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Michigan Seminar Testimonials

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“I learned a more constructive way to organize principles and techniques I already use. I really appreciate the simplicity of these solutions. Clients often report that traditional anger management classes make them ‘angrier.’ I can’t wait to use these concepts.” – Jennifer Laboda, Counselor, Sterling Heights, Michigan (7.17.14)

“Excellent application of theory to practice for anger management. Instructor did an excellent job using adult strategies to learning (e.g., role play).” – Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (7.17.14)

“Very informative and gave me new ideas for working with my clients.” – Lisa Robinson, Counselor, Sterling Heights, Michigan (7.17.14)

“Excellent information I will practice and use. Unique take on topic. I appreciate the incorporation of the Golden Rule.” – Nadia Purnell, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (7.17.14)

“I learned new role plays to use with clients. I enjoyed hearing Izzy’s approach to managing anger. Good material, will be practicing incorporating material with my clients.” – Jennifer Hornok, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (7. 17.14)

“This program was a helpful reminder of the role of anger in preventing resolution to everyday challenges. The presenter is very energetic and riveting in the delivery of the information.” – Christopher Pinter, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (7.16.14)

“I learned a lot about how to respond to anger in situations with others.” – Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (7.16.14)

“Great presentation, engaging, interactive, clear.” – Catherine Cox-Phillips, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (7.16.14)

“Step by step instructions. Very useful handout. Excellent program. Easy to follow instructions.’ – Michael Smith, Case Manager, Saginaw, Michigan (7.16.14)

“This seminar gave me a new insight on anger and how to see bullies as victims and not as terrorists. Great resources – this will be very useful in my practice.” – Lupita Reyes, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (4.15.14)

“Thanks Mr. Kalman! I enjoyed the course and received so much more out of it than expected – Therapy for me!” – Kecia Coates, Counselor, Grand Rapids, Michigan (4.15.14)

“Very good information. It was a wonderful presentation and gave me a different perspective on a very common topic. Highly recommended.” – Sara Speicher, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (4.15.14)

“I learned a great deal. Excellent seminar. Izzy Kalman is knowledgeable, insightful, creative, and funny. His interactive seminar is worthwhile and engaging. I recommend it.” – Margaret Hough, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (4.15.14)

“I learned a lot! I dig the common sense/real world approach versus the usual theory du jour method; the resource page is great – I might actually use it for once! I liked the song’ that you didn’t use a PowerPoint; I liked the paradigm shift – gave me lots to think about – very refreshing; the role-plays were helpful.” – Lindsy Barton, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (4.15.14)


“Very informative and very well done.” – Hubert Huebl, Physician/NAMI Advocate, Detroit, Michigan (12.20.12)

“Loved your singing!!” – Suzanne Jones, Social Worker, Detroit, Michigan (12.20.12)

“Very relevant to my population–adults charged with alcohol-drug related offenses and ones charged with anger management issues.” – Dr. Janice Pemberton, Counselor/Educator, Detroit, Michigan (12.20.12)

“Practical behavioral methods to reduce conflict and abuse. Solid concepts and rationale for peacemaking.” – Rebecca Hatton, PsyD, Psychologist, Detroit, Michigan (12.20.12)

“Very good demonstration regarding how to diffuse anger. I picked up very good techniques to use in therapy.” – Gregory Vaughan, Psychologist/Social Worker, Lansing, Michigan (12.17.12)

“I found the information presented very appropriate, very potentially helpful to my practice. I highly recommend Izzy’s seminar. I particularly found role plays helpful.” – AnnaMagdale Christianson, Lansing, Michigan (12.17.12)

“Excellent presentation–my main complaint would only be that there was not enough time. Would like an extended training on same topic.” – Mary Anne Henry, Social Worker, Lansing, Michigan (12.17.12)

“Role plays were wonderfully instructional. What a different manner to view anger; it’ll take time to absorb this shift in thinking. Thank you.” – Tonya Ratliff, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Sterling Heights, Michigan (12.06.12)

“A problem I was having with a person who plays in a band with me was solved within the first hour of the seminar. I knew then that the seminar was worth the time and money. Great instructor! Very interesting topic. Thank you.” – Beverly Webb, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (12.05.12)

“The presenter was great.” – Jimmie Carr, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (12.05.12)

“Very well presented–excellent use of real world examples to illustrate deeper concepts. Good pacing, good data density. My time very well spent! – 35 years in practice. Thank you for no Power Point. Book best!” – David Hall, Counselor/Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Saginaw, Michigan (12.05.12)

“Very informational and entertaining. Will use what I learned at work and home.” – Jacqueline Dwyer, Counselor, Saginaw, Michigan (12.05.12)

“I was surprised how attentive I was even though there were no audio/visual used. It was fun also. I learned a solid technique that I will use this week.” – Robert O’Brien, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.04.12)

“This is my second seminar with Izzy. I continue to appreciate his humor, knowledge and ability to simplify strategies that help work with students and parents. I am amazed that people find Izzy to be controversial since he cites simple truths and is careful not to speak in absolutes. Also appreciate how accessible he is post seminar.” – Jackie Roberts, Counselor/Educator, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.04.12)

“Fantastic, useful, practical information. In addition to what I will take away from today’s seminar, I use Izzy’s website almost daily with students when appropriate. These techniques promote individual empowerment and empathy.” – Amelia Pavelka, Counselor, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.04.12)

“Very informative, thought provoking, entertaining and great use of role plays! I thoroughly enjoyed the day.” – Glenn Pohl, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.04.12)

“Informative and captivating material and shtick.” – John Debiak, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.04.12)

“Admire his ability to buck prevailing opinion and present rational thought.” – Rachel Schwartz, Educator/Principal, Detroit, Michigan (2.24.10)

“Gifted speaker and presenter. Very useful material for me, my clients, and my practice. Delightful!” – Lynn Butterfield, Psychologist, Detroit, Michigan (2.24.10)

“The Best!” – Eileen Dunn, Social Worker, Detroit, Michigan (2.24.10)

“Changed the way I thought about anti-bullying laws. Izzy was an engaging trainer!” – Kimberly Diebboll, Psychologist/Counselor, Detroit, Michigan (2.24.10)

“Thought-provoking…made me look at bullies in a different way.” – Lettie Cain, Social Worker, Detroit, Michigan (2.24.10)

“Could make this a 2-day event! In general, this seminar was highly effective; the presenter was engaging and an ideal teacher; and my expectations were not only met but surpassed!” – Paula Meyer, Social Worker, Detroit, Michigan (2.24.10)

“Amazing. Great perspective on ‘bullying.’ Wish there was more time.” – Marie Mathieu, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (2.11.10)

“Excellent. It just makes so much sense.” – E.C., Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (2.11.10)

“This was a refreshing stance about a topic that continues to permeate schools today. I feel this is a real life, realistic solution to a serious issue.” – Teresa Walenjus, Counselor, Sterling Heights, Michigan (2.11.10)

“Necessary for all schools to know.” – Erik Osborne, Counselor, Sterling Heights, Michigan (2.11.10)

“Very helpful, uplifting.” – Pamela Blair, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (2.11.10)

“Outstanding presentation-pragmatic approaches!” – P.A., Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (2.11.10)

“Provocative, thought-provoking presentation by skilled, knowledgeable, entertaining presenter imparting useful skills that preserve self-esteem of students and others rather than emphasizing punishment and dependence. Relevant for populations other than students, e.g., in rehabilitation programs, and for all relationships.” – Joel Weiss, Social Worker, Lansing, Michigan (2.10.10)

“I found the presentation/material to be very helpful and useable in daily work. The information has great potential. I can’t wait to implement it at my school. I’m excited about helping to build resilience in my students.” – Tracy Hyde, Social Worker, Lansing, Michigan (2.10.10)

“This makes more sense than trying to play police officer in the classroom. That only takes away time from instruction. It also makes sense from the teacher/student relationship perspective. I had to rescue a teacher from the 8th graders the other day. They had her so upset that they wasted 20 minutes of instruction in a class that only meets one hour per week.” – Carol Wahl, Educator, Lansing, Michigan (2.10.10)

“Izzy’s use of role-playing was highly effective. He helped us to visualize the technique. Very nice presentation! Lots of great information. Very relevant.” – Kathleen Tosoian, Counselor/Educator, Lansing, Michigan (2.10.10)

“Exciting speaker-liked the role-playing. I learned a lot to take back to my therapy room.” – Shelley Tindall, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2.09.10)

“The speaker was outstanding. The time flew by. He knows the material. I liked his humor.” – Shar Schroyer, Psychologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2.09.10)

“Enjoyed and appreciated information presented. Will be able to begin practicing techniques immediately in my middle school office. Information was affirming and gave simple clear language to use with students, parents and staff. I also enjoyed Izzy’s humor along with his refreshing perspective!” – Jackie Roberts, Counselor/Educator, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2.09.10)

“A very insightful seminar. This could have a significant effect on the way schools handle bullying!” – Jennifer Colin, Counselor/Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2.09.10)

“The role playing exercises were very helpful. It really has gotten me to think about bullying in a whole new way.” – Michael Walsh, Educator, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2.09.10)

“Izzy Kalman’s sense of humor not only brought excitement to the presentation, but also helped bring the role playing to life.” – Gerald Heath, Educator, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2.09.10)

“I would hope this presentation could become part of the curriculum in training social workers and therapists.” – James Ryan, Social Worker, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“Great day! Wonderful examples. I liked that we actually tried the technique today. Finally, something I can try using as soon as tomorrow.” Alecia Holland, Social Worker, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“Excellent presentation. It was a different perspective from other anger management presentations. The role  plays were useful in illustrating the ideas.” – George Vanderbossche, Psychologist, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“I love your common sense approach. Thanks for being the voice of reason in an unstable world.” – Laura Gotham, Social Worker, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“I came to learn better ways of controlling my own anger. After attending this class I have learned so much and I am very excited to try this in my own life situations. As a certified peer support specialist I am also very excited to teach my consumers.” – Sandra Fleischman, Dental Assistant/Human Resources Professional/Office Manager/Certified Peer Support Specialist, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“This information will help my marriage, as well as professionally!” – James Bartley, Case Manager/Social Worker, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“Good seminar! Learned some new techniques that will help our consumers.” – Shelly Smith, Social Worker, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“This is an excellent training regarding anger.” – Nancy Hacker, Social Worker/Case Manager, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“Izzy is extremely knowledgeable of this topic and presents the material in such a way that is easily understood and will be immediately applicable. Thanks to Cross Country and Mr. Kalman for making this available to our rural area.” – Paula Huber, Nurse/Educator, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“Fantastic! Refreshing and realistic.” – Donna Sefton, Social Worker/Educator/CAC-M, Sandusky, Michigan (8.5.09)

“The seminar was not only helpful but made good sense.” – Virginia Bessinger, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“I attended this seminar as a parent and as a psychologist. I found the method interesting and look forward to applying it at home and work. Thanks!” – Pamela Savoy Weaver, Psychologist, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“This was an excellent seminar and I am appreciative of the valuable information I received. I learned some wonderful techniques to use in therapy with clients – children, adolescents, adults and families. Also will use in personal life. Wonderful course workbook. I really enjoyed not taking as many notes as I usually do at seminars. Izzy Kalman is a great presenter and I am thankful that I attended and will incorporate his wisdom in all that I do.” – Faye Hoffman, Counselor, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“The presenter was casual and professional. His knowledge and expertise was given as theory and in practical form. I really enjoyed this seminar.” – Denise Mansour, Psychologist, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Excellent speaker – very energetic and enthusiastic. I learned a great deal about human behavior, particularly the importance of humor.” – Maryanne Cavanagh, Social Worker/Case Manager, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Wow! This philosophy of anger and anger management makes the most sense. Good seminar. Entertaining as well as informative! I can use what I learned today at my job and in my home.” – Suzanne Desilets, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Very instructive and helpful. The techniques can be utilized in therapy for all ages and situations. Also, a new technique, for once!” – Donna Cangemi, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Izzy Kalman is an energetic, charismatic presenter. Enjoyed all the material presented and his style.” – Laurice Strausser, Psychologist, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Great seminar, speaker, excellent resources provided. Can’t wait to practice and apply!!” – Susan Husken, Counselor, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Very informative, entertaining speaker – enjoyed and appreciated very much self-disclosure.” – Miriam Seagle, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Presenter was wonderful! Presentation of information was clear, interesting – good change of pace to keep people’s attention.” – Tova Salinger, Social Worker, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“One of the most creative approaches to a chronically universal clinical problem that I have ever experienced! Role plays made the foundational learning very understandable. Resolution approaches to anger were relevant, easy to follow, and made sense for practical application across a variety of situations (personal and clinical).” – Sharon Campbell, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Sterling Heights, Michigan (4.2.08)

“Izzy is an excellent presenter. He has unparalleled knowledge about anger. He leaves you excited and looking forward to using the anger control techniques at the next opportunity (i.e., when someone ‘makes you angry’). Five star rating. Two Thumbs up!” – Robert King, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“Izzy’s fresh perspective is a wonderful tool for helping today’s client or student. I have been a supporter of the Bullies2Buddies concept for several years. I really enjoyed the presentation.” – Ann-Renee Cowert, Certified Prevention Specialist, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“The information presented was great and information that I knew yet didn’t use in my life. The information made me think more of how to apply to my own life. Sometimes when you hear the information out loud it makes more sense.” – Jennifer Ordway, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“Excellent, interesting, informative, humorous.” – Kim Davis, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“Izzy’s teaching styles keeps your attention with his fantastic use of humor! Thanks – I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to using these techniques in my personal life and with my clients.” – Beth Rubley, Youth Care Specialist Supervisor, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“I thought he was great. He kept your attention, and role play really makes you see how it can work. Most ties people just talk up there, but he shows how it works.” – Terry Jacobs, Educator, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“I enjoyed the role play scenarios! These are activities and strategies that can be used with my family, kids at school, coworkers, church members. I’m just excited that Izzy gave us something we could actually use!” – Cheldora Haynes, Educator, Saginaw, Michigan (4.1.08)

“Izzy’s presentation today sparked a much needed shift in thinking when dealing with the origins and ‘cures’ for managing anger.” – Charles Tolhurst, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (3.31.08)

“This was an excellent seminar. The presenter was highly skilled about this topic. He was well organized, very funny and kept my interest throughout the entire 6 hours.” – Cynthia Myers, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (3.31.08)

“I think Izzy and I must’ve grown up in the same neighborhood! I think the societal locus of control has moved far too far toward the ‘external.’ The epidemic of depression in younger people follows from their expectations that they have to be protected from everything negative.” – P.C., Psychologist/Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (3.31.08)

“Simple, concrete breakdown of topic with continuity between understanding and application! Life and relationships basics made easy! Well done.” – Mark Recker, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (3.31.08)

“Wonderful topic. Very valuable information. Presented in an easy to understand manner. Loved the role playing demonstrations.” – Karin Baker, Psychologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan (3.31.08)

“I like your perspective re: schools’ approach to bullying needs to change. Also, we are creating ‘emotional marshmallows’. Children do need to learn problem solving skills and being ‘rescued’ only promotes learned helplessness and creates self-esteem issues. It is difficult to teach students these methods when parents constantly call the principal. Great job!” – Phyllis Copioli, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator/Case Manager, Detroit, Michigan (12.08.05)

“This is excellent information for all interactions! Excellent instructor – lots of useful information, especially the new skills of de-fusing and creating new openings for future interactions. Excellent examples and role-playing and manual/materials. Very specific new behaviors available, with many ideas new to most! Also, the beautifully simple reminder: ‘treat them like friends’. This was a life-changing experience! Very glad I came.” – Mary Myers, Social Worker/Educator, Detroit, Michigan (12.08.05)

“Practical skills and interventions to reduce bullying and empower victims to develop skills to prevent further victimization. Good at addressing both needs of victim and the bully.” – Holly Harris, CACI, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“Everything you went over makes so much sense. We are currently using Olweis and this makes me want to switch what we are doing. I like empowering the victim instead of telling on the bully. I wish I had attended this before we got Olweus involved.” – B.H., Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)
“I found your website and have been using many of your ideas to work with children in my school. I have found them to be very helpful and I am very happy I could come and hear you speak.” – V.T., Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“I really felt that this seminar was worthwhile. Most of the information is really just plain old common sense, and if we’d get back to using common sense, a lot of the problems we have in schools would be alleviated. I agree whole-heartedly that we need to stop thinking about “saving” the victim. Our children today are going to grow up to become adults who are not going to be able to solve their own problems, and continue the cycle of blaming others for their problems instead of taking ownership. What I’ve learned today can be applied to my classroom, my relationship with my husband, and to my two young children. Thank you! During the seminar, I could really see how I can be a bully with my husband when we’re arguing. Everything you’re not supposed to do – I do it. I am treating him as the enemy. I’d love to see more of how these ideas can be applied to marriage and family.” – Tonya Swartout, Educator, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“Excellent. The examples and strategies make perfect sense. I have seen children react in exactly the ways Izzy demonstrated. Now I will have the tools to teach them to own their feelings and turn around potentially volatile confrontations.” – Betsy Dillon, Educator/Activity Professional/Elementary PE Teacher, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“This presentation validated the way in which I have been addressing this problem. It was very helpful – it clarified how to teach the children to take back their power.” – Shelli Reiss, Psychologist, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“Entertaining presentation! Role plays were helpful! Came away from presentation with lots of useful strategies to use with students I work with.” – Kristine Lemarbe, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“This seminar was great. I do many workshops in schools and bullying has been a main topic. This course only reinforces what I have been teaching kids. “Be non-reactive.” Your philosophy and teachings go hand in hand with yoga. I also teach kids and parents about being peaceful and finding a peaceful place in their homes and minds.” – Kim Featherston, Social Worker, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“The workshop was excellent! So many meaningful concepts were shared, it was superb! This information will totally change the way I work with kids and parents.” – Kimberly Vanooteghem, Counselor, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“Our district has adopted the Olweus Anti-Bullying program. Your information is very controversial and thought provoking. I generally agree with your ideas, but it contradicts what our District has adopted (and what our parents now expect). I will be interested in seeing how my team can integrate the ideas with our existing program. (I don’t see the District dropping Olweus at this time.)” – J.M., Counselor/Educator, Saginaw, Michigan (11.29.05)

“I really like the way Izzy helps me question my assumptions – it makes the seminar engaging. His use of role plays is very helpful for illustrating ideas but he would not have to continue doing the dysfunctional plays for all the situations role-played (and asking the same questions).” – Carol Ducat, Psychologist, Lansing, Michigan (11.30.05)

“This makes sense! The presentation and materials are very helpful” – Mary Beth Kennedy, Counselor/Educator, Lansing, Michigan (11.30.05)

“A wonderful seminar providing tools I can use in the classroom and in mediation. The role playing put the tools in my hands, made them more real and useable. I plan on sharing this information with teachers and staff at my school. I will refer this seminar to others.” – Sheri Moore, Educator, Lansing, Michigan (11.30.05)

“Izzy’s material is so logical and makes so much sense. I can’t wait to try it.” – Diane Wemlinger, Counselor, Lansing, Michigan (11.30.05)

“Great workshop! Thank you! Great info to use immediately.” – Kelly Allen, Social Worker, Lansing, Michigan (11.30.05)

“Very entertaining and thought-provoking!” – Leslie Love, Psychologist, Lansing, Michigan (11.30.05)

“I really appreciated the role-playing. This was a great way to apply your teachings to my everyday work with children. Very realistic examples. Didn’t make me feel as if he was “above me” but truly had a genuine desire to help me learn how to make bullies into buddies. Thank you.” – Susanne Ankney, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan, (12.01.05)

“Creating understanding of morality as foundation for examining and responding to ‘bullying’ was very helpful and has ramifications for understanding what is and isn’t happening in political culture.” – Jeremy LaDronka, Educational Administrator, Grand Rapids, Michigan, (12.01.05)

“I really enjoyed this conference and I’m eager to begin sharing this information with my clients and co-workers. I like the emphasis on time-honored wisdom principles (‘the Golden Rule’) and the necessary counter-balance to the trend of ‘zero-tolerance’ attitudes and setting unrealistic expectations for kids to always get along without conflict.” – David Blakeslee, Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan, (12.01.05)

“Logical and common sense approach to solving the problem of being a victim. Role plays were very helpful.” – Mary Crouse, Psychologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan, (12.01.05)

“Refreshing – Good balance of theory and practical application. Excellent.” – Terry Lodico, Therapist, Midland, Michigan (12.15.04)

“Izzy has a great command not only of anger, but of humor, pacing, compassion, and how to keep his audience connected, entertained, and enlightened. This seminar was a celebration of knowledge, skill, and humanity.” – Dr. James H. Kaye, Psychologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.13.04)

“Hilarious, humane, unusual. Excellent intonation. Useful for groups, psycho-drama.” – Mary Brogan-Sizemore, Psychiatric Social Worker, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.13.04)

“I think what Izzy taught was my inner instinct beliefs all along, however, I’ve fallen into typical pattern of conforming to social standards used today. Will be helpful for my children and my job with MI adults. Excellent presentation. I loved the song.” – Della Wilson, Director, Unlimited Alternatives, Grand Rapids, Michigan (12.13.04)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I believe that I will be able to use this at work and with my fiancé.” – Dan Burnham, Counselor, East Lansing, Michigan (12.14.04)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I plan to try the techniques in the school system I work in, especially regarding bullying.” – Melodie Burgess, Social Worker, East Lansing, Michigan (12.14.04)

“Nicely presented. Engaging speaker. Info easy to understand and moved at a pace that held my attention. Time well spent.” – Lavina Miller, Mental Health Therapist, Lansing, Michigan (12.14.04)

“I got the ‘10 Bully Prevention Lessons’ off the Internet one year ago and have been using it. I have seen dramatic changes in my EI kids at school.” – Darrell Moilinen, School Social Worker, Lansing, Michigan (12.14.04)

“The information has made clear the things I see in the classroom on a regular basis. I can see more clearly students’ problems. Great program.” – Ann M. Anton, Teacher, Lansing, Michigan (12.14.04)

“The role-plays added depth to the topic. I look forward to using the game at home and at work!” – Patricia Doyle, Psychologist, Midland, Michigan (12.15.04)

“Even though I may not agree with all of the content, this made me reevaluate the way I think about my approach to anger. Excellent presentation.”- David Blomquist, Behavior Analyst, Midland, Michigan (12.15.04)

“This seminar was a breath of fresh air. It was excellent in content, theory, and execution.” – Ed Langham, Clinical Social Worker, Midland, Michigan (12.15.04)

“Izzy is a dynamic speaker. He presents his materials in a way that kept his audience’s attention. It seems a viable option for common problems.” – Heather Friebe, Clinical Specialist, Midland, Michigan (12.15.04)

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