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Louisiana Seminar Testimonials

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“Excellent material.” – Kim Cunningham, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Shreveport, Louisiana (4.10.14)

“Learning was significant. Will be very useful.” – Phyllis Daniel, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (4.10.14)

“This is my third time to attend a seminar presented by Izzy Kalman. I come back because his topics are very relevant and he makes it interesting and entertaining as well as educational.” – Staci Stich, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (4.10.14)

“Learned a whole new way to disengage the pattern of anger/bullying. Really good seminar!” – Susan Vining, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (4.10.14)

“Highest accolades!” – Norma Paris, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (4.10.14)

“Innovative approach to processing relationships, especially how anger is so counterproductive.” – Daniel Prior, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (4.10.14)

“I learned how effective the most simple solution can be. Seeing the angry person as a ‘victim’ is helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I learned a lot and look forward to practicing in my work/personal life.” – Corine Brown, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.20.13)

“Thank you for frank comments on the pitfalls of many current anti-bulling programs–very important!” – Carolyn Deyo, Educator, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“I learned very specific techniques to use with my clients to help with anger issues. Izzy Kalman has a very effective manner of relating the info to audience.” – Jennifer David, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“Very interesting and entertaining speaker! Good, practical ideas for therapists–very relevant topic.” – Linda Wilbourn, Psychologist, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“Funny, wise, serious presentation–from the head and the heart and experience! Old school versus true school approach.” – Anthony Monteleone, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“Awesome! Can’t wait to use this material!” – Michele Cline, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“Simple, practical suggestions and philosophy which apply to relationships, personal to global.” – Dianne D’Avy, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“An immensely valuable learning experience!” – Lucille Clarke, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“Mr. Izzy has been an interesting and wonderful presenter. He maintained my interest from start to end of seminar.” – Sheidra Boutte, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.21.13)

“Good balance between politics, current thought, religion. Made me think. – Louise Landry, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.20.13)

“Excellent presentation. I learned some new information and reframed so ‘old knowledge’ for the present culture. And enjoyable learning experience–great use of role playing. Well written material.” – Joan Evans, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.20.13)

“I really enjoyed the whole seminar, especially The Illusion and exhausting the abuser/bully by keeping my cool.” – Jamee Williams, Social Worker/Corrections, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.20.13)

“These techniques remind me of how children were taught to deal with bullying decades ago. Good old fashioned common sense based on respect for self and others. Thank you also for using Biblical references. Bullying is a problem and children need to learn that they do not have to be victims at the mercy of others to fix everything for them. I think society has begun to confuse teasing and meanness with true evil, criminal bullying.” – Bonnie Miller, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“I appreciate the Golden Rule basis in all areas of the instruction. Jesus taught something that no one else ever did. If everyone can be and do what he taught, the world would all be friendly towards one another.” – Andre Oatis, Educator, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Thank you for bringing to light things I knew inside to be ‘true.’ I appreciate your simple and direct methods in dealing with children.” – Marie Hebert, Counselor Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Really enjoyed the seminar, especially the role play. I feel I will be able to use and teach the techniques for a long time to come, not only at work but in my personal life with my daughter.” – Vanessa Bobb, Coordinator, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Great at role playing and having audience participate. The topic was presented in a different manner and has given me a new look and approach to handling bullies.” – Donna Barras, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Brilliant. I love ideas that are out of the box. This is a type of paradigm shift. I always work with my clients on not using victim-thinking and giving away their power. This style will work great for me.” – Dana Papania, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Really good techniques which make sense and easy to incorporate!” – Jene´e Wells, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“The seminar challenged my thinking about bullying. The information helped me ‘think outside the box.’ I enjoyed the practical techniques and role-plays provided during the seminar. I will take these strategies back to my students to help them decrease victimization.” – Vanessa Bowles, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Mr. Kalman presents controversial material in a professional way. His ideas are compelling, his methods are simple and easy to include in sessions with students, and his ability to demonstrate his techniques with clarity and positive regard for the volunteers was both refreshing and admirable.” – Hugh Ambeau, Counselor/Educator/Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Wonderful workbook for future reference. Thanks for role-playing so we can really understand the process. I think you are speaking ‘truth,’ but I think the majority of people will default back to the wrong way. I wish you would get more exposure nationally like on Oprah or Dr. Phil. You should speak to every school district.” – Toni Harris, Educator, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Great presentation of material. I really learned a lot of useful strategies–I knew that they work. I have used some–if used consistently, these techniques are affective.” – Pat Sanchez, Educator, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“Really appreciate that role playing was used to help us learn about how to deal with bullying. It’s refreshing that your tactics address our biological responses, our ability to use a more mindful and peaceful response.” – Alice Devall, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (4.05.11)

“I am delighted to have responses for children which empower them to solve their own problems! I look forward to using these techniques immediately. Thank you!” – Stacy Necaise, Counselor/Educator, New Orleans, Louisisana (4.06.11)

“This information is explosive! How can we turn the table on the current trend which is so ineffective and how can we implement what we know with the current laws?” – Natalie Mitchell, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisisana (4.06.11)

“I have benefited from this class. Learning to ‘not get angry’ is going to help me with middle school students. I feel calm already. Thanks.” M.G., Educator, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“I really did enjoy this seminar. Very, very beneficial. Great job!” – Delvin Williams, Activity Professional, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

…learned some awesome techniques to use to control aggression…

“I loved the seminar, learned some awesome techniques to use to control aggression between my own children.” – Jeannie Hicks, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“He’s a great speaker!! He kept the audience interest in his literature with his remarkable presentation. Also I commend him for speaking so long!!!!” – Carnon Smith, Case Manager, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“He was very funny and easy to understand. He explained everything so that it make complete sense.” Stewart, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“He was very informative and had a lot of good information. He made the seminar fun and was very hands on. I will recommend him to my friends and colleagues. I enjoyed it very much!” – Dianna Perez, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“Thoroughly enjoyed this speaker. He is great!” – Jonnie Warren, Nurse, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

…inspiring-no excuses-this can be done…

“Great seminar. Izzy is inspiring-no excuses-this can be done.” – Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“Wow! I would go anywhere to hear Izzy Kalman again. He’s the best presenter ever!” – Sherry Kircus, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“Good job! No bull!” – T.P., Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

“Real passion for the subject-enthusiastic presentation. Fresh approach to pervasive problem. Very good explanation and execution of role plays. Really great course workbook.” – Henry DeFelice, Social Worker, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

“This material backs up much of my own thinking. The role-plays were outstanding in making the educational points. I take home instant strategies to put into place with my private clients.” – Kathryn McMillan, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

…key to stopping the violence…

“This seminar was taught in a way that educational professionals must appreciate. This approach does work and should become the cornerstone to resolving our so-called bullying problems. Following/teaching the Golden Rule of Life, ‘Treat others the way you want to be treated,’ is key to stopping the violence among our youths. Education is the key!” – Raffeal Neal, Probation Officer, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

“Engaging, thoughtful, insightful.” – Diana Apostal, Social Worker, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

“Very good info; very insightful. Could really see the other side.” – M.M., Teacher, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

“Very insightful, interesting…loved it!” – Keatha Franklin, Social Worker, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

“Some of the most specific and concrete techniques for dealing with ‘bullies’ and victims I’ve ever learned.” – Michelle Loughnane, Counselor, Orleans, Louisiana (10.21.09)

…Teaching kids how to solve problems themselves.

“Good common sense approach to everyday problems at school. I appreciate teaching kids how to solve problems themselves.” – Kristin Schott, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (2.17.09)

“Great presentation. I can confidently assist clients with this problem.” – Jimmy Snow, Marriage and Family Therapist, Shreveport, Louisiana ( (2.17.09)

“This is the second time that I have attended a seminar by Izzy Kalman and I found it to be just as interesting as the first. I learned even more techniques to help empower victims. I would recommend this course to anyone!” – Nicole Knight, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana ( (2.17.09)

Caring + competence = confidence

“This was one of the most practical seminars I have ever taken. It was reasonable and logical. It promotes confidence by modeling caring and teaching competence. Caring + competence = confidence.” – Tommy Frost, Director of Cottage Life, Shreveport, Louisiana (2.17.09)

“Great workshop. Looking forward to teaching these to 12 – 16 year old children with bullying problems.” – Luella Sibley, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana ( (2.17.09)

“We can change the rules. This needs to be presented to principles, teachers, alternative schools and school boards.” – Susie Smith, Shreveport, Louisiana ( (2.17.09)

“I found this seminar informative, enlightening, as well as entertaining. His use of humor, application of ‘the game’ in role play and song keep the audience attentive and engaged. I strongly recommend audiences of all ages and professions to spend their time and money in this conference with this author and speaker. Thank you so much!!” – Patricia Robichaux, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“Great topic and Izzy seems like a wonderful therapist and presenter.” – Bruce Buggs, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“I thought the seminar was excellent and the presenter was extremely knowledgeable and well prepared. He used a variety of mediums to present the information. Used humor appropriately and provided practical information to use with clients/self related to anger control.” – Cheryl Doub, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“Very easy to follow and understand-presented clearly with full reasoning/explanation. I feel as though the technique will be easy to teach to others and will be affective after practice.” – Mary Freet, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“Excellent material and subject matter. Learned a great deal to help me professionally and personally. Kudos Izzy!!” – Andrew Herbert, Counselor, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“Really enjoyed the presentation. Excellent and engaging. This direct technique will definitely be helpful with my clients.” – E.G., Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

…a different perspective of handling anger.

“Very powerful speaker with great examples and role plays. I appreciate the use of religion. Most presenters avoid using faith issues. I really enjoyed this entire presentation. Thank you for a different perspective of handling anger.” – Julie Beard, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)
“Mr. Izzy did a through job with this seminar. His command of the material and audience/attendees was excellent. Very educational and entertaining.” – Ernest DeJean, Jr., Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)
“Refreshing to hear a mental health professional challenge cultural and ideological norms in an intelligent, rational manner. I agree with Mr. Kalman’s analogies and explication of techniques.” – Sarah Kreutziger, Social Worker/University Professor, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)
“Outstanding presentation. A new approach to an age old problem. Simply wonderful!” – Joseph Johnson, Counselor, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)
“Great approach to anger control!!” – Jelicia Bowers, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)
“Love your perspective! You covered so many things so well! A powerful seminar! The day flew by!” – Pat Czajka, Psychologist, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

…informative and entertaining…

“Incredible on every level-informative and entertaining! Finally, someone validated my approach to dealing with anger while providing excellent and useful tools and interventions. Also, seminar manual is actually interesting and something I will read after the seminar (much more useful than copies of slides).” – Sallye Hampton, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“I learned a lot on how to deal with people around me. It is a big help. I love the demonstrations. This is the only training I can use back at home and at work.” – Martina Mwunbah, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (6.26.08)

“Very eye-opening!” – Nicole Marshall, Educator, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

“The information presented today will be very beneficial in the work I do with physically and mild mentally handicapped children that face bullies in school. I plan to use the role playing scenarios learned today to help the children see how their reactions escalate the situations. I’m excited about returning to work and using these techniques to empower the children.” – Natalie DuBois, Certified Child Life Specialist, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

“I feel that the class was very informative and I am going to try to use the information I’ve learned to help me perform to the best of my ability on my job.” – Ryant Church, Social Worker/Facilitator, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. The best one that I’ve attended. Izzy Kalman is very knowledgeable of this subject. He helps me see both sides of anger. And I have a serious anger problem.” – Michael Brown, Mental Health Professional, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

“It more than met my needs and expectations. He tried very hard to meet every one’s needs.” – Janet Nelson, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

“Very interesting and enlightening. Kept my attention till the end. Very educational and motivating.” – Mary Bringol, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

…achieve positive relationships…

“This topic and presentation was so practical to achieve positive relationships. The role-playing exemplified what was being taught: I appreciate the time the presenter gave me to help with my individual concerns.” – Mary F-Young, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.25.08)

“Don’t mess with Noam Chomsky!! All victimization mindset leads to as much death as ‘terrorism victim’ mindset. (Palestine)” – Damon McCann, Counselor, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“Really enjoyed this seminar! What an inventive, positive approach to anger control!” – Claveau Lou-Anna, Counselor, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

…superior book of notes and quotes…

“The presenter’s style and media were especially user-friendly and a superior book of notes and quotes with much of Izzy’s wisdom was provided-great improvement over ubiquitous ‘power-points’ over and over and over and over and – Computer Slide Shows. (There were a few attendees who wanted personal therapy, it seemed.) There once was a speaker whose name Was Izzy, who taught us ‘the game’ our anger to lessen; Oh, what a blessin’ That our words do not have to maim.”Dorothy Seemann, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“Wonderful presentation. Role playing – very effective and easy to understand the concept. Information extremely helpful to personal and professional life. Interesting and funny.” – Patricia Crum, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“I truly loved this training – thought provoking and useful. I have known this basic approach for a long time, but didn’t know enough about it, ’til today.” – Donna Rice, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

I can’t wait to go back and try this with the children…

“Very good seminar! I can’t wait to go back and try this with the children I work with (school social worker). Since Katrina, we have children from all over the city and many are trying to stake out their space in the new schools and neighborhoods. This should help to cut down on the conflict.” – Dana White-Dixon, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“This seminar is the most beneficial one I have ever attended. Finally I have something that I can truly use in my practice.” – Atwood Luter, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“This is thought provoking and I can use the whole ‘win’ approach with all my clients and situations.” – Fleta Garsaud, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“Izzy stimulates much controversy – I like that very much. Very interesting workshop!” – Anita Tircuit, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

“Great ideas! Refreshing to hear someone who is willing to speak the truth.” – Lynette Duhe, Counselor, New Orleans, Louisiana (8.16.07)

Loved the role playing.

“You must be a fan of Albert Ellis. We all seem to agree that it’s not what ‘happens’ to people but what they ‘tell’ themselves. Enjoyed your seminar. Loved the role playing. Thanks!” – Doy Bourgeois, Case Manager/Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“Izzy is a great presenter. I especially enjoyed the role playing. He had great techniques not only for clients but for us as well.” – Helen Taylor, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“Seminar was interesting as well as informative. Although I did not learn a lot of new strategies in helping clients with anger issues, I learned many of the techniques discussed I am already utilising with clients. Therefore new techniques learned will enhance my therapy sessions with current/future clients.” – Tammi Bellazaire, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“This seminar reinforced a lot of techniques and ideas I was already using. I will be able to elaborate as these ideas and use role play to help my clients use them more effectively.” – Jill Bernis, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“In signing up for today’s seminar, I expected to ‘serve time’ in exchange for CEUs. But-I learned a lot and was fully entertained in the process.” – Ruth Singletary, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

Concise, relevant, interesting and best of all-applicable.

“Concise, relevant, interesting and best of all-applicable.” – Alicia Randall, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“I greatly enjoyed this seminar! Izzy’s presentation was clear, logical and riveting. His relation of anger to our ancestors living in nature was also both interesting and informative. The manual was also well done. Role playing was good.” – Thomas Bott, Case Manager/Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“Terrific, original, strong voice – humor! Learned some new ways to do therapy. Answered challenges very well. I was not bored at any point. I’m grateful for that.” – Virginia Jack, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“Despite what others say, please continue the training – it helps (even more than people will ever care to say!)” – Elisa Washington, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

“Recently I had a major conflict with someone who was causing conflict in many of my relationships. People were having to choose sides. This seminar helped me to see how I could create peace and mend these relationships. I also found the concept of agreeing with someone else that is a freeing concept for me.” – Carolyn Myer, Educator, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (8.15.07)

…the importance of humor in coping with life.

“I enjoyed the seminar very much. And as a psychologist, I can validate your statement that a person can get a PhD in psychology without any real exposure to the importance of humor in coping with life.” – Ronald Goebel, Psychologist, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.06.07)

“I enjoyed it! I had never thought about anger control in this way! I think Izzy has a pretty good handle on it. Very entertaining.” – Rickey Hammontree, Educator, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.06.07)

This has been the most interesting and beneficial seminar that I have attended in a long time. I would love to attend more seminars by Izzy Kalman.” – Nicole Knight, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.06.07)

Tools for day to day use— not just theory!

“Excellent hands on experience. Tools for day to day use— not just theory!” – Joni Crawford, Counselor/Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.06.07)

“Being allowed to be part of demonstration allowed me to practice, engage, and learn new techniques. Also, I have insight into my part in poor interactions with angry people.” – J.B. Willis, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.06.07)

…empower my students to reclaim their lives…

“I look forward to using ‘the game’ with the students I counsel. It will empower my students to reclaim their lives and take charge of their lives!” – Karen Rothell, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (3.06.07)

“I teach Anger Management and I have done some research in this field. A great deal of what this program uses is in agreement with techniques in dealing with aggressive people and addressing our own uncomfortable emotions.” – Victor Sims, Social Worker, Aggressive Behavior Program Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (5.10.06)

“I am looking forward to implementing the techniques learned at the children’s home where I work. I believe these techniques will help everyone, children and staff. I am hopeful that it will relieve stress on everyone. Thanks.” – Laura Woods, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (5.10.06)

I am the only one that can make me angry.

“Coming to this seminar made me realize that I am the only one that can make me angry. It also taught me how to deal with my 13 year old grandson. I really thank the speaker for such valuable information.” – Catherine Thomas, Case Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (5.10.06)

“Could we please take this world-wide! Your example of a bully and a victim and someone intervenes to ‘protect’ the victim was excellent. I couldn’t help but apply this to Pres. Bush and Saddam Hussein versus the Iraqi people. We now have a war in which we, the United States. Have intervened (although WMD was the original excuse) to ‘save’ the Iraqi people from the ‘monster’, and we have become the ‘Bully’. I really enjoyed the seminar.” – Mitzie Johnston, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (5.10.06)

…awesomely practical. A real applicable treasure…

“This seminar was awesomely practical. A real applicable treasure. Feel I will try this material tonight! With a client.” – George Gardner, Marriage and Family Therapist, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Izzy Kalman is a speaker who is extremely knowledgeable. I appreciated his mixture of intellectualism and humor. He held my interest throughout. Superior presenter.” – Norma Paris, Psychologist/ Educator, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Conquered many (not all) of my own demons but need strategies to work with client population. This seminar more than achieved this goal. Now I have more that page 90 of the AA12&12 and ‘anything’ I wish to change, affirm.” – Emily Carter, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Excellent workshop. Izzy provides an excellent method for dealing with anger while maintaining participants’ interest through the clever us of humor.” – Mead Whorton, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Good job, practical and down to earth; good critique of some of the problems with contemporary therapies.” – Kyle Kelly, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Unique concepts – needs to become more mainstreamed to become effective and accepted. Takes the most basic concepts of human nature and makes you go, ‘hmmm…'” – Amy Lawrence Cannay, Psychologist, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Very interesting! I have attended this particular workshop twice! We need to use this information to help others and ourselves.” – Patti Richter, Counselor/Educator, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)



Highly recommended for supervisors and school superintendents, including principals and assistant principals.

“Izzy is a great/humorous presenter. Continue with the humor, Izzy. Highly recommended for supervisors and school superintendents, including principals and assistant principals.” – Jacqueline Hirst, Social Worker/ Forensic Psychotherapist/Educator, Shreveport, Louisiana (8.18.05)

“Excellent experience! Well presented and great ‘hands on’ tools and techniques. This is one of the best seminars I’ve attended.” – Susan Brocato, Counselor, Baton Rouge, Luoisiana (7.15.04)

“Charismatic presentation. Excellent application of concepts.” – Bryan C. Eckert, PsyD, Psychologist, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (7.15.04)

“Workshop beneficial both personally and professionally and fun!” – Ann Calamari, Social Worker, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (7.15.04)

The material is brilliant!

“Mr. Kalman is an excellent presenter. The material is brilliant!” – Joseph Barbara, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (7.16.04)

“I have never been in a seminar where the presenter came directly from his/her book and was as good and enjoyable as you were. It was very interesting. Thank you so much. I promise to use your technique in my work.” – Rita Morris Jackson, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (7.16.04)

“Our instructor presented in a concise, easily practiced approach to controlling anger. I have been teaching anger management for 8 years to severely emotionally disturbed adolescents in a school situation – bullying is a major problem in our school and I look forward to trying the ‘game’.” – Judy Brock, Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (5.24.05)

“Mr. Kalman is an excellent presenter. The material is brilliant!” – Joseph Barbara, Social Worker, New Orleans, Louisiana (7.16.04)

“You were great! You should do this for more money! Thank you!” – Michael Allen, Skills Trainer, New Orleans, Louisiana (7.16.04)

“This may well be the best seminar/conference I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to many!) I intend to put what I’ve learned into action immediately at my school. Every student I’ve counseled so far this year admits to either having an anger management problem or living with someone who does.” – Gina Carpenter, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (10.11.04)

…tremendous benefit to me as a counselor of adolescents.

“This seminar will be of tremendous benefit to me as a counselor of adolescents.” – Annette Collingsworth, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (10.11.04)


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