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Maryland Seminar Testimonials

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“Excellent! Fresh! Innovative!” – Sherri Bloom, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“This seminar was recommended to me. My district does not pay for out of state travel, but I wanted to attend so I paid for myself. I am very glad I did. I look forward to reading more from my presenter, Izzy Kalman, and implementing his strategies.” – Brian Horne, Educator, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“This seminar was wonderful. I feel that I can start using strategies as soon as I return to school. I can’t wait to see how they work!” – Heather Horne, Educator, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“Thank you for your courage in exposing the current conventional ‘wisdom’ about anti-bullying programs for what it is” Dangerous Idiocy.” – Cynthia Bartolomeo, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“Great seminar–use of humor and role plays very effective–wish administrators from school were present.” – Lisa Fink, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“I think this is a much needed seminar. I hope Mr. Kalman continues to teach and reach out to schools, parents and children.” – Susan Buswell, Counselor/Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“This presentation was a godsend. It is a new tool in my tool kit of educating at-risk students. It forced me to look at me, make changes that will undoubtedly be picked up by my schools/parents/students.” – Darcel Harris, Educator, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“Thank you. Changing the anti-bullying trend will be a challenge but I feel armed with a substantial amount of justification for how to respond to a victim and be able to eliminate the bullying.” – Sarah Crowder, Counselor, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“This was a wonderful seminar. The presenter clearly understands that children need to be empowered rather than protected if they are to become independent, confident, resilient. The program provided rationale, concrete tools to assist teachers, parents and kids in understanding this effective approach–which can feel and seem counter-intuitive.” – Janet Asay, Psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“This seminar should prove relevant for both the children and adults I work with. I enjoyed the presenter’s clear rationale and practical examples via role-play–as well as his sense of humor.” – Betty Zara, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (5.19.11)

“The presenter was both entertaining and highly effective in demonstrating that helping children learn how to not be victims is the best way to solve the problem of bullying. The use of role plays and modeling was very helpful. I learned a lot about how to help people deal better with people who are annoying or insulting.” – Gayle Bromberg, Social Worker, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Essential information for anyone working with young people, presented in a lively and entertaining manner.” – David Parker, Counselors, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“A day well spent. I learned a great deal and gained a new perspective. I would highly recommend this seminar. I will be able to use it in all areas of my life. Great use of humor throughout the day.” – Robert Viti, Educator, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Exceptional presentation!! Very interactive and entertaining as well as informative. Thank you! I loved the role playing!” – Dahlia Pugh, Social Worker, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Awesome! Want to change the mindset of my school system. I would love to help spead this Bully-Proofing philosophy.” – Educator, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Such a breath of fresh air! A rare paradigm shift.” M.G., Counselor/Educator/Play Therapist, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Informational and entertaining. Insightful. Well done.” – Jeanette Gluszak, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11

“I use REBT [Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy] and Choice Therapy heavily in my sessions with students, and this approach matches up perfectly. Very common sense and refreshing way to handle a tough problem. We teach parents not to ‘snow plow’ the road of life for kids and we want kids to take responsibility, so why not for their own feelings?” – Steven Amtower, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Wonderful common sense approach! Refreshing! Sick of politically correct!!” – Denise Burns, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“This is upside down and goes against the grain, but so true.” – Richard Noah, Social Worker, Hagerstown, Maryland (5.18.11)

“Very well presented–a new concept. Very interesting.” – Susan Morrison, Marriage and Family Therapist/Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (3.5.09)

“Excellent presenter­–refreshing perspective of a very challenging issue. Provides great life skills!” – Catherine Bonny, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (3.5.09)

“Loved the singing! Great humor! I love that you gave us actual words that we can give kids (and teachers) to use. All other bullying programs do not give suggestions to tell kids other than they are victims, it’s not fair, etc.” – Julianne Olbers, Counselor/Educator, Baltimore, Maryland (3.5.09)

“Excellent approach to teaching subject. Simplified the complicated. Role plays tremendously helpful.” – Nancy Getter, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (3.5.09)

“Thank you for giving new insight on bullying. I now view bullying differently. Great job!” – Jacqueline Lewis, Mall Monitor, Baltimore, Maryland (3.5.09)

“This was great information and it is amazing that this is not the standard training for all schools. Role playing was helpful. I am an atheist and I loved your presentation.” D.H., Social Worker, Frederick, Maryland (3.4.09)

“I was greatly impressed by Izzy’s approach–it’s simple and practical and effective. This seminar will be of great value to me in my practice.” – Dew Vaughn, Social Worker, Frederick, Maryland (3.4.09)

“Very interesting approach–while innovative and new, concepts are simple and obvious. Makes a lot of sense and I will use professionally and personally!” – Jennifer Nichols, Social Worker, Frederick, Maryland (3.4.09)

“Fascinating new approach. Loved it. Fabulous!!” – Anita Wilkerson, Psychologist, Frederick, Maryland (3.4.09)


“This was the best seminar I have attended through Cross Country and otherwise. Most times I find that theory is presented and application is neglected. This presenter was able to repeatedly bring his ideas to life and relate it all to human nature. He made me interested in learning more from him.” – Perryn Gutkowski, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (12.13.07)

“Thank you for your courage to teach us that there is a different way to deal with relationships. Also, that there is a different way to look at the present by looking at where we came from. What a crazy time we live in – thank you for teaching reconciliation. I will use your techniques in my own close relationships and I my work with clients.” – Marilyn Ludwick, Occupational Therapist, Baltimore, Maryland (12.13.07)

“This was the best and most satisfying seminar I have attended in the past 10 years! Given my situation, it could not have come at a better time in my career! Izzy touched on more than anger; i.e., a dangerous trend away from scientific evidence to legal viewpoints.” – Daniel Piekarski, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland (12.13.07)

“Definitely changed my perspective about dealing with anger professionally and personally. The point about those who are defensive are a responsible as though who are angry was the most poignant for me.” – Suzane McGowan, Psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland (12.13.07)

“Great topic, great presenter, real-world use.” – Richard Omeara, psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland (12.13.07)

“’Simple rules’ are very deep understanding of how to work with angry clients. As child therapist, this will be very helpful in family work. “ – Paula Scheye, Counselor, Baltimore, Maryland (12.13.07)

“The seminar was great. I learned a lot about a topic I teach. Thank you, Izzy.” – James Bowman, Case Manager/Anger Management Instructor, Hagerstown, Maryland (12.12.07)

“Terrific job. They should teach this stuff when we’re young!” – Fred Sabia, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (12.12.07)

“Laughter is the best medicine! Thanks for providing such a great tool and delivering the concept, information, and tool is such a fun and humorous way.” – Lynn Dutrow, Hagerstown, Maryland (12.12.07)

“Very straightforward and relative to a variety of populations! I’ve been searching for anger management program to use with teenage boys in the juvenile justice system. Thank you!” – Kristi Poyner, Social Worker, Hagerstown, Maryland (12.12.07)

“I feel this subject is very important to the well being of children, parents, schools, work – everyone. It goes so far to the core of happiness and unhappiness – individually, relationships and the world-wars. Thank you!” – Ardyth Gilbertson, Nurse, Hagerstown, Maryland (12.12.07)

“New techniques were valuable and infative. I am hopeful to transfer and adapt the techniques to residential juvenile treatment grp homesetting. Thank you.” – Trisha Cadieux, Counselor/Case Manager, Hagerstown, Maryland (12.12.07)

“Mr. Kalman throws our understanding up in the air! He makes it sound so simple! He’s correct, but it really shook my point of view. I really like his sense of humor. His knowledge of human behavior, human excuses, the basic, biological nature of people was refreshing. He packed a lot of information into the seminar. He presented life as it really is, not some unrealistic ideals. Took the aura of the ‘victims’ away and presented them as they really are! But – sometimes Mr. Kalman sounds too glib in answering.” – Linda Corr, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“Fascinating. Has the potential for grass roots effort to return to more reasonable and sane times!” – Yaacov Schwartz, Principal, Middle School, Talmudical Academy of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“I work at State Psychiatric Hospital. This approach would be excellent with patients living on locked wards.” – Michael Gombatz, Psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“It was refreshing to hear so much common sense wrapped into a professional seminar.” – Lawrence Smith, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“Wonderful, useful and practical approach! What an empowering perspective, and practice! –  Mary Dowling, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“I wish I had known this information sooner.” – Danielle Rickwalder, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“Much needed wisdom for our times. Courageous words for trying times.” – James Haskell, Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“Enjoyed seminar, refreshing to hear a professional in psychology actually believe we should teach children to be responsible for their feelings and behaviors. I believe schools and mental health professionals (and parents) teach children to rely on others to get them through life and that is why the crime rate among children is so high – no one is responsible for the consequences of their behavior.” – Carol Miller, Psychologist, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“A refreshing and enlightening different spin on the problem of bullying. Thanks!” – Paul Kaplan, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“Very thought provoking.” – Mary Godfrey, Case Manager, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“This approach totally resonates with me intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. As an experienced clinical trainer I really appreciated how effectively Mr. Kalman engaged the class. I feel that I can confidently teach, model, and promote the techniques presented.” – Branda D’Antoni, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“This was an excellent, informative and helpful seminar, a much better way for victims to become empowered and end up liking themselves, thus increasing self-esteem.” Carolyn Wood, Social Worker, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“Mr. Kalman was very clear about how he would  be presenting, some may not like his comments, etc. I appreciated this approach. His mind seems full of information that he needs to get across, which may be the reason he speaks so fast. Once I got used to it, I could concentrate better. His information was extremely useful and something I will use in my practice. Loved the role playing. Made the techniques very clear. Thanks.” – Mary Coster-Ekren, Social Worker/Case Manager, Program Director, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland, (6.30.05)

“This is a sensitive topic. Izzy certainly stepped on some toes, but provoked a lot of food for thought. I would rather be challenged than spoon fed, so thank you! – C.S., Educator, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)

“Interesting, presented a totally different concept of the bully and dealing with the bully. I feel that I can use the strategies provided in working with my middle school students.” – Vrla Leach, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)

“Great seminar! Excellent.” – W.L., Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)

“Great seminar. Very eye opening information regarding myths of current anti-bullying programs. The information to help students stop being victims should be implemented in every school system.” – Neil Curtis, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)

“Thought provoking ideas. Simple approach that makes sense to solve a serious problem.” – Debra Holler, Counselor, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)

“Very informative. A very new look at an old problem (bullying). I’m looking forward in taking back the information and materials back to my school to share with others.” – Kelly Welsh, Educator, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)

“Really enjoyed your presentation. You are right. The solution is simple. Now, hopefully the adults get it.” – Jodi Ellsworth, Social Worker, Hagerstown, Maryland (6.29.05)


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