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Maine Seminar Testimonials

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“Useful common sense information. Modeling and helping students to avoid responding and avoid escalation.” – Thomas Brandon, Counselor/Social Worker, Portland, Maine (4.19.12)

“Excellent presentation and topic. Very well done. Nice to have a different perspective!” – Paul Donahue, Psychologist/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Portland, Maine (4.19.12) 

“Excellent! Love the common sense approach. Very logical. It was great to meet Izzy in person after viewing info on line.” – Carolyn Sproul, Social Worker, Portland, Maine (4.19.12)

“I think these methods will work for me when dealing with my teenage daughter. I loved the humor threaded throughout the seminar.” – Kathleen Marlowe, Educator/Nurse, Brunswick, Maine (8.10.10)

“I had decided this would be the last anger management seminar I would ever attend…after attending 3-4 over the years and reading extensively and still experiencing anger and rage in a personal relationship. And it will be as this content and approach fulfills my personal and professional goals in coming.” Alta Chase, Pastoral Psychotherapist, Brunswick, Maine (8.10.10)

“The presenter’s method of role playing is very effective. The presentation was lively, funny, enjoyable and provides a new slant on a prevalent problem and its resolution.” – Carol Luchetti, Marriage Therapist/Social Worker, Brunswick, Maine (8.10.10)

“I learned many valuable things that I plan on using at work and at home. Good info – great presentation. Loved the role plays.” – Anna Agell, Social Worker, Brunswick, Maine (8.10.10)

“Thank you so much! This seminar is very informative and very entertaining. The course workbook is not just an outline but a textbook. The course subject is extremely relevant for our society. We are drifting away on a rapid as far as self accountability and respect go. The way life should be.” – Joan Burnham, Nurse, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

 “This workshop provided a refreshing approach to bullying prevention. Freedom of speech is being denied many people and it is vital to all freedoms.” – Diane Binger, Counselor, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

 “This seminar was very beneficial for me because of my working school system which is being pressured to implement an anti-bullying program. I appreciate the emphasis of this seminar and Mr. Kalman respecting on respecting people, the importance of our language, and use of humor. What we have used so far in our schools have only created new bullies, victims, and work.” – Alfred Van Dine, Counselor, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

 “Brilliant and yet so simple. I like how the lines are blurred between bullies and victims. Both are responsible for how they respond to others. These techniques empower students to solve own issues and to defuse potential conflicts.” – Bobbie Sheckart, Social Worker, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

 “Interesting, new perspective!” – Allison Aboody, Social Worker, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

 “This makes so much sense and is easy to demonstrate and teach. A great system–applicable to all ages. I think this is a very commonsense approach and I wish it was more popular–we could really improve things for kids. I only wish we could have covered all the role plays and situations we see all the time.” – B.B., School Psychologist, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

 “Very informative, others need to be informed. Great!” – Jackie Smith, Counselor, Portland, Maine (5.12.09)

“I am taking away from this seminar more than I had though possible. I came to learn how better to help and serve my clients. In turn, I have learned so much about my own anger issues and how better to deal with them. I am leaving with a new outlook on anger and am very excited to use the methods learned here today. ‘Wow’ is the best word to describe how I am feeling right now! Izzy makes it fun and very easy to relate to and understand! Thanks Izzy!” – Kristen Holmes-Yattaw, Counselor/Social Worker, Brunswick, Maine (1.15.08)

 “Great performance, entertaining, yet packed with techniques that I am looking forward to trying with students. Though my intent was not to be entertained, it was one of the few workshops that I’ve enjoyed so much and still learned a great deal.” – Nancy Woodbrey, Psychologist, Brunswick, Maine (1.15.08)

 “This was a wonderful seminar. It offered very specific tools to help children stop being victims! Fabulous! Izzy had a very tough audience today and did a great job of responding to questions.” – Katherine Rice, Counselor, Portland, Maine (12.13.05)

“The message of ‘turn the other cheek’, ‘Do unto others as you have them do unto you’ rings as true now as it has through all history. Mr. Kalman’s persistence in his application of “These principles sets a good example for the evolution this species so desperately needs. Peace begins with the individual. Very good!!” – Ervin Lord, Counselor/Social Worker, Portland, Maine (12.13.05)

“Brave man. Our children need to be taught to take on personal responsibility.” – Marie Sheffield, Counselor, Portland, Maine (12.13.05)

 “Excellent concept. I recognized that there are a number of individuals that struggle to accept this perspective. But if you got more people involved and accepted there could be a great change. Adults need to learn this too!” – Barbara Dumont, Social Worker, Portland, Maine (12.13.05)

“Refreshing to hear valuable information that unashamedly bucks the current trends. Bravo!” – Barbara Waldron, Psychologist, Portland, Maine (12.13.05)

“Definitely a breath of fresh air. Very useful.” – Elaine Goodrich, Social Worker/Counselor, Portland, Maine (12.13.05)

“Great program! Finally something simple, realistic to use.” – Marie Shortell, Nurse, Portland, Maine (2.21.05)

“I was very happy to hear that the Golden Rule actually was used in training. I present this at all meetings.” – Gail Griffeth, House Manager, Portland, Maine (2.21.05)

“Absolutely the best seminar I have been to in sixteen years as Social Worker.” S.T., Social Worker, Portland, Maine (2.21.05)

“The presenter was great, very funny, the material was very relevant to clinical practice. I really enjoyed it. I loved the role plays, they were an invaluable teaching tool – very enlightening!” Robert X. Rockett, Social Worker, Portland, Maine (2.21.05)

“Very entertaining and informative, better manual than usual. A new and interesting view on anger and how to deal with angry clients.” – Alfred Sawan, Mental Health Counselor, Portland, Maine (2.21.05)

“This simple method is as close to a ‘one size fits all’ intervention for anger as I have ever come across. The presenter is lively and interactive, which makes the workshop interesting and valuable.” – Flower Noble, Clinician, Portland, Maine (2.21.05)

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