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Mississippi Seminar Testimonials

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“Very eye-opening about anti-bullying laws actually backfiring. Dynamics of bullying seem so simple yet misunderstood. Very well organized and presented I learned a lot in an enjoyable atmosphere.” – Susan Morang, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Jackson, Mississippi (8.22.13)

“I am very impressed with course workbook material and speaker’s knowledge in this field. I think it is good to know he has written his own materials. It shows his true passion and interest in the topic.” – Melissa Reynolds, Social Worker, Jackson, Mississippi (4.04.11)

“This seminar was very informative. The role playing was very insightful.” – Dawn Sias, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (4.04.11)

“Refreshingly new take on the topic of bullying. Can’t wait to try some new strategies with my students.” – Jeanne Hays, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (4.04.11)

“Presentation was eye-opening and very encouraging. I am anxious to use what I’ve learned. Awesome job!” – Aerrial Jackson, Social Worker, Jackson, Mississippi (10.20.09)

“Excellent presentation. I attended this seminar several years ago and returned for an update. I use the Bully-proofing techniques frequently in my practice as a clinical psychologist.” – Mary J. Sonntag, Psychologist, Jackson, Mississippi (10.20.09)

“I enjoyed your training. It was very informative and educational. You are very inspiring. Keep up the good work.” – Educator, Jackson, Mississippi (10.20.09)

“Izzy’s presentation was both informative and entertaining…containing common sense wisdom instead of psychological jargon.” – Lee Ozier, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (10.20.09)

“Today’s seminar was really helpful, as it will help educators to solve the problem of bullying in schools which is a major issue in schools right now.” – S.S., Educator, Jackson, Mississippi (10.20.09)

“Super Fantastic!” – Dr. Dinkins Johnson, Psychologist/Counselor//Educator/Social Worker, Jackson, Mississippi (10.20.09)

“Enjoyed workshop–very applicable and a good reminder of how to approach therapy and how to handle personal issues and relationships.” – E.S., Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (6.25.08)

“Intensely practical–what I needed to hear–I drove 462 miles to hear it because I missed it in Dallas! Awesome!” – Harold Durham, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (6.25.08)

“This is a wonderful workshop with excellent role-plays. Izzy is awesome! Thank you!” – Amy Schauer, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (6.25.08)

“Fun, fun, funny! And helpful.” – Teri Miller, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (6.25.08)

“Well done. Informative and enjoyable. Intelligently and artfully presented. Mr. Kalman presented and excellent seminar. Thanks.” – Philip Booth, Counselor/Psychology Instructor, Jackson, Mississippi (6.25.08)

“I was startled at the volume of material and interest I felt as the day went on. Also, at the insights and ideas to use in my work.” – Social Worker, Jackson, Mississippi (6.25.08)

“Effectively presented. Appreciate effort to keep therapy from becoming overwhelmed by legal ‘therapy.’ Therapy is not victim support.” – Robert Gilbert, Marriage and Family Therapist, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“Great seminar. Presentation was excellent. Presenter was very down to earth and approachable. Had great jokes.” – Angela Carter, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“Presenter was innovative, imaginative and informative. I love how he risked and sang and was self-confident – and on target! He helped me to ‘get it’!” – Johnnie Ware, Marriage and Family Therapist/Chaplain, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“This conference was very insightful. I learned how to redirect my anger and deescalate the situation. I strongly recommend this seminar for others in the counseling profession.” – Eileen Anderson, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Well understood message. Great presenter, you are cleared to move about the country!” – Etta Collins, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Educator, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“The speaker was well informed and entertaining. One of the best conferences I’ve been to.” – Kimberly Madakasira, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Psychologist, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“This course provided an entirely different view for me to help children in the mental health field to handle conflict in a fun and humorous way.” – Kelli Leo, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“I really enjoyed this seminar because the speaker was well understood and was also a positive speaker. He also kept everyone alert at all times and everything was well detailed for the audience to grasp. He’s a person I can relate to especially with expressing the Golden Rule.” – Letha Armstrong, Direct Care Worker/Ward Supervisor, Jackson, Mississippi (8.14.07)

“I greatly enjoyed the information and the presenter. It was refreshing to see that ‘true wisdom’ can be taught and shared with all types of professionals. Especially quotations of great people of FAITH. I’ve learned a lot. Amazed at how things so simple was made so complicated by some participants.” Brenda George, Resource Teacher, Jackson, Mississippi (5.11.06)

“Excellent workshop and teacher. This could bring true peace to the world if everyone applied this with every person they encounter. Also if this could be taught from pre-school and up – we could raise a new generation of world peace.” – Sally West, Marriage and Family Therapist, Jackson, Mississippi (5.11.06)

“Amazing speaker, very funny and entertaining. Basic common sense.” – Rosemary Henderson, Social Worker, Jackson, Mississippi (5.11.06)

“Simple, clear, yet badly needed instruction for anyone who works with children in any setting, psychiatric facilities included.” – John Nowlin, Social Worker, Jackson, Mississippi (5.11.06)

“This is an excellent class for teachers. Presenter taught excellent classroom management skills which could be used by teachers to correct behaviors.” – Patryce Terrell, Counselor, Jackson, Mississippi (5.11.06)

“I think this training was spectacular. Izzy was dynamic, very informational. I feel like I can conquer my own anger and also give this information to some of my clients and colleagues.” – Kimberly Baker, Case Worker, Tunica, Mississippi (9.15.05)

“Thank you for teaching concepts that challenge cultural beliefs. Great new perspective on anger. Like the sibling strategies.” – Amy Gallimore, Counselor, Tunica, Mississippi (9.15.05)

“What you had to say makes a lot of sense. It made me really think differently about some things.” – Patricia Holt, Social Worker, Tunica, Mississippi (9.15.05)

“I am a counselor in a high school and deal with a lot of students bullying and teasing each other. I wanted to come away with some quick techniques to use and I can’t wait to teach these techniques to turn bullies into buddies.” – Rene Smith, Social Worker/ Counselor/ Educator, Tunica, Mississippi (9.15.05)

“Mr. Israel Kalman is an excellent and entertaining instructor. I learned a great deal about self-control!” – Helene D. Martin, Division Director, Biloxi, Mississippi (7.14.04)

“Outstanding job! It would be great to see you on Saturday Night Live!” – Michelle Davis, Psychologist Technician, Biloxi, Mississippi (7.13.04)

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