. Jen Nickels-Schaad, Mental Health Clinician, Kansas City, Missouri (9.1.04)

I like the idea of the game and look forward to trying it with juvenile offenders when facilitating classes. The Role Plays really help to understand everything. Amie Fleury, Youth Services Assessment Officer, Kansas City, Missouri (9.1.04)

Very useful information. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my team member and using with clients. Michelle Lovett, Child and Youth Team Leader, Kansas City, Missouri (9.1.04)

Very effective communicator! Good mix of humor and seriousness. Sonja Holsti-Wells, Counselor, Kansas City, Missouri (9.1.04)

This was an excellent workshop. A new look at anger management. I need to practice it in order to wrap my brain around it. Cindy Surba, Therapist, Kansas City, Missouri (9.1.04)

The information is easy to grasp and positive results can be expected in a short period of time with a variety of situations and most people. The speaker was excellent, informed, and he presented the material in a most effective way. He was outstanding!!! Sallie Robbins, Social Worker, Springfield, Missouri (8.24.04)

Chairs were uncomfortable and too close together. Excellent presenter. Thomas A. Blansett, Psychologist, Springfield, Missouri (8.24.04)

I learned a valuable new strategy and techniques to help clients with anger management. Thank you. Dorsey A., Love, Psychologist, Springfield, Missouri (8.24.04)

Super job! I feel that you did an excellent job, Mr. Kalman, and it just reinforces my beliefs. Thanks. You touched on everything I was interested in: my clients, my kids, and my wife. Nate Adams, Counselor, Springfield, Missouri (8.24.04)


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