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Massachusetts Seminar Testimonials

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“Excellent conference. I learned what I thought about bullies and bullying was all wrong. Thank you for enlightening my and giving me valuable techniques to use in the classroom.” – Diane Jardin, Educator, Boston, Massachusetts (4.18.12)

“Very interesting – held my attention.” – Beth Rivet, Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10)

“Really wonderful clarity, simplicity and humor for a different learning process and concept.” – Diana Barnes-Blood, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10)

“Very refreshing, I believe this approach will be helpful to many of my clients. It made me reflect on my own experiences as a ‘victim’ and ‘abuser.’” – F. M., Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10)

“Excellent seminar!” – Jessica Smith, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10) 

“Very clear and goal directed. It brings another view on how to control anger.” – Bibiana Lopez, Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10) 

“The speaker was dynamic, clear in presentation of material and pointed out how humor is relevant in process of psychotherapy. Role play was a great didactic tool.” – Ann Bor, Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10) 

“Excellent presentation.” – David Tick, Educator, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10)

“I really enjoyed the seminar especially because Izzy Kalman was able to include religious beliefs as part of the presentation. It made me feel comfortable and more interested in what Izzy had to teach.” – Janielly Dias, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (8.12.10)

“As a mentor/counselor who works with children (many being the victims of bullying) I found this seminar vital to my work and found Izzy’s theories and methods extremely useful. His methods felt very on key with my own beliefs, which I find refreshing in today’s society where it seems as though children are welcome to feel entitled to not deal with hardships. Thank you!” Kevin Hadmack, Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (8.04.10)

“I have learned over my years that simple concepts are often the best and most easily remembered – Izzy drives this home.” – E.F., Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (8.04.10)

“It is refreshing to be at a seminar that does not rely on a Power Point presentation (regurgitating the course workbook), but rather utilizes instruction and the use of role play to enhance the skills learning.” – Deborah Bunker, Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (8.04.10)
“The presentation was helpful, providing guidelines to diffuse anger and help participants and clients to find ways to make interactions more successful.” – Barbara Thompson, Social Worker/Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (8.04.10)

“Useful, practical information. Much better than programs I’ve seen or been taught in the past.” – Chritstine Reale, Counselor/Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (6.10.09)

“I am very grateful for your incisive understanding of this issue! Your originality is much appreciated and will make me rethink my approach to dyadic interactions.” – Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (6.10.09)

“This seminar has forced me to seriously evaluate how I am currently intervening with children within my school regarding ‘bullying’ behavior.” – Christine Hilditch, Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (6.10.09)

“Having attended a seminar by Dan Olweus 25 years ago, I feel as though I’ve come full circle. Thank you.” – Diane Saltzberg, Psychologist, Worcester, Massachusetts (6.10.09)

“Refreshing, empowering way of looking at this problem – back to basics social skills training – we are responsible for our destiny!” – Leslie Paterson, Occupational Therapist, Worcester, Massachusetts (6.10.09)

“Very thought provoking; to the point discussion and role playing activities. Attended because of dissatisfaction with the typical anti-bullying programs – really met my ‘learning objectives.’” – Lee Saltzberg, Psychologist, Worcester, Massachusetts (6.10.09)

“Creative, innovative, strong practical application.” Mary Hayes, Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“Overall, this was a great training. I think Mr. Kalmanís knowledge, excitement, candor and innovation regarding this topic was refreshing and thorough. I really needed a technique to help my clients and counseling students to deal with and cope with anger. I am really looking forward to practicing these techniques and sharing the material with colleagues.” Amy George, Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“An excellent teacher! Presentations were well planned and creative. The manual is well written and can be utilized in sessions with different types of clients.” Eleanor Moosey, Psychologist, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“I appreciate and understand the history of anger. Also, understand anger with win/lose situation, it makes sense and adds a depth that can assist me in letting go of my anger and understanding others. Thank you.” Carol Allan, Educator/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“Thought provoking and practical; kept my attention all day!” Janet Olden, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“Izzyís wonderful sense of humor was an asset. His personal stories brought this topic to life. I think he should consider writing a memoir!” Patricia McDonnell, Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“Perfect balance of all the tools needed for an excellent presentation. Canít wait to apply this knowledge in every aspect of life.” Chrissa Daniels, Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts (1.22.08)

“Iive been using my own version of this technique with borderline IW, learning disabled adolescents with relatively good success. This seminar very much supports and acknowledges a very effective technique. Izzy presents this technique in a very comprehensive and easily understood way.” Adam Wannie, Case Manager/Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (1.17.08)

“Great sense of humor. Effective teaching skills very applicable to work situation with clients as well as supervisors who tend to push boundaries and elicit angry feelings.” Angela Masciale, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Boston, Massachusetts (1.17.08)

“This is my second time listening to Izzy and he is one of the best.” Joseph Winkley, Case Manager, Boston, Massachusetts (1.17.08)

“Very entertaining and an interesting framework from which to view so many issues that I deal with at work or home. It challenged me to think and to question some of what I do.” Danielle Strawn, Psychologist, Boston, Massachusetts (1.17.08)

“Very possibly the best CEU workshop Iíve ever attended in 37 years of being a social worker.”  Anita Stinson, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (1.17.08)

“I was worried that this topic would be too ë client-focused but to my relief Izzy explained how we personally need to have it together before we can teach our clients anything. I love feeling like I have practical tools to help see situations differently. Also, before the seminar started, I was planning on leaving at lunch ñ you kept me here because I realized I had something to gain.”  Becky DeCoster, Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts (1.17.08)

“Thank you for having the courage to give opinions that may be contrary to todayís political climate. You are certainly on to something here! I would love to be more a part of helping schools adopt or integrate these underlying theories and assumptions into their classrooms. How can I do this?” Sarah Smith, Psychologist/Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“The seminar was excellent. I am a clinician, but came to this because of the conflict between my children. I canít wait to go home tonight and share this with my kids and ex-husband.” Doreen Oughton, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Logical and carefully reasoned and ethical fundamental. An important corrective for an over-feminized, guilt and hostility ridden profession. A calmative. Consistent with Badiouís truth-centered situational ethics. So good I didn’t take a bathroom break. Oy!”  Mitchell Gurk, Psychologist, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Philosophically brilliant.” Robert Haines, Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Even though some people may find the course material controversial, I thought the instructor gave an extremely sensible, common sense, intelligent presentation of strategies to combat bullying among school age children.” Diane Levinson, Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Brings common sense back to the helping/mental health profession.” Norman Townsend, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Minister, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“A unique view of bullying! I liked the demonstrations as well as the theory even though it was difficult to see consistent affect despite its strength. A real paradox!” Marilyn Perlman, Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Thank you! This seminar provided a great framework to understand and manage bullying. As a family therapist, I like the emphasis on deescalating/neutralizing the problem. The survey on bullying is a great exercise.” Mary-Jane Beach, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Excellent. A paradigm shift! where did common sense and wisdom go?” Richard Phipps, Educator, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“This seminar was an insightful and disconcerting view of how we currently address the issue of bullying and aggression in our society.” Jason Robinson, Educator, Worcester, Massachusetts (12.20.05)

“Role playing using seminar participants was extremely useful and engaging. Demonstrating the principles and techniques is better than a thousand words. He packaged wisdom of the ages in a functional and extremely useful package which can be used immediately. Thanks.” Valeree Laabs, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (12.15.05)

“Dynamic presenter, extremely knowledgeable. I’m very excited; I think these techniques will revolutionize our family dynamics and my clinical practice. Iím not exaggerating here! I think the victim mentality is rampant in America and you canít help people with this mentality.” Gail Marsh, Social Worker, Boston, Massachusetts (12.15.05)

‘Very useful. Would like to do some type of seminar for parents on this topic. I am very concerned about increasing victimhood in our culture and that we are raising lots of kids who are unable to let anything roll off them. People who are not resilient are hard to work with, live with and educate!” Kimberly Phelan, Educator, Boston, Massachusetts (12.15.05)

“I found your program to be easy and simple to use. You were right, simplicity is the key!” Valerie Dicks, Family Life Advisor, Worcester, Massachusetts, (3.2.05)

‘Thanks for a very informative seminar and for providing such practical materials for sale. I can really see how successful this approach will be for my students. One of the best presentations I have attended in my 28 years of counseling. Very practical and common sense approach to dealing with my high school students. Good combination of role plays and practical information.” Aidan Cooper, Adjustment Counselor, Worcester, Massachusetts, (3.2.05)

“Kept me interested every moment and allowed me to rethink some of my current views and perspectives.” Laurie Costigan, Psychotherapist, Worcester, Massachusetts, (3.2.05)

“Loved your humor. Different approach to bullying. Pleasant change to policing students.” Kathleen A. Chase, Social Worker, Worcester, Massachusetts, (3.2.05)

“Important points/techniques that I can use at home and work. Mr. Kalman was humble and self-effacing. Mr. Kalman was respectful and on target.” Robin Nagle, Clinical Supervisor, Worcester, Massachusetts, (3.2.05)

“Izzy is great. We need more like him.”  Joseph Winkley, Human Services Coordinator, Boston, Massachusetts (2.23.05)

“Most important social skills needed for personal happiness, world peace, Thanks for sharing your secrets.” (Name Withheld) Clinical Social Work Supervisor, Boston, Massachusetts (2.23.05)

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