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Kentucky Seminar Testimonials

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“Engaging/informative. Finally….we have strategies that are founded and supported in basic psychology/developmental theory and current research!” – Jill Engle, Psychologist, Louisville, Kentucky (3.10.11)

“I tend not to give all high marks, as a matter of principle–but couldn’t find anything to mark down. I have known and taught very similar concepts for years, but have not had them so clearly formulated. I keenly wish we would use such ideas at all levels–in families, schools, and government.” – Chuck Leach, Counselor, Louisville, Kentucky (3.10.11) 

“The training is very interesting especially the role play and the resources. The presenter is very knowledgeable on his topic.” – Melita Evans, Trainer, Louisville, Kentucky (3.10.11) 

“Great! This can help parents, students and school staff.” – Terry Horton, Educator, Louisville, Kentucky (3.10.11)

“Mr. Kalman’s presentation was very enlightening and informative. He held my undivided attention. His concepts on bullying are applicable to my profession as a high school counselor. I will recommend Mr. Kalman to my colleagues.” – Gordon Ferman, Counselor, Louisville, Kentucky (3.10.11) 

“This is a model for stopping bullying in America. This is the first program that I have seen that empowers people on what to do as opposed to what not to do.” – Andrew Cooley, Psychiatrist, Lexington, Kentucky (3.09.11) 

“Great seminar! Very helpful! I can’t wait to apply it in my practice.” – Heather Whitis, Marriage and Family Therapist, Lexington, Kentucky (3.09.11)

“Izzy has taken age old wisdom and applied to common sense, modern day sensibility. The workbook provided is extremely thorough and will be beneficial.” Karen Zamora, Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (3.09.11)

“The information is ironically radical because it is truly so simple.” – Antonio Melton, Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (3.09.11)

“Good seminar. Fresh way to look at bullying and allowing victim to be the winner.” – Kenneth Walker, Marriage and Family Therapist, Louisville, Kentucky (9.24.09)

“Excellent seminar. Teachers, administrators and parents should attend.” – Belinda Martin, Educator, Louisville, Kentucky (9.24.09)

“The course taught me how to effectively stop bullying and needlessly create victims.” – J.S., Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (9.24.09)

“Very useful information!” – Jerri Turner, Educator/Principal, Lexington, Kentucky (9.23.09)

“Role playing with a volunteer in front of the whole audience seemed effective without making anyone feel uncomfortable. The presentation was interesting and informative while entertaining.” – Alyssa Rowland, Teacher/Personal Safety Coordinator/Guidance Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (9.23.09)

“Izzy Kalman has an interesting presentation that poked holes in a number of bullying programs and research. The role-plays and his use of humor were a good way to demonstrate the effectiveness of his techniques.” – Patricia Nagelkirk, Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (9.23.09)

“Izzy was helpful, funny, and highly intelligent. The skits were disarming and allowed us all to ‘be’ present to the topic.” – Norman Fischer, Clergy, Lexington, Kentucky (9.23.09)

One of the most helpful workshops and the role play really made the material come to life. I can see taking the skills we learned back to my work setting and using them right away. I also appreciate the self-disclosure. It was relevant to the teaching. Linda Leeser, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

I read the book [Bullies to Buddie:How to turn your enemies into friends] this was still an amazing seminar that made the book come alive! Mona Cattan-Lewis, Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

Izzy showed much experience, knowledge and passion about anger. Responsive. Got more than my moneyís worth! Robert Thompson, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

Very creative instructor! I learned new ways of looking at old problems! I look forward to using the techniques in my practice. (I will need some practice first with colleagues.) Jean Podbelsek, Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

I really enjoyed this seminar. The information will be used and will hopefully improve my relationships and therefore improve my ability to help others as a mental health professional. Thanks for making me laugh and keeping me interested. Katie Williamson, Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

Excellent! Gerald W. Huff, Psychologist, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

Izzyís philosophies are so valuable. His seminars are not just a collection of knowledge. Izzy Has thought these things through to develop concepts that work. Debra Abukwaik, Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

Refreshingly simple straightforward information that is so useful in all aspects of life and all relationships. Thank you! Jan Sprinkle, Educator, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

Thanks for the role plays. They were excellent. I will try them! Ellen Burke, Marriage and Family Therapist, Louisville, Kentucky (6.05.08)

It was good to hear about the Golden Rule, Jesus, the Bible when in today’s world people are so concerned about being politically correct that outside the church you rarely hear about this method of anger control interaction. Thank you for all the good you are doing in relationship building in all areas of society. Helen Crews, Marriage and Family Therapist, Lexington, Kentucky (6.04.08)

Bravo! Very helpful and informative even after 34 years as a psychiatric nurse! I really learned how to think differently and truly be helpful and effective. Excellent presenter! Role playing as a learning technique was so helpful. Thanks for a great learning experience. Nancy Oraftik, Psychiatric Nurse, Lexington, Kentucky (6.04.08)

This was very useful and I wished Iíd had it 20 years ago. It was so helpful to get an accurate understanding of anger. I loved the part of using humor.î ñ Paula Morgan, Psychologist, Louisville, Kentucky (6.14.07)

I am amazed at your memory! Nice singing a capella. J.C., Louisville, Kentucky (6.14.07)

Excellent presentation. I will definitely use tools learned today in my personal as well as professional life. Thank you! Nancy Harmon, Marriage and Family Therapist/Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (6.14.07)

Excellent workshop. Presenter was very knowledgeable, related well to audience/ participants and gave very concrete practical examples. He did enough role playing so participants could really internalize techniques and feel comfortable using them right away. Diane Smith, Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (6.14.07)

Izzy made me homesick for the East Coast. Great teacher. Thanks! Joyce Winkler, Counselor/Educator, Louisville, Kentucky (6.14.07)

Izzy is a great presenter. He obviously knows the material. He was entertaining and very informative. A professional who can have fun. I will incorporate his material into my classroom work. Gilbert Haertel, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Educator/Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

Izzy is a great presenter. He was very informative and opened my eyes to many situations. I really enjoyed the role playing. He knows his material very well. Name Withheld, Caseworker, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

Excellent and courageous presentation. Richard Hamon, Marriage and Family Therapist, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

Izzyís workshops are interesting and very humorous. Pat B. Wellons, Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

This seminar has furthered my belief that personal responsibility and accountability is intimately associated with human dignity. John McQueen, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Educator/Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

A welcome perspective in our times of blame and finger-pointing. Solid grounding in an evolutionary perspective. Name Withheld, Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

The role play was extremely helpful to illustrate your instruction. The best workshop and most useful I have attended in a while. Thank you. I really enjoyed the instruction about the biological aspects of our expression of anger. Jane Bennett, Psychologist, Lexington, Kentucky (6.13.07)

Great information – very thought provoking. I do believe there is some difficulty for people to digest the different way of thinking. This is a shame for I do believe that it is absolutely necessary for us to train victims to stop being a victim in order to address bully types of behavior.  keep up the good work. The demonstrations are very effective and a great deal of fun! Vivian Langefeld, School Principal/Education Director, Montessori Middle School of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky (1.25.06)

Very interesting! Enjoyed receiving a well researched point of view on subject matter. This will be very helpful in my current occupation. A must for all those in the education field who want to help children on aggression issues. Anthony Kuzak, Educator/Early  Childhood Trainer/Drug and Alcohol Prevention Liaison Lexington, Kentucky (1.25.06)

I have used and bought into the canned anti-bullyingí programs in the past. Turning Bullies into Buddies makes so much more sense to me, I now wonder how we parents, educators and legislators have let logic go out the window. Name Withheld, Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (1.25.06)

Very refreshing and humorous approach to a very difficult subject. Having provided psychotherapy for 20 years in many venues, this approach provides many simple and effective interventions for a problem that many professionals find challenging and frustrating to address. Great examples. Useful information! Shannon Wright, Social Worker, Louisville, Kentucky (1.26.06)

Really enjoyed the conference. Really agreed with the ideas presented. So glad I’m not alone in supporting self-reliance and taking responsibility for our own behavior. We are creating a society of victims by what we do and it’s scary! Thanks! Maire McCormick, Counselor/Educator, Louisville, Kentucky (1.26.06)

Excellent! Finally we have some real answers for how victims can take control and stop being victimized! The discussion about humor was great. Sheila Mays, Social Worker/School Counselor, Louisville, Kentucky (1.26.06)

Effective approach to changing the self-defeating nature of anger in relationships. Lee D. Hobbs, Counselor, Louisville, Kentucky (2.1.05)

Humor, knowledge, presentation made this seminar fun! And role-playing was very helpful. Great handbook! Ann Hardman, Marriage and Family Therapist, Louisville, Kentucky, (2.1.05)

I work with adolescents referred by probation officers providing individual and family therapy in the familyís home. I am excited to have an improved approach since anger is always involved. John Hughes, School Counselor, Louisville, Kentucky (2.1.05)

Great job, very entertaining and enthusiastic, nice resource list. Very applicable professionally and personally. Kara Stanley, School Psychologist, Louisville, Kentucky (2.1.05)

A realistic, down-to-earth and empowering method for teaching/learning management of anger. Fun, engaging presentation style. Sue Reimondo, Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

I have materials in hand and ideas in head that I can take back to my school and work with certain children that I have seen weekly concerning anger. Sherry Winklre, Guidance Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

Enjoyed the seminar; a great new approach to providing anger management training to my clients. Cindy Hanson, Psychologist, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

Outstanding program! Use of role-play very useful and effective. Freedom of Speech concept great. Katherine Andrews, Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

I really enjoyed Izzy and his approach. I especially appreciate attention to humor which Iíve never seen in a seminar before. Very fast pace which I liked, too. Great presentation. Maureen L. Tarpey, Social Worker, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

Instructor was amusing and keeps audience involved. Thorough training very appropriate and applicable to family service arena. Learned a lot and will try to use it. Very positive approach. Emily Smith, Service Coordinator, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

Good content. As for your singing, keep your day job. Cynthia Johnson, Marriage and Family Therapist, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

The handouts were detailed and complete. It will be easy to recall these lessons at a later time. I feel well informed in multiple application of the material. Leonard Clark, Social Worker and Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

Mr. Kalman presents a very engaging seminar and is good at making the topic very interesting and instructive. Mary Kimble, Licensed Psychological Associate, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

Presenterís enthusiasm great. Presented material relevant to problems encountered in many settings. Robin Oakes, Case Manager, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

This program was much  better than I thought it would be. I was impressed with Mr. Kalmanís presentation. I appreciated the manual, so I would not have to write notes and I can read them again. I liked the role playing. Gina Lawson Brown, Teacher/Counselor, Lexington, Kentucky (1.26.05)

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