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Minnesota Seminar Testimonials

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“Learned very practical techniques for managing my own anger and helping others to manage theirs. I didn’t know how I’d feel about role playing as part of this–but it was very effective.” – Ann Niedringhaus, Nurse/Social Worker/Educator, Duluth, Minnesota (9.09.13)

“This seminar taught me to look at my own responsibility for problems. I think it will help me personally a lot. I wish the seminar was longer. So much good information, so little time.” – Jennifer Poehland, Social Worker, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“I learned very much. Have many clients who are working on anger and the traditional approach is slow and has minimal results thus far. Looking forward to trying this technique. This is the fourth seminar I’ve attended put on by Cross Country and this was, by far, the best.” – Sean Mayo, Counselor, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“A refreshingly simple answer to an extremely complex problem. Relevant to everyone to some extent. Izzy, offer a full course on humor in psychotherapy, please!” – Kari Silverberg, Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“I learned more than expected. Great application of material. Highly recommend to both people in psychology field and outside the field.” – Matt Amack, President, Insurance Producers Network, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“I learned some good cognitive behavioral skill and theories regarding empowerment versus victimization. Appreciated the live role play.” – Amy Joyce, Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“I learned what I think will be a key piece in helping couples through conflict. Enjoyable, entertaining, very instructive.” – Laura Kunde, Marriage and Family Therapist/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“I see anger management in a whole new light. I especially liked the section on marriage.” – Mary Dybvig, Psychologist, St. Paul, Minnesota (9.10.13)

“Got some practical, useful ideas to use in my work as a school counselor. A different way to approach bullying problem, makes sense to me but need to integrate with school district policies. Policy makers should attend!” – Counselor, Duluth, Minnesota (9.09.13)

“Thanks you for actually teaching and providing information that is readily accessible and usable. And entertaining, too!” – Psychologist, Duluth, Minnesota (9.09.13)

“Excellent concepts and approach. One of the best CE classes I’ve attended in a long time.” – S.V., Marriage and Family Therapist, Duluth, Minnesota (9.09.13)

“Role modeling really helped solidify the learning of the principles. Appreciated getting the course workbook–lots of good information. Really opened my eyes to another perspective of bullying!” – Fay Prairie, Counselor, St. Cloud, Minnesota (4.14.10)“Very enjoyable and empowering presentation.” – Theresa Nelson, Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4.15.10)

“Extraordinarily simple and effective.” – Lori Allison, Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4.15.10)

“Interesting perspective on bullying…true talk!” – Shannon Macken, Counselor, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4.15.10)

“I really like the ‘new’ spin on bullying–I like empowering the victim.” – Marcy Kusz, Counselor, Duluth, Minnesota (4.13.10)

“Fantastic!” – Duluth, Minnesota (4.13.10)

“Izzy’s controversial presentation was very informative and useful. It helped remind us of our basic principles and how more authoritarian input is doing more harm than good. Thank you.” – Curtis Hubbell, Mental Health Professional, Duluth, Minnesota (4.13.10)

“Presentation was very novel. Appreciate all your insight! Thanks much!” – John Woodbury, Counselor, Duluth, Minnesota (4.13.10)

“Very enjoyable and empowering presentation.” – Theresa Nelson, Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4.15.10)

“Extraordinarily simple and effective.” – Lori Allison, Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4.15.10)

“Interesting perspective on bullying…true talk!” – Shannon Macken, Counselor, Minneapolis, Minnesota (4.15.10)

“Role modeling really helped solidify the learning of the principles. Appreciated getting the course workbook–lots of good information. Really opened my eyes to another perspective of bullying!” – Fay Prairie, Counselor, St. Cloud, Minnesota (4.14.10)

“I really like the ‘new’ spin on bullying–I like empowering the victim.” – Marcy Kusz, Counselor, Duluth, Minnesota (4.13.10)

“I felt that Israel Kalman is an expert on anger control. His humor is awesome! He speaks the truth!!!” – Kelley Bates, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“It’s refreshing to hear that there are people who aren’t buying into the concept that we need to strive to keep from offending anyone and everyone! Such a notion makes victims rather than teaching resilience.” – Ann Stinson-Wold, Educator, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“Loved your song. I have grown up in a home where the only humor was from adults and was derogatory, taking myself too seriously and using humor are setting me free.” – Karen Schreiner, Social Worker, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“Very good presentation. I appreciate not breaking into groups. Instructor was wonderful–organized, good voice and ability to hold interest of group. I appreciate this training giving solid information versus an attempt to only sell products.” – Julia Anderson, Program Director, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“I am moved by the thought and life experience behind the seminar. And the humor! And the singing!” – Liz Lupien, Musician/Instructor, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“Thank you for presenting and continuing to bring this important message out into the world. It reinforces what I have been taught and continue to teach; there is more eternal value in teaching someone to fish rather than handing it to them.” – Amy Bianchi-Rossi, Educator, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“As a speaker, Izzy has mastered the art of serious lecturing and humor. As far as content goes, it is presented well for as controversial as it is.” – Amy Leet, Social Worker, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“It’s refreshing to hear some of the ‘P.C.’ being challenged!” – Gary Paulson, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (6.19.08)

“Thank you for the opportunity to see the impact of practical techniques through role-playing exercises. Down to earth and effective.” – Roseann Greig, Nurse/Psychologist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.18.08)

“I liked the role-playing and modeling during the seminar. Did you ever think of becoming an actor? I loved you handouts.” – John Euteneuer, Behavior Analyst, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.18.08)

“Mr. Kalman simplified positive solutions for complicated social problems common to all relationships. He provided steps to defuse learned anger behaviors found in nearly every person’s life in some relationship. I especially appreciated the insight into the foolishness of psychology leaving the realm of science for the legal world. We set people up to fail in our nation because life is going to be full of disappointments and injustice. I also appreciate the validation of the instructor not merely telling others what to do but doing what he teaches.” – Sheree Hall, Clergy, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.18.08)

“Helpful–thank you! I look forward to incorporating your ideas with my style and my clients. Well worth the time, drive and cost.” – Audrey Schoenthal, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.18.08)

“Thank you! It’s nice to honestly examine the harm which has been and is being done by the focus on political correctness, perpetrator-victim models, etc. I also am sometimes accused of ‘blaming the victim’ when attempting to teach new behaviors.” – Name Withheld, Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.18.08)

“Excellent content! Useful in professional and personal life.” – Linda Goddard, Educator, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.18.08)

“I thoroughly enjoyed Izzy. I am glad I volunteered to role-play–it helped me both personally and professionally. It is a common-sensical method to anger control.” – John Herbertz, Social Worker, Duluth, Minnesota (6.17.08)

“Very insightful information. Simple message, strong potential for impact!” – Laurie Youso, Social Worker, Duluth, Minnesota (6.17.08)

“Excellent presenter – good humor and enjoyable. Excellent – the difference between the legal and psychological professions approach!!” – Sandra Nohre, Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Excellent seminar! Some complex problems explained in simple forms! A real eye opener – psychological versus legal model in victim/abuser situation.” Mario Petrini, Physician, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Very practical. I will definitely use it and it made me rethink how I work with anger issues.” – Karen Labounty, Psychologist, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Izzy is a critical thinker which is essential in this field and a breath of fresh air at a time when things seem to be so emotion-driven. While we must first validate people’s/clients’ emotions, this is not real therapy, or complete therapy. The tools provided in this seminar are concrete, applicable and replicable, therefore, extremely valuable.” – Carol Hagen, Social Worker, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Role plays were helpful. Izzy embodies his theory, shares comfortably and freely, easy to follow. Written workbook is invaluable.” – Carolyn Puccio, Psychologist/Counselor, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“I found the presentation to be very informative. The idea of how we instinctually react with anger and its inability to fit with current civilization was fascinating. I hope to use these concepts in the schools that I facilitate anger management groups in.” – Laura McLuen, Case Manager/Social Worker, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“I think the speaker was excellent and subject for on hands was good. This was the first workshop I have taken in a long time where I felt I got my money’s worth.” – Linda Wiegert, Therapist, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Izzy laced his interesting presentation with humor and personal experience which added to this interesting presentation.” – James Stewart, Counselor/Social Worker, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Excellent and useful information presented in an understandable and fun way. Delightful!” – Judy Smith, Social Worker, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“Presenter Mr. Kalman very original, wise, entertaining. Very valuable information and therapeutic approaches – and very enjoyable.” – Social Worker, St. Paul, Minnesota (6.21.07)

“I was made aware of the disadvantages of the common approach to anger control that I was not aware of. Role-playing was helpful. Izzy is a great presenter and I appreciated his humor.” – Angela Winsand, Battered Women Shelter/Child Health Advocate, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“I totally agree with and have attempted to follow the seminar concepts for several years (I am over 50). The positive results have been tremendous in both my professional and personal life experiences. However, whenever I hit a roadblock, it usually involves my sincerity being questioned or something like, ‘You have been watching too much Dr. Phil.’” – Lori Sturgeon, Case Manager/Counselor/Social Worker, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“One of the best seminars I’ve attended. Kept my interest entire time. Realized I apply this method already in my life, just a lot less than I should. Can’t wait to start using and teaching this approach to others.” – Kandice Virnig, Program Director, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“It seems evident that you are here – at this specific point in time to fulfill a much needed role. You offer a great message for our entire nation – Be Loud!” – Sarah Stigen, Marriage and Family Therapist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“Izzy – keep on bringing your message to the world! The world needs it! Ever thought of being a diplomat – or training diplomats! Excellent job! Thank you for opening my eyes and others regarding: Freedom of Speech – and your article on the web was great on this!” – Barbara Parks, Counselor/Social Worker, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“Very interesting/useful information and I loved Izzy’s presentation style and sense of humor! I also loved the song! The course workbook is excellent” – Denise Iverson, Psychologist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“Very easy to listen to and follow – you have a nice sense of humor! I’m anxious to try this approach personally.” – S.R., Social Worker, St. Cloud, Minnesota (6.20.07)

“It’s nice to have a topic so well thought out, well laid out, and presented clearly. The handbook is also very clear and easy to use.” – Katherine Speare, Psychologist, Duluth, Minnesota (6.19.07)

“A totally different look at anger from what I’m used to. I have extensive training in domestic abuse. Big focus on the ‘victim’. Refreshing! Loved the role playing.” – Kathleen Kolu, Probation Officer, Duluth, Minnesota (6.19.07)

“Excellent use of examples using volunteers! This helps me to apply it to real life situations.” – Lindsey Bedard, Social Worker, Duluth, Minnesota (6.19.07)

“Thank you for presenting another perspective on bullying – and human nature – that is backed with facts and evidence. The role plays stick and I look forward to teaching them to clients and trying them out in my own life! I especially liked the introduction on how humans have changed behavior since living in nature where being more aggressive ‘bullying’ worked.” – Laura Storkamp, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2.7.06)

“Instructor very knowledgeable. Instructor very courageous for taking a ‘politically incorrect’ stand – a stand with which I agree.” – Alan Goodell-Holmes, Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2.7.06)

“The speaker seems very knowledgeable. I really liked that the speaker came right out and said essentially that research studies are biased.” – Kara Witi, Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (2.7.06)

“Thanks Izzy! I am a teacher of students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities and lately have been feeling extremely burnt out! I have felt like no matter how much I care for these kids, nothing I have been doing has been working. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel this workshop has given me new and exciting tools – not only for my own students but for our whole school – K-12! I am going to invite you to present at our school!” – Tracy Shimer, Educator, St. Cloud, Minnesota (2.8.06)

“What happened today was so valuable! I’ve had a sense of these principles and have been teaching kids to take responsibility for the way they respond, and have even coached them in the use of humor. Thank you for your systematic, scientifically-based and common sense approach to this very widespread problem. I loved this seminar!” – Kim Pareigat, Psychologist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (2.8.06)

“This was a very interesting workshop. It gave me insight into how we handle playground problems. It also gave me great ideas on how to help victims. I am anxious to share this information with my principal. I am very happy that I took this very helpful workshop.” – Vickie Kolb, Counselor, St. Cloud, Minnesota (2.8.06)

“Izzy is able to tackle a difficult topic by utilizing common sense and humor to promote solutions.” – Jill Caroline, Psychologist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (2.8.06)

“This seminar should have been filled with school personnel including administrators! Empowers people – good attitude. You play the ‘victim’ very well. The tantrums were great.” – Julie Spare, Psychologist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (2.8.06)

“Good speaker, kept the pace of the presentation going, injecting humor and role plays were very beneficial. I like the content of the conference. Clear and practical! One of the best conferences I’ve been to for a long time.” – Peggy Kessel, Social Worker, St. Cloud, Minnesota (2.8.06)

“The situation we role played are actual situations that happen at my workplace almost every day. Very practical and helpful!” – Eric Johnson, Educator, Duluth, Minnesota (2.9.06)

“I was so fascinated by this concept that I had to come again! I’m using it with 3rd-5th graders and they are ‘buying it’. Thank. PS Works for husbands too!” – Karen Melchior, Counselor, Duluth, Minnesota (2.9.06)

“Thought provoking! Well done!” – Richard Miller, Psychologist, Duluth, Minnesota (2.9.06)

“Kalman is really refreshing. He confirms things I was taught by my  (mostly) wise parents and teachers. Clears up the confusion created by my later professional education!” – Barbara Weller, Social Worker, Duluth, Minnesota (2.9.06)

“Thank you for speaking up on the issue! You are a ‘voice crying in the wilderness’. We needed to hear this in this area of the country!” – Mary Schultz, Counselor/Educator, Duluth, Minnesota (2.9.06)

“I thouroughly enjoyed this seminar. Everything was extremely organized and well prepared. The humor and genuineness of the presenter was refreshing and very apparent. One can tell that the presenter talked the talk and walked the walk himself. I’m open to really looking at the anger issue personally and as a clinician. Anger was presented in a whole new light. Thank you for your openness, humor and good will.” – Janice M. La Vine, Psychologist/Educator/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Forensics divorce mediator/Guardian ad Litem/Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Wonderfully coherent, engaging, informative presentation full of wonderful humor and helpful practical examples.” – Leslie Blessing, Social Worker, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“After 26 years in the mental health fields as a professional this seminar instructor’s style and sense of how to reach the human being is awesome and refreshing; in comparison to other seminars this instructor and the content stands above all!” – Laurie Grengs, Psychologist/Social Worker, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“This presenter is very passionate and gives useful, goal directed material that I will use with my clients. I studies Adlerian psychology – it was great to know that these principles always work when we use them.” – Bonnie Ellingboe, Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Thanks Izzy for teaching what works and sharing your wisdom even though it’s maybe kind of foreign to some.” – Rebecca Hinderscheid, Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“This is one of the Very Best Presentations I have attended in a long, long time – very timely for the P.C. ‘Minnesota Nice’ folk – True Freedom of Speech – great!”- Jimmie Coulthard, Counselor/Case Manager/President/CEO, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“This is a wonderful seminar. I will use some of the skills I learned today for my kids/family as well as my job. Thanks!” – Luther Thad, Social Worker/Case Manager/Insurance Agent, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Delightful. I love that Izzy is not PC at all! I think the controversy is fabulous. Especially cause the point is to make you think and reevaluate your common thoughts and change the status quo responses. Perhaps we don’t need to spend so much time at the beginning talking about the background/nature stuff.” – Kristi Runzel, Counselor/Educator, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Izzy uses excellent anger-triggering demonstrations to demonstrate his tested techniques to turn anger-filled situations into opportunities to develop understanding. Izzy is a delightful speaker with excellent information.” – Carrie Johnson, Educator, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Great workshop. Can hardly wait to use the game with several of my clients. As an Adlerian therapist and a long time Alanon member I already agreed with much of the content, but it gave me new skills to use.” – Priscilla MacDougall, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Where has this seminar been my whole life?! All of the material is highly applicable to my work with clients as well as my own personal relationships. Thanks, Izzy. (Being the A.M. volunteer was very helpful to me, too.)” – Susan Thomas-Reilly, Marriage and Family Therapist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Izzy was awesome! I really enjoyed his presentation style and expertise!!!” – Sabrina Ulrich, Social Worker, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.22.05)

“Izzy’s message is right on and needs to get out to all therapists, educators, and other human service personnel. I will use ‘the game’ in my therapy with couples and our workshops on marriage prep. This may be the best one day workshop I have attended in 40 years of being a mental health professional. Thanks, Izzy.” Jim Werner, Counselor, St. Cloud, Minnesota (9.21.05)

“Effective presentation. Wish I had this information earlier in life, both from a professional and a personal standpoint.” – Gerry Proskin, Social Worker, St. Cloud, Minnesota (9.21.05)

“Very good! Your use of humor was great too! You are very down to earth and easy to understand. I will recommend your training! Thank you!!!” – Tammy Doppenberg, Program Coordinator, St. Cloud, Minnesota (9.21.05)

“This seminar provided excellent tools that I can use in my personal and professional life! I will definitely recommend this workshop to my colleagues!” – Leah Poissant, Social Worker, St. Cloud, Minnesota (9.21.05)

“Thank you for teaching us a new and practical way to handle pain and anger in ourselves and with our clients.!” – Barbara Tollefson, Psychologist, St. Cloud, Minnesota (9.21.05)

“I found the material covered in this seminar to be fascinating. I can’t wait to apply what I learned to my own life as well as to my work with at-risk youth.” – Shanna Cherubini, Counselor/Case Manager, Duluth, Minnesota (9.20.05)

“Izzy – thank you for a very informative, innovative and entertaining workshop. I registered for the workshop for professional reasons, but I am excited to apply the principles in my own life. You were probably teasing about not wanting negative comments because they hurt your feelings – but really, don’t give the negative words you might hear any power. It was an excellent workshop – you are challenging very ingrained beliefs. Keep up the great work. I am scared of a world filled with emotional marshmallows!!” – Lisa VanBaalen, Social Worker, Duluth, Minnesota (9.20.05)

“Thanks for helping me look at anger in a totally different way. It also reinforced some of the practices I use regarding cursing and bullying. I can’t wait to use my new knowledge at school and at home. You opened my eyes to a new way of talking to my spouse! Hope he enjoys it as much as I did!” – Karen Melchior, Interventionist, Duluth, Minnesota (9.20.05)

“Excellent presenter! He kept my attention. I appreciate the concrete tools presented to use rather than just spouting off information.” – Jolene Allison, Social Worker, Duluth, Minnesota (9.20.05)

“This was a step beyond not personalizing (or owning) what other people’s opinions are of us. This extra step beyond choosing not to be angry enables us to look at ourselves; laugh, grow, and change. Very empowering to ourselves and therefore our clients. Thank you.” – Bonnie Denzler, Counselor/Treatment Foster Parent, Duluth, Minnesota (9.20.05)

“The presentation was informative. The culture of Mental Health case management is the opposite, so glad to hear that people do better when they are responsible for their own feelings and actions.” – L.H. Case Manager, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“I think the presenter was very artistic with the material he used for this seminar. The role playing helped to show a clear picture of life situations with every day people and their anger issues.” – Merryll Criss, Advocate, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“Loved, loved, loved the instructor’s sense of humor – kept me awake and I learned with laughter. Best seminar I’ve been to in a very long time.” – C.L., Social Worker, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“Interesting ideas and concepts, simple to understand and explain to others.” – Jeff Fenton, Mental Health Practitioner, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“As helpful to my personal life as is to work – part about attitude is so powerful to me. Also part about Freedom of Speech. Kept my attention every minute.” – Corrine A. Bauer, Nurse, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“ Colorful – Informative – Professional – Insightful.” – Michael C. Kelly, Licensed Psychologist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“This seminar was very helpful. It did change my ‘view’ on anger and the victim/abuser relationship – where we tend to place too much blame on the abuser. I also found this personally helpful in looking at my own relationships with my friends and my kids. Loved the song and the personal touch of sharing your own life story.” – H.M., Marriage and Family Therapist, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“Very good review of topics covered in other seminars attended – good humor – very interesting.” – Philip Carbon, Weekend Supervisor, Minneapolis, Minnesota (9.14.04)

“The topic and objectives were very appropriate while working with adjudicated young males in a group home setting. This is great for anger – but this model is true for many issues including what you want and how we perceive external controls.” – Sarah Heinzerling, Assistant to Executive Director, Prentice House, Duluth, Minnesota (9.13.04)

“Izzy is an excellent speaker.” – Richard DeBriyn, Counselor, Duluth, Minnesota (9.13.04)

“I feel I learned a whole new way of dealing with anger and am excited to try it out personally and professionally.” – Kristine Wagner, Executive Director, Twelfth Step House, Duluth, Minnesota (9.13.04)

“Very interesting presentation. Effective presentation of alternate viewpoint.” – Leigh Ann Olsen, Social Worker, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“It taught (helped me see) a new perspective regarding this issue.” – Bobbie Goldfarb, Program Coordinator, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“Very good – I enjoyed it tremendously. Gave me lots to consider. My interactions both professionally and personally will undoubtedly change!” Tascha Just, Student, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“Role playing was very helpful. Survey was excellent to point out flaws in our thinking. Very thought provoking and practical skills training.” – Janey Just, Case Manager, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“He was awesome! I completely agree.” – Peter Morse, Dean of Students, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“This is contrary to what we are currently doing. All this while I thought we were helping. This makes me take a closer look.” – Angela Fales, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“Wonderful, witty, compassionate presenter.” – Jocelyn Vincent, Psychotherapist, Minneapolis, MN (8.4.04)

“What an awesome conference! Can’t wait to get back to my clinic to use the info.” – April Wallace, Psychologist, Rochester, MN (8.4.04)

“The best usable stuff!” – P.S., Mental Health Practitioner, Rochester, MN (8.4.04)

“Excellent practical information – I can use this immediately.” – J.L., Program Coordinator, Rochester, MN (8.4.04)

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