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Indiana Seminar Testimonials

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“Excellent presentation and explanation of theory. Great and concise manual. Don’t give up teaching the insights regarding victims. That is very important.” – Tina Zion, Nurse, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (12.18.12)

“Good information. The role play was very helpful and made the long day go much faster. I liked it a lot and gained a valuable technique to use with my clients. Thanks!” – Stephanie Hunter, Skill Training Specialist, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (12.18.12)

“I enjoyed the ‘role play’ examples given by audience members. It will be very helpful in the application of these techniques into personal experiences. Thank you! Great seminar!” – Lauren Rebman, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (12.18.12) 

“The techniques for diffusing anger were simple and applicable for everyday circumstances as well as long term. Using prior ‘tried and true’ principles are refreshingly practical!” – Brenda Jacoby, Social Worker, Ft. Wayne, Indiana (12.18.12)

“Very interesting, a little different than expected, but very useful. Thankful for the clear instruction on teaching the game.” – Candace Alexander, Case Manager, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.18.12)

“Great sense of humor…great material…not taught in other places…unusual.” – Michael Uhl, Pastor, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.18.12)

“Practical, simple and understandable.” – Cassie Cipriani, Social Worker, Fort Wayne, Indiana (2.22.10)

“Very practical and quick interventions that can be used in classrooms and in hallways at school.” – Steve Rickner, Social Worker, Fort Wayne, Indiana (2.22.10)

“This seminar provided what it said would be accomplished. It was helpful in looking at the role the victim plays in the process. The solution seems so simple but effective.” – Barbara Coleman, Social Worker/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.15.09)

“Izzy packs a lot of useful information into this valuable topic. The role play exercises are fun and bring to life the principles he teaches. His course workbook is excellent. In summary, Izzy provides theory, wisdom and practical skills. I found him to be an excellent teacher.” – Donovan Bare, Social Worker, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.15.09)

“Could give actual, practical ways to teach what I have believed all along about helping children reduce victimization!” – Shoshanna Everhart, Social Worker, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.15.09)

“Very relevant – will try the techniques. Seems like common sense.” – Tom Naugle, Educator, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.15.09)

“I really like the idea of empowering the victim! That’s the only way to slow down this increase in bullies.” – Angela Brobst, Educator, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.15.09)

“Allowed me to resolve conflicts in thought! Will enable me to change approach with supporting evidence. Thank you!” – Kathleen Bade, Social Worker, Indianapolis, Indiana (10.15.09)

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